Biopetrol/Biodiesel An Alternative For Petrol/Diesel In India


Every year India requires about billion's of liter petrol.India as signed Environmental fact to reduce co2 emission by 20%.Even after that there is no changes in government policy. About 2.3 kg co2  are emitted from every 1 kg of petrol.Every day number of vehicle in Indian roads keep on increasing by thousands.On other side price of petrol increases,one reason as been found that Indian can earn lot only from petrol and sales tax only.So only government Can earn lot from petroleum product,no other option to does it.So we need to look for alternative Way for reduction of petrol price and pollution.

Ethanol Only Solution!

Already Indian government has Implemented E5.E5 Means blending 5% of ethanol with petrol.Which has reduced pollution,price etc.Since co2 emission of ethanol is much lesser than petrol.We can promote to next level by implementing E10.Where about 10% of Ethanol Mixed with Petrol.Since India one of the largest producers of sugarcane and have more than 500 sugar mill.So its not Matter for production ethanol,but we need initiative to move on.Even we need to change our automobile policy also,Were we need to look for engines which can accept E15(E15 which is commercial available in Brazil,US etc).

About 80% petrol we import from oil nation,but ethanol will reduce our import.So larger chances of price coming down.Ethanol reduces co2 emission reducing pollution in busy traffic.Ethanol can become profitable for sugarcane farmer's.1 liter  ethanol cost about rs 28,when mixed with petrol about 15% can efficiently reduce about 4-5rs and reduce pollution about considerable amount. We can efficiently handle wastage from sugar mill,since ethanol are produced from waste from sugar extract.

Another form of  alternative for petrol can be hydrogen fuel.It's most efficient and eco friendly fuel in the world.The only problem in implementation automobile engines and hydrogen cell.

Something To Think:About 20% of crud oil are extracted from our own oil fields in India,but price for which are fixed based on International Price.When we export only we can sell a product with international price?Why we have to sell our own crude oil for same International price Within our country?

Diesel is key for heavy vehicle and long distance transport.Indian diesel requirement touches about a million liters every day.About for every liter of diesel 2.38kg co2 are produced.Pollution are at high rate for crude oil extracted diesel.Diesel cost are not that much,when compared to petrol.Since diesel key in locomotive transport across India.

Biodiesel A Better alternative!

In rural India Jatropha oil as been used as alternative for kerosene and diesel.Even India motivate jatropha crop cultivation in barren lands of Rural India.It gives employment opportunity and  alternative pollution free oil.Government can Implement a project for mixing biodiesel With petrol-diesel.

India can permit upto B20 biodiesel mixing with normal diesel.Which can reduce pollution and price.Since growing jatropha doesn't require much of irrigation facility.So biodiesel not at all matter to be grow in barren lands of India.We can promote upto B100 by making modification in vehicle engines.Future of India requires Biodiesel for reducing import,cost and pollution.

Rising Indian population require large amount diesel and petrol for transportation.Even though its key for development,but only with environment concern we can built better future India.

Source:-Times of India,renewable energy  report,UN report,Ministry of renewable energy,Internet source,Bablu taught's   


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