Monday, June 4, 2012

Land Mafia:A Nexus of Corporate/Politician's

If we look per-independence period of 400 years,foreign people entered India as traders.Slowly they captured Indian Market.After major economic fall in London during post World War-II,British gave us our freedom.It looks odd why we are in need to speak about it,but its need of hour to talk about it.A serious social matter to be taken in consideration-Land.Land more than a non-living think,it's everything in the world.If Water is important for survival,then land is important for existence of earth.Does anyone taught how much a land valuable?food,shelter,fuel,water etc everything on earth extracted from land.Anyone on earth who knows value of earth will neither be businessman(capitalist) or social reformer.

After 1991-liberazation period India saw a drastic change in urban areas.Where Housing for migration people,Land for industry(corporates,MNC's etc)become a major problem.Land mafia,construction giants,real estate mafia used it as opportunity hiked land price(50% over government guidelines value.),forced land acquisition,occupied government land etc.Real Estate is always nexus between land mafia,construction giant's,Investors,sand Mafia,Cement Company's,Under world don's etc.Real Estate in urban and sub-urban areas always not customer oriented or government.

After 1991-LPG government of India care for agriculture as reduced to great level.Which as lead to suicide of over 2lakh farmers.Government looking agriculture as weaker profit sector,it can be clearly seen when former finance minster stated"large section of work force engaged in agriculture,So many come out of that sector"Agriculture in India are becoming non-profitable sector due to depended on rain,unjustified price,improper irrigation,enormous fertilizers  etc.After arrival of 100days Rural employment guarantee scheme even agriculture labor are difficult to find it out.

 so farmers don't have any other option other than selling lands to land mafia's for low price.In turn land mafia suit up the price of land sell it real estate company's and broker's.Some place were land required for large industry forcible acquired by land mafia for company's.Real estate brokers in turn sell it for construction giant's for little higher bid of price.Construction company attract many investor for a project.Many investor are NRI's more over most of the black money roam in and around.Construction company makes deal with politician's,investors then create hype about a place.After which they build flat's sell it to customer well over 40% land price.

Government and under world don's play a protective role for mafia's,investors etc.Problem looks simple but overall impact going to rise burden on nation.

Joke Of Article:Does government as other plan's like Japan to do agriculture over floating ship?After selling fertile land to corporates, what we are going to do for food?Already 40% people below poverty,food inflation high.I think government will provide free food tokens in hotel. 


  • Government first person to blame.Article 46-prohibites conversion tribal lands,but government motivates such activity in Orrisa,Chatthisgarh etc.Government don't have proper regulatory to stop conversion of agriculture land into real estate.Policy of the government towards land reform so weak that enables exploitation.
  • Rural employment scheme looks good,but it increased lose of labor in agriculture and increased cost of labor.Already farmers are attacked from every corner it add fuel to sorrow forcing for migration into other sectors.
  • Second person to blame so called upper middle class,who is in tension for quick and multi-housing making construction company fix high price.
  • Everyone see real estate as business,but it kills our future.Impact of such rapid real estate and housing can be seen as rise enormous temperature  in urban and sub-urban areas.
  • Impact of such real estate causes lose of fertile farm land.Reducing agriculture output increasing price of the product.(which force to import large quantity of product from foreign.)Finally burden comes over people again.
  • Already an average farmer land holding in India 1.28 hectare,Which show clear sign that government motivate corporate in agriculture.Government scheme and policy motivate such drastic activity in India. 
  • Increase social gap between people,enables naxalite and maoist movement as mass activity.  
  • Government policy are investors friendly where tax exemption if they rent there property to other,Which makes easier for making black money into white.  

Something To Think:After 20 years,you earn 1,00,000 per month,but food price will touch 10 times higher than now do you want it ?think about it

  • Government must bring correct law to stop menace of land mafia converting agriculture land into real estate.
  • Government must monitor land registration under guidelines value of the area.
  • We can tax huge amount on  land conversion.
  • A solution as to find for future of agriculture.Rural employment a unplanned scheme should be modified.
  • Flat system must undergo some changes avoid heavy price and black money flow.
  • Even customer must know the guidelines value for the area and bank must provide loan according to guidelines value of the government.
  • Government must be made has single source to buy or sell land,even direct conversion  involvement between customer and broker's bared.No MNC's or corporates must be allowed for direct involvement with land owner's for purchase.
  • Government free land for company in many states in India must be dismantled.(They give land with assurance to provide job and development of the area,but it never happens.) 
  • Stamp duty for registration must be classified according to need and purpose of the land usage.  
Please say your experience about it and place solution for problem.Spread this message with your friends for better world tomorrow.

Source:-Newspaper,Internet source,direct assessment & investigation,Bablu taught's.


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