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Renewable Energy only solution For pollution/price/power crises In India

Current India's Position:

100 billion people,5th largest power sector in the world.India has a capacity to produce about 199.87 Gigawatt every year.About 65% of our power generation based on thermal power.Most of them are coal powered thermal power station.Many of our Indian state's are under heavy power crises even though still 300million people without power.Its more than 20% of the people,it includes 6-10% of the urban people.

Every year Indian mining Industry extract more 500 million metric tons with reserve over 261 billion metric ton.1 ton of coal produce=2.86 ton of co2.It's most dangerous level for affecting global temperature.Even it may cause cancer,TB,Lung problems etc.It as impact on agriculture and underground water.

Nuclear power may be an alternative for thermal power,but chance for life long impact on environment if any natural calamities occur.India's current Nuclear power production is well below 5,000 MW.It doesn't look like a problem now but future vision of 65,000 MW by 2035.It can have large long term environment problem if anything untowards happen to reactors.We have best example for it like Chernobyl,Fukisuma etc

At present they contribute more 70% for power production.The matter which has to be taken for consideration is that future plan of Indian power sector.They planned to increase nuclear power and decrease thermal power,overall there share going to increase.After discovering over 15km of uranium deposit(45,000 tons)in Andhra pradesh,making there effort for larger nuclear power nation.If we have too built a better India tomorrow then renewable energy can solve our problem,power crises etc.

Something to Think:If Nature is providing us with so much natural Energy.Why we must pollute nature with burning coal for Power?Why we must put our self under risk for nuclear power plant?

Renewable Energy In India:

Renewable energy contributes about 30% of the energy production in India.It looks like larger portion of power production,but Nation like India with hot-humid climate,rainy-wet climate,long sea coast etc making favorable condition for renewable energy.


Hydro-electricity contributes about 19% from 35 major and 50 minor hydro power station.Indian government cant plan such way that building small check dam for producing power for rural India.Small check dam for hydro power can solve 300million people power problem in India.Even this check dam can provide irrigation,drinking water,domestic use etc.A check dam across a rivers and small cross rivers can cost around 50 crs,but provide irrigation,electricity,drinking water,domestic use etc.Indian must have a long term vision to increase hydro power to 30% and rural development.Only major dam may have environment problem and large cost of installation,but small dams proves profitable.

Wind Energy:

Wind energy most favorable for Indian coast,which spread over 7,000 km across east to west.Most eco friendly large power production unit.Each Wind mill are capable to generate 1MW power.Cost of Installation are cheap consider to other energy source in India.India's initiative for wind mill so encourage aspect already we are producing over 16,000 MW.Most of the wind mill in India under private sector,which makes government to buy power from privates.Instead of private wind mill,if we built a public wind mill along the coast instead of nuclear reactor.we can give power to all coastal states without crises.When we compare to other energy cost of maintenance is zero.

Solar Power:

Everyday sun showers about 1PetaWatt energy over us.If we have to compare the energy its enough to give power for 5 years.Solar power resource looks high,but cost of installation high.Eco friendly power production.Indian governments proposed idea of largest solar station in Thar desert to generate 200GW power look beautiful but year of completion around 2025.Government as step by step making mandatory for hospitals,hotels etc to install solar cell.Government must motivate solar energy since India climate is always hot and humid.Research as to done,for finding solution to reduce price so that a common man can buy.

Something to Think:How much ever Energy we produce about 30% of which goes waste(Due to transmission lost,infrastructure failure etc)?

Geo Thermal Power:

Geo thermal power is a old energy production system.In India 6 location as been found suitable for geo thermal plant along volcanic belt.Since energy are produced from steam its most eco friendly and enviroment oriented.

Tidal Energy:

Since India is covered by sea on three sides and Indian territorial water stretch till 25 nautical miles tidal energy also viable.Gujarat as implemented a project,similar barricade type tidal energy generation can be tried in other parts of India.We can get more 30-40 GW electricity.
Source:Environmental impact,Ministry of renewable energy,Internet source,Paper,Bablu thought's


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