Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rise Of Caste in India

Indus Valley civilization known for many mystery.Even now Indus valley civilization doesn't have evidence of king's rule.Many other Civilization like Mesopotamian and Egypt had a detailed political structure.Even though in many parts of the world about 5000 years back king's rule established,but In India co-operative society prevailed.Early 5000 years back Indian's were in search of food and started to know the technique of agriculture.Many ideologist in India those time didn't except agriculture practice as natural.

It's time when Aryan's  has shepherds migrated into India through Punjab.They were keen on food collection and warrior skill.They fought with many groups before they entered India.when Aryan entered India around 3000 years back-Indus Valley civilization must be extincted.There is a clear indication in Rig Veda that Aryans didn't enter India with Caste,Still to be more clear they don't have caste between them.It's clear that Caste is not before Aryan's arrived and they didn't bring it with them also.

Then how caste came into India means Actually the people who were not under any work for food,Started to know about universe,Climate,world etc.They sat ideal without doing any work for many years.They noticed some unusual thinks like more rain in particular season,sun rise,eclipse etc.Actually before Invention of modern science  3000 years back itself people in India found many things about universe.Greatest example for this pancha-gam.

Those people who found it preached to the people to do agriculture in particular season.Farmers got enormous output from agriculture based on the advice of the particular people.Farmers started to respect that section of People.This section of people said they are god's own children and they are doing it with god's blessing.Slowly that particular section of people started to so dominance over other people,they started to script some slogams,yagam etc towards god.They Infiltrated into everyone life stating that everything has to be done with them,which they say it has "god's will".

These ideal People without work started to accumulate wealth from others these people want everyone in there hereditary to enjoy royalty without work,so they worked out a structure known as caste.These particular section of people became Brahmin's(creators.).They exploited ignorance of the people.Brahmin's know until they occupy top position they can earn without work.So they portrayed themselves as messengers of god,anything and everything as to be done with them.     

Brahmin's considered farming as lay man job.So they created a structure in which they occupy top position,Warriors and rulers are second class to them,Traders and farmers are third class in the division and Sutra's last division who are basically slaves and do lay man job.Man started to do various job based on the requirement.There occupation kept on passing from one generation to another generation in there same family.They made it has rule of the nation with god's name in Manusmrti.If anyone change there family occupation then they are considered to be done largest sin in the world.They created it has law making king's to believe it as "god's order".Ultimate of which to protect there wife from relationship with others they made it as sin to marry other caste person and person's who break it must be killed for god.

Its has been explained in detail under taittiriya upanishad that its the duty of a king to protect varnas and caste system.Even some more reasons are said for caste development in India.Aryan king's and Brahmin's were scared over the expansion of smaller princes,non-aryan people and native people.So they brought all this people under Sudra's and caste system natural.Brahmin's were little genius to define very thing in smiriti(a type of holy script).It took 100 years for Brahmins to establish caste system over entire India.

In order to avoid there children from marrying other caste person,they motivated child marriage(polygamy).They boycotted even widow remarriage and motivated sati.Basically only 4 caste division were created by Brahmin's.They are Brahmin,Kshatriyas,Vaishyas and sudras.The basic division got various name under different empire and dynasty.When new occupation came sub-caste were created within main stream caste.   

Source:Aryan's during rig veda time-book,caste system books,Internet source,history books,Bablu taught's  


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