Savings And Investment Scheme Guide For Indian Poor And Middle Class:Company Deposit

What Scheme Mean?
Company deposit is a deposit with financial institution and non-banking finance companies for fixed rate of return over a fixed tenure.Its similar to Bank deposit.

You must Resident of India

Entry Age
18 years or older
Minor with Natural Guardian.

Minimum:rs 1000 per annum
Maximum:No limit

Depends on the tenure and company

Account Holding Type
Individual,Joint,based issuer

Based on the company

Tax Benefits
No tax Exemption for both amount and Interest.

How to Join The Scheme/Account/Deposit/Policy?
Fill the form for deposit with the company
Carry original documents(Id proofs)
No limitation for deposit.

Objective And Risk 
The prime objective of Investing in company deposit is to earn a higher interest rate compared to bank fixed deposit.They are a source of regular income by means of monthly,quaterly,half-yearly and yearly.
To avoid risk make deposit with different company.
Plan which company and amount to be invested in it.


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