Thursday, June 14, 2012

Urbanization In India:Unplanned Problem!

Current Urban India:

India is under a large structural problem.Urban India may be hub to economic development,but urbanization is a problem for future.At present 30-35% of the people live in Urban areas,around 2050 its expected too reach till 50-60% of the population.India with 3 mega cites,35 metros,40 cites are becoming catchment area in the future.About 40% of the urban people level in slum.Tamil nadu leads with most urbanized state.Urbanization may look like economic growth,but its not true it's symbol of problem.

The main reason for urbanization are failure of rural India in Every aspect.After 1990-liberization policy Indian government policy of Rural India back bone of India as changed towards urban sector.Urban India contributes over 80% of the GDP.So Government as no other reason than this to motivate urbanization.Plan less urbanization may lead to disastrous nation.India don't have centralized plan and structure to handle urbanization problem.

Problem In Urban:

Land/Biodiversity:Urban development impact can be seen in out skirts.Urbanization may lead to loss of cropland,forest,grass land,wet lands,wild life habitats etc.Increased soil erosion around urban pockets.Housing for than millions of people becomes difficult in the congested urban.Industries are key for urban development so it as to answer all land utilization problem properly.Solution:-Land for commercial complex as to be taxed.Restriction to own individual houses must be restricted.In Flat system size of the house as to allotted based on family size.Every construction flat as to allocate about 10% of the land for tree plantation.
Human Health:Health problem are high since contaminated drinking drinking water and air.unhealthy food,air pollution and weight gain.Solution:-Common medical scheme for all section.Health insurance  for all without any discrimination.There must be individual responsibility to maintain proper diet.

Water:Drinking water for million of people in urban under sever scarcity.Already People started to use package drinking water.I don't how can government allow package drinking water companies.Since they extract water from well,under ground etc sell it as mineral water.There is heavy risk of lower under ground water causing damage for farmers.Solution:-Ban underground and well water extraction for mineral companies,since its the property of everyone.Government must implement methods for conversion of sea water and sewage water into drinking water.Drinking water as to be within the reach of the people.Save lakes and ponds from housing and construction.

Something To Think:Urban as become back bone of economic growth,But they are always depend on rural for survival?

Waste Management:Waste from urban are very huge with mixture of e-waste,plastic,chemicals etc.Urban areas don't find correct place for disposal within the limit.Improper waste management causes pollution,health hazards and destroys eco system.Solution:- Every house should segregate degradable waste and non-degradable waste.Non-degradable waste must be properly recycled.E-waste recycle must be done with care.Some degradable may be used in bio mass to produce energy.Plastic carry bags must be banned in and out of the city.

Transport:Every day million of people as to be transported to and fro from different places.Since public transport congested and time consuming many people prefer private vehicle.Which increase traffic,pollution etc.Solution:-Plan for massive transport vehicle and create a lane for public transport,so that people can reach faster than in the private vehicle.Which make many people to use public transport.We have to build better infrastructure.

Sanitation:No proper toilet and waste dispose pocket in urban areas.Which makes people to liter waste every were making surrounding vulnerable.Solution:-Create more public toilets and waste bins.Even can make mobile toilet for easy movement based on the requirement.     
Something To Think:We can reduce urbanization if we motivate rural development and job opportunity?
Source:Environment report of UN,world bank report,Ministry of urban development,Internet,News paper,Bablu taught's.

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