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London Olympics 2012:A Snap Shot!

London will be hosting the games for record third time after having played host in 1908 and 1948.

It will be 10th appearance for Canadian show jumper Ian Millar making him the athlete with the most number of appearance in the Olympics.

Competition will be held in 26 Olympic sports and 39 disciplines.

An Olympiad is a period of four successive years. Thus,even the games that were cancelled (1916,1940 n1d 1944.) count an Olympiad The 2012 Olympic games in London,therefore is called the games of the XXX Olympiad.

Venues Across Britain, including nine inside the Olympics park in east London, are where the competition will be conducted.

National Olympic Committees will take part in the games.

The total number of medal events in the games.

Officials will officiate the competitions.

Anti-doping samples to be collected.

Officials will accompany the participating teams.

Athletes will takes part in the games.

Kilometers is what the distance covered by the t…

"Reason For Failure of Indian sportsperson in Olympics"

Every Nation Looks for position in Medal list, but for worlds youthful nation it matter of at least a medal in every Olympic a dream. Why for a billion people nation its always a dream for medal in every Olympic? We don't need a rocket science for finding reason for failure. More than importance to reason for problem we must give eye on solution for the problem.

Reason For Failure Of Indian Sports:

Infrastructure:A Basic requirement for sports achievement is Infrastructure. Already entire nation ashamed by CWGScam and poor infrastructure for an International games. International games itself faced lack of infrastructure in India, then what will be position of grass root level. We dont have proper infrastructure to match our dream and aspiration. School grounds are grass root infrastructure for sports, so we need to develop and Maintain school grounds.

Lack Of Passion:Today sports in India are seen has a short cut to government post and higher education opportunities. Majority of Spo…

"Evolution of Tamil Language"

Mordern Olympics:Facts,Figures And Records

Facts And Figures

Most Gold Medals

The most number of the gold medal in a single games is eight won by American swimmer Michael Phelps in Beijing at the 2008 games.Phelps also holds the record for most gold medals won by a male competitor with 14 golds,including the six he collared in 2004.East German swimmer Kristin Otto holds the honor of having won the most gold medals among women at a single games,six which she took at the 1988 games. However , Russian Gymnast Larissa Laytnina with nine gold medals is the leading women athlete to have won the most number of titles.Besides the legendary Russian is also most decorated athlete of all time, with 18 medals. Phelps slated to compete in seven events in London 2012,is in line to erase this long standing record of Latynina.

Oldest Gold Medalist

The oldest Olympics gold medalist  overall, is Oscar Swahn(Swedan),Who was 64 years and 280 days old,When he was the gold in shooting at the 1912 games.Besides this, Swahn also holds the record of being…

"A Dream People's Democarcy of India"

Every one must feel pride of being an Indian.Since we are the worlds largest democracy and have most detailed constitution in the world.Once Abraham Lincoln stated about democracy"for the people,of the people,by the people".Yes its true as stated democracy meant for people only.So we like see some changes in democracy of India,it doesn't mean i against Indian constitution.I like to see Indian Democracy has true and direct People's democracy.

Some Salient Features for People's Democracy:

Every citizen in India must not have only right to vote and elect a leader,but also recall its leaders when they fail to deliver there duty.Every Indian language has to be treated equally by providing administrative language power for all language. Person who hold black money there account details must be released,Every Indians Earnings and Income accounts has to be made public.All corruption and bride charge case has to be made public.Strict law must empowered to eradicate corrupt…

Women Protection And Empowerment:Act & Laws In India

Preconception and prenatal diagnostic techniques act-1994 (PCPDNT)This act bans all type sex identification and sex based abortion in India.The person responsible for crime were eligible for punishment under this act.The imprisonment for up to 3 years and fine of Rs 10,000.

The Prohibition of child Marriage Act-2006 (PCMA) This prohibit child marriage before age of 18.Police can take action against such incident under this law and even eligible for punishment.

Child Labor(prohibition & regulation) Act-1986 This act enable to ban child labor in any form.The person who motivates such activity enable for imprisonment and punishment.

Dowry Prohibition Act-1961 Under this act were asking dowry is consider has crime.The person who commit this crime were eligible for six month imprisonment and Rs 5000 fine.

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act-2005 This law enable to protect women from domestic violence and harassment from husband or husbands family.The person who commit this crime…

Education Mafia In India:Kill's Future Of India

Education system under went a major transaction after 1991's economic liberalization in India.When economic and Industry developed in India the demand for technical employee increased.Since enormous job availability total education system became demand supply chain.Education is method to remove ignorance and develop better society.As of present situation education and education system producing pre programed machine who can do routine work without any objection.No educate youth has capability to think about society and think behind money.Over 1.21 billion people in India in which  not even a single Edison or Einstein has been produced.Then there is some fundamental structural problem in India.During 1991 liberalization period Indian government made to much privatized education system.

Education Fact:over 2.5 Million Schools,3393 Engineering College,Around 350 medical college,Over 3,000 polytechnic college,2500 business college,41 central universities,285 state universities,129 dee…

"Problem's Of Indian Women:From Ovary to Death Pit"

Every Indian Proudly says India is My Mother Land,but it can't be seen in reality across India.More women goddess spread across every corner of India,than number of schools.Women occupy equal half of Indian Society but share worst standard of life.Women is a symbol of "creation of humanity".If we look into evolution of humanity it was Eve first evolved than only Adam originated.300000 years ago it was women first evolved from a species of monkey.Over 3000 years Indian's worshiped women has goddess but in reality everyday women in India faces thousands of problem in Male chauvinist society.My article about Problem's faced by Indian women from Ovary to Death and finding solution for it.

Sex-Selective Abortion:-

Its sin to be born has a girl in India.Even though Sex based abortion is banned across India long time back,but still this gendercide takes place in large scale.Doctors across India made it has a demand supply market,hospital mafia's without following an…