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London Olympics 2012:A Snap Shot!

London will be hosting the games for record third time after having played host in 1908 and 1948.

It will be 10th appearance for Canadian show jumper Ian Millar making him the athlete with the most number of appearance in the Olympics.

Competition will be held in 26 Olympic sports and 39 disciplines.

An Olympiad is a period of four successive years. Thus,even the games that were cancelled (1916,1940 n1d 1944.) count an Olympiad The 2012 Olympic games in London,therefore is called the games of the XXX Olympiad.

Venues Across Britain, including nine inside the Olympics park in east London, are where the competition will be conducted.

National Olympic Committees will take part in the games.

The total number of medal events in the games.

Officials will officiate the competitions.

Anti-doping samples to be collected.

Officials will accompany the participating teams.

Athletes will takes part in the games.

Kilometers is what the distance covered by the torch relay around Britain over 10 weeks

Media personnel and broadcasters will be covering the games.

Pieces of sports equipments will be used some 26400 tennis balls, 600 basketball and 6000 archery targets have been for the games.

Tickets have been sold.

Meals to be served using 25,000 loaves of bread, 100 tonnes of meat, 75,000 liters of milk and 330 tonnes of fruits and vegetables.

Spectators will make 20 million journeys to London during the games including 3 million on the busiest day.

British pounds earmarked for opening and closing ceremonies. A Veritable menagerie comprising 70 sheep,12 horse, three cows,two goats,1o chickens and three sheepdogs will take part in the opening ceremony,when the Olympic stadium will be transformed into a rural British.

People expected to watch the games on the television.In Beijing an estimated 4.7 billion people tuned in to watch the 2008 games as against 3.90 billion in Athens and 3.6 billion in Sydney.                  

British pounds is the estimated budget for staging the games.It is almost four times the estimated cost initially budgeted at the times of London's bid for the games in 2005.The original budgets for security and ceremonies have both been doubled.Security will now cost 553 million British pounds while the ceremonies have a budget of 81million British pounds. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Reason For Failure of Indian sportsperson in Olympics"

Every Nation Looks for position in Medal list, but for worlds youthful nation it matter of at least a medal in every Olympic a dream. Why for a billion people nation its always a dream for medal in every Olympic? We don't need a rocket science for finding reason for failure. More than importance to reason for problem we must give eye on solution for the problem.

Reason For Failure Of Indian Sports:

Infrastructure:A Basic requirement for sports achievement is Infrastructure. Already entire nation ashamed by CWG Scam and poor infrastructure for an International games. International games itself faced lack of infrastructure in India, then what will be position of grass root level. We dont have proper infrastructure to match our dream and aspiration. School grounds are grass root infrastructure for sports, so we need to develop and Maintain school grounds.

Lack Of Passion:Today sports in India are seen has a short cut to government post and higher education opportunities. Majority of Sport person don't have passion to reach for International Arena. Our education are reason for failure of sports in India. We must motivate our youth to take sports has a profession.

No Proper Recognition:Even for some professional sportsmen we don't recognize there achievement and honor. As for Norms of Indian Government only Indian medalist from  international event gets monthly stipend and pension. Lower level Sportsperson receive low stipend to serve in profession of sports. We need to give fare amount of stipend for lower level sportsperson to develop in Sports profession.

Excess Of Concentration for A Game:Since in India only cricket gets excess of concentration and attention. No sports other than that gets recognize and financial supports. Cricket in India earns more than 3,000 crores every year as a revenue, but combined revenue of all other sports is not even half of the cricket. Many sports person has desire to represent India in international Arena, but Indian cricket rejected government request for participation in Asian games.

Failure Of Administration:All sports authority organization of India are under the leadership of politician and business leaders. Various sports authority allotted funds by government were mismanaged. All Sports organization leadership post has to be occupied by particular sports legends.        
No Proper Planning:Indian government plan only when international events are near. we don't have long term 30-40 years plan. For ex: China still 1984 they didn't take part in Olympics but after 25 years they became dominating force in Olympics. There planning are long term oriented. We need to have long term goal and plan.

No Trainers: No world class trainers to motivate and encourage true sportsmanship. So every time we are looking for a foreign coach.We need to develop our physical education course and department. Trainers have to be provided with world class ex-poser.

No Investment and Sponsorship: Every year a cricket player apart from matches earns around 50 crores. Where as in other sports there is no option for such sponsorship. No one ready to invest in other rather than cricket. So its government duty to motivate other games so that sports investment diversify.  

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"Evolution of Tamil Language"


The Tamil language has one of the oldest written traditions in all of Asia and boasts a rich body of literary work dating back 5,000 years.The term Tamil may be used to refer to either the Tamil people, found primarily in southern India and northern Sri Lanka, or the Tamil language, the Dravidian language of the Tamil people.


It appears that proto-Dravidians (the first or primitive Dravidians) occupied even the region stretching from Baluchistan to the Bengal, in the north. The Brahui language spoken even today in Baluchistan ( a province of Pakistan) is said to have a fantastic resemblance to Tamil!

It is conjectured that the Turanians came to India through the Khyber Pass and the Aryans through the Bolan Pass.The Turanians were one of the oldest races in the world. They lived east of Lake Ural. They were kind of Persian-Turkestanians.They spoke Ural-Altaic languages.

The intermingling of the proto-Dravidians of the North with the incoming Turanians and Aryans apparently resulted in the evolution of Prakrit and Pali. Prakrit was a derivation from pristine Sanskrit, and was impure. It was fit only for colloquial use by the common man. Pali was also derived from Sanskrit but was considered refined, and was extensively used by the Buddhists in their writings. Most of Asokan inscriptions are in Pali.Although Pali vanished from India, it is extant in other Buddhist cultures as in Sri Lanka and Myanmar where it is known as Magadhi.

It is said that even today some Dravidian languages are prevalent in North India, such as Kolami, Gondi, Oraon and Brahui.

The proto-Dravidian language continued its existence in South India in the form of Tamil. Other southern languages like Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam developed much later as new languages. In fact the word Dravida is derived from Tamil only.The sequence is Tamila, Tramila, Travida, Dravida.

Telugu and Kannada effected largescale borrowing from Sanskrit, some 1500 years ago. Malayalam did it about 800 years ago. In present Kerala, Tamil was the prevalent language till 500 AD or so. Many Tamilians who were Sangam poets ( in Tamil) lived in Kerala region.A saivite (Nayanar) saint-poet called Cheraman Perumal Nayanar and an Alwar (vaishnavite) saint-poet called Kulachekara Alwar were Kerala based. It may be recalled that the Chera Kingdom which covered the present Kerala was a Tamil-speaking area. Prince Ilango who was a Chera prince wrote the lovely Tamil epic "Silappadhikaram'. 

The ancient Tamil people carried sea-borne trade and were good businessmen, doing imports and exports.It is said that in the 10th century before Christ, King Solomon was sent articles from the Tamil country, such as peacock feathers, elephant tusks and spices. Later, the Tamils traded with the Roman Empire. Coins of Emperor Augustus have been discovered in Tamil Nadu. The Tamils brought silk and sugar from China. Hence the word 'Chini' for sugar.


The earliest inscription in Tamil is said to be nearly in 500 BC. The oldest Tamil text called Tolkappiyam is dated 200 BC. The Tamil script was derived initially from Brahmi, the mother of Indic scripts. Some scholars even say that the Indus Valley script, not yet fully deciphered, which was 1000 years older than Asokan Brahmi, was the mother of Tamil script. There is vast scholarship in this area.

The internet itself has material on Tamil that is mind-boggling, of the highest level of scholarship.Scholars sometimes differ terribly. One example is the word 'vettezhuthu' (வெட்டெழுத்து, rock-cut writing) and the word 'vattazhethu' (வட்டெழுத்து, rounded writing).Some scholars say that the oldest Tamil script is called 'vettezhuthu' and some others 'vattezhuthu'! Rounded writing was on palm leaves.The "letters" in Tamil ja, sha, sa, ha, ksha, that came in later to write Sanskrit based words, were known as "grantha letters". But "grantha script" as such is different.

Grantha script is ancient, and was used for writing Tamil. Grantha means manuscripts or compilation. It was rounded script derived from Brahmi. Brahmi script gave birth to nearly 40 Indian (Indic) scripts. Sanskrit, transmitted orally, had no script in the old times. It was written in the local Indic script.Devanagiri came into existence only in the 11 th century AD. From then, Sanskrit began to be written in Devanagiri script.

Tolkappiyam written in the Third Century BC, by Tolkappiyar, is regarded as the first grammatical compendium in Tamil.It refers to nearly 250 earlier Tamil texts! Tolkappiyam classified Tamil into two: (1) Senthamil, meaning literary Tamil (2)Kodunthamil, meaning spoken Tamil. No wonder, the spoken Tamil even today is nightmarishly so different from written Tamil! 

The Sanskrit scholars of South India tried to sanskritise Tamil to enhance its 'beauty'! The hybrid Tamil was called 'manipravaalam'  (மணிப்ரவாளம்), meaning a mixture of Mani (pearl) and corals. I could not find out if Tamil was considered Mani or coral, the inferior stuff! The Manipravalam Tamil was written in the Grantha script.Only in recent times, anti-North, anti-Sanskrit and anti-Brahmin attitudes emerged in the Tamil Nadu region. Scholars like V.K.Suryanarayana Sastriar and Maraimalai Adigal started total 're-Tamilisation' of the language.Their movement is called 'Thani Tamizh Iyakkam' ( தனித் தமிழ் இயக்கம் ). It is also a fact that a few Tamilians wrote great treatises in Sanskrit, but centuries ago. Examples are Dandin (from Kanchi), Sankara (from Kaladi) and Ramanujar (from Tanjore).

The earliest golden period of Tamil was the Sangam Literature period (BC 500 - 200 AD). Madurai was the seat of Sangam literature, promoted by Pandyan kings. The Chera and Chola kings also patronised Tamil poets. It is not proposed to go into further details of the Sangam literature here. In all, there were 2381 known poems in the Sangam classics. (Many have vanished, due to non-preservation).There were 31 royal persons amongst the Sangam poets.

In the Sangam period, Tamil is said to have had only about 1 percent of Sanskrit admixture. During the time of Nayanmars and Alwars (7th and 8th century AD), who composed devotional songs, the sanskrit admixture was estimated to have gone up to 3 to 5 percent. When 'manipravalam' evolved, in the 13th century, more of Sanskrit came into Tamil. It must be remembered that Jains and Buddhist scholars in the South were well versed in Sanskrit, Pali and Prakrit.

While the Tamil Sangam period started from BC 500, literary works in Telugu and Kannada came into being only after the 8th century AD.

It is said that from one side of Shiva's 'damaru' came Sanskrit and from the other side Tamil. It is also said that Shiva taught Sanskrit to Panini and Tamil to Agastya.

Tamil is one of the world's six ancient and classic languages, namely Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Sanskrit and Tamil. If you are a Tamilian, you can be proud of yourself even though you may not read and write Tamil and you speak only in English ninety percent of the time!

Classification and Origins of the Tamil Language

Tamil is classified as a member of the Dravidian family of languages and is one of the most important members of this language family. Other Dravidian languages include Teluga, Kannada and Malayalam. Today, most of the major and minor Dravidian languages are spoken in the far north of India; however, many linguists believe that the Dravidian languages once covered a much greater expanse of land.

It is believed that the Dravidian languages all evolved from a single Proto-Dravidian language, gradually developing into the distinct languages we know today. Most scholars think that this process began as early as 4000 BCE, making Tamil one of the oldest living languages in the world.

Development of the Tamil Language

The history of the Tamil language can be divided into three primary periods of development: Old, Middle and Modern. Old Tamil dates from circa 450 BC to 700 CE, Middle Tamil dates from circa 700 to 1600 CE and modern Tamil from 1600 onwards. These periods are separated by distinct grammatical and lexical differences.

Spoken Tamil has evolved significantly over time. Consequently, the modern language is characterized as diglossic, meaning that it exhibits a division between the colloquial spoken form of the language and the written language used for formal purposes.

Evolution of the Written Tamil Language

The earliest known examples of the written Tamil language are found in inscriptions dating from the 5th century BCE. The written Tamil language is believed to have developed from the Brahmi script. Tamil script evolved in shape and style over the years, finally gaining stabilization with the introduction of printing in the 16th century.

The Tamil language boasts one of the most ancient literary traditions in all of Asia. A 19th century revival of Tamil literature resulted in the production of a great variety of works, from religious to philosophical in nature. These newer works were written in a language closer to the spoken colloquial Tamil than before. Today Tamil literature boasts a wide array of poetry, prose and plays.

Tamil Language and Dialects Today

The modern Tamil language is spoken by approximately 66 million people throughout the world, most of them located in southern India and northern Sri Lanka. Other areas where significant numbers of Tamil speakers can be found include Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, and South Africa.

A great variety of dialects are found in the various areas where Tamil is spoken. For example, the dialects spoken in India differ substantially from the dialect spoken in Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Within the Indian province of Tamil Nadu alone, there are regional differences between northern, western and southern speakers, as well as differences in dialect based on social class.

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Mordern Olympics:Facts,Figures And Records

Facts And Figures

Most Gold Medals

The most number of the gold medal in a single games is eight won by American swimmer Michael Phelps in Beijing at the 2008 games.Phelps also holds the record for most gold medals won by a male competitor with 14 golds,including the six he collared in 2004.East German swimmer Kristin Otto holds the honor of having won the most gold medals among women at a single games,six which she took at the 1988 games. However , Russian Gymnast Larissa Laytnina with nine gold medals is the leading women athlete to have won the most number of titles.Besides the legendary Russian is also most decorated athlete of all time, with 18 medals. Phelps slated to compete in seven events in London 2012,is in line to erase this long standing record of Latynina.

Oldest Gold Medalist

The oldest Olympics gold medalist  overall, is Oscar Swahn(Swedan),Who was 64 years and 280 days old,When he was the gold in shooting at the 1912 games.Besides this, Swahn also holds the record of being the oldest medalist and oldest competitor at any games.The Swede won a silver medal in 1920.When he was 72 years and 281 days old.The oldest gold medalist in the women's section at the games is Sybil 'Queenie' Newali of Britain who won in archery at the 1908 games, aged 53 years and 275 days.The Oldest female athlete to have participated in the games is britain's Lorna Johnstone,who took part in equestrian in 1972, at the age of 70 years and 5 days.

Youngest Male Gold Medalist 

The Youngest confirmed gold medalist is German Klaus Zerta who was 13 years and 283 days. When he competed as the coxed pairs in 1960.The youngest male gold medalist in an individual event is Kusuo Kitamura of Japan,Who won the 1500m freestyle in 1952,aged 14 years and 309 days.

Youngest Female Gold Medalist

The youngest female gold medalist is Majorie Gestring(United states) who won springboard diving in 1936(Berlin,aged 13 years,268 days)

Most Years between Medals

Two male athletes, Sailor Tore Holm(Sweden) and fencer Aladar Gerevich (Hungary) share the record of having won medals, 28 years apart. Holm won his first in 1920and then took his second in 1948, while the medal winning efforts of Gerevich came in 1932 and in 1960.Among women,Birgit Fischer won medals 20years apart,first in 1980 and in 2000 ,in canoeing.

Most Consecutive Wins

This record is shared by three athletes in the men's section with four straight gold medals--Paul Elwstrom(Denmark) in Finn Class yachting in 1948,1952,1956 and 1960,American Discus Thrower Al Oerter in 1956,1960,1964 and 1968 and his compatriot.Long jumper Carl Lewis in 1984,1988,1992 and 1996.Among women,Larissa Latynina won the floor exercise thrice in 1956,1960,1964 Australian swimmer Dawn Fraser won the 100m freestyle in 1956,1960,1964 while  Hungarian swimmer Krisztine Egeriszegi was unbeaten in 200m backstroke in 1988,1992 and 1996.

Most Appearances

Two men athletes have participated in the games, nine time:Australian sailor Hubert Raudaschi(1964-1996) and Candian equestrian Ian Millar(1972-2008).The latter is in line to make the recoed his own having qualified for 10th time in London.Among women, Kerstin Palm(Sweden) who took part in fencing in games between 1964 and 1988 and sprinter Merlene Ottey(Jamica.) between 1980 and 2004 hold the record jointly with seven straight appearance.

Medals in Both Games

The only athlete to win a gold medal each in the winter and summer Olympics games is Eddie Eagan(US) in boxing 1920 and the bobsled 1932.Three others athletes also have won medals at both the Olympic games.They are Jacob Thams(Norway),Christa Rothenburger(East Germany) and Clara Hughes(Canada) 

Olympic Records

  • U.S. long jumper Bob Beamon's astonishing leap of  8.90m at the 1968 summer Olympic games in Mexico city set a world record that lasted 23 years and an Olympic record that still stands more than 40 years later
  • No Females sprinter has come close to Florence Griffith-Joyner's 1988 performance-100m world record(10.49) at U.S. Olympics trials,followed by 200m world record (21.34) and 100m Olympic record (10.62) at Seoul games.
  • New suit technology at Beijing in 2008 resulted in almost complete rewrite of swimming record books.Only Ian Thorpe's 400m freestyle and Inge de Bruijn's 100m butterfly, both set at Sydney in 2000, remained Olympic records.
  • Records at Moscow 1980,USSR's Nadezhda Olizarenko ran women 800m in 1:53.43,East Germany women won 4*100 relay in 41.6 seconds,East Germany IIona Sluplanek set 22.41m in women shot put,Aleksandr  of USSR scored 581 out of 600 in men's 50m pistol event also world record.
  • U.S. athlete Jackle Joyner-Kersee still holds heptathlon world records (7,291 points) and Olympic long jump record(7.40m),both set at Seoul games.
  • Italy have made most appearance in olympic football winning 32 of 61 matches.They are also most prolific scorers(125 goals)
  • 14 year old Romanian Nadia Comaneci scored first perfect 10 in Gymnastics at 1976.Her total of seven perfect scores in one game is unlikely to be beaten as new scoring was introduced in 2006.
  • Iranian super heavyweight Hossein Rezazadeh holds Olympic and world records in clean and jerk(263.5kg) and scored record total of 472.5kg at both Sydney and Athens.     

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"A Dream People's Democarcy of India"

Every one must feel pride of being an Indian.Since we are the worlds largest democracy and have most detailed constitution in the world.Once Abraham Lincoln stated about democracy"for the people,of the people,by the people".Yes its true as stated democracy meant for people only.So we like see some changes in democracy of India,it doesn't mean i against Indian constitution.I like to see Indian Democracy has true and direct People's democracy.

Some Salient Features for People's Democracy:

  • Every citizen in India must not have only right to vote and elect a leader,but also recall its leaders when they fail to deliver there duty.
  • Every Indian language has to be treated equally by providing administrative language power for all language.         
  • Person who hold black money there account details must be released,Every Indians Earnings and Income accounts has to be made public.
  • All corruption and bride charge case has to be made public.Strict law must empowered to eradicate corruption.
  • Right to work has to be constitutional article.There must be no discrimination based on sex,caste,religion etc.Equal opportunities,equal work and equal wages has to confirmed.
  • Caste free equality society has to be formed with out any discrimination and untouchability. 
  • Same Education and health should reach every people for free of cost.
  • Land Redistribution has to be made,because we have to free our hands from land lord.Empty land has to be distribute among poor agriculture labors.
  • Nationalized and central economy has to be our economic policy of the nation.
  • Nationalize all rivers,lakes and dams in India for centralized water supply based on the demand.
  • Anyone born has a Indian must be provide with a right to question anyone on power.
  • Government policy has to be formed after consideration every section of the people.
  • No of term to occupy a government position has to be introduced,after which they should not eligible to occupy any government position.
  • No candidate should have criminal record,caste & religious background who contest for        representation of people. 
Source:Bablu Thought's 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Women Protection And Empowerment:Act & Laws In India

Preconception and prenatal diagnostic techniques act-1994 (PCPDNT)This act bans all type sex identification and sex based abortion in India.The person responsible for crime were eligible for punishment under this act.The imprisonment for up to 3 years and fine of Rs 10,000.

The Prohibition of child Marriage Act-2006 (PCMA) This prohibit child marriage before age of 18.Police can take action against such incident under this law and even eligible for punishment.

Child Labor(prohibition & regulation) Act-1986 This act enable to ban child labor in any form.The person who motivates such activity enable for imprisonment and punishment.

Dowry Prohibition Act-1961 Under this act were asking dowry is consider has crime.The person who commit this crime were eligible for six month imprisonment and Rs 5000 fine.

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act-2005 This law enable to protect women from domestic violence and harassment from husband or husbands family.The person who commit this crime eligible for imprisonment.

Hindu Marriage Act-1955 This law intact all communities registered marriage under this law eligible for divorces under certain circumstances.The husband and wife are eligible for mutual divorces only.

Eve Teasing:
IPC Section 298 (A) and (B)- It sentences a man found guilty of making a girl or woman the target of obscene gestures, remarks, songs or recitation to a maximum jail sentence of three months.

IPC Section 292-that showing pornographic or obscene pictures, books or slips to a woman or girl draws a fine of Rs 2,000 with two years of imprisonment of either description for first offenders. In the case of a repeated offense, the penalty will be a five-year jail term with a fine of Rs 5,000. 

IPC Section 509-obscene gestures, indecent body language or acidic comments directed at any woman or girl or exhibits any such object or intrudes upon the privacy of woman carries a penalty of simple imprisonment for one year or a fine or both.

IPC Section 375- Rape
IPC Section 376-Punishment for rape-Under which a rapist is punishable up to life term.

Bill's under Proposal:

The Protection of Children from Sexual offence Bill,2011-To protect children from offences of sexual assault, sexual harassment, pornography. It provides for establishment of Special Courts for trial of such offences keeping the best interest of the child as of paramount importance at every stage of the judicial process. The Bill also incorporates detailed child-friendly procedures for reporting and trial of cases.”  

The Protection of Women against Sexual Harassment at Workplace Bill,2010-It provides protection to all women, irrespective of her age or employment status, whether in the organized or unorganized sectors, and covers a client, customer, apprentice, daily wage worker, student/research scholar and patient in a hospital.  

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Education Mafia In India:Kill's Future Of India

Education system under went a major transaction after 1991's economic liberalization in India.When economic and Industry developed in India the demand for technical employee increased.Since enormous job availability total education system became demand supply chain.Education is method to remove ignorance and develop better society.As of present situation education and education system producing pre programed machine who can do routine work without any objection.No educate youth has capability to think about society and think behind money.Over 1.21 billion people in India in which  not even a single Edison or Einstein has been produced.Then there is some fundamental structural problem in India.During 1991 liberalization period Indian government made to much privatized education system.

Education Fact:over 2.5 Million Schools,3393 Engineering College,Around 350 medical college,Over 3,000 polytechnic college,2500 business college,41 central universities,285 state universities,129 deemed universities,112 private universities in India.(Produce over 4.74 lakh engineers,around 41,000 doctors and around a million arts & polytechnic graduates every year.)


Government of India has introduced Right to Education,act to provide compulsory education till 14 years of age.Government has provided reservation up to 25% for poor students in the private School.Still over 8.5million  of children out side school in India.Majority of the school in rural India are run under government,even though free meals and books are provided no one to ready to enroll for school.Its about only 55% of the children in India gets education.Still schools are taken under tree in rural India

Still million don't get education,but even among the person who get education also quality of it is very low.Our education system fundamentally wrong,its not thought provoking and creative.Instead its producing robotic machines who can do programmed job.For Example:still in physics we learn CRT but in reality CRT was outdated 5 years back.Just to simplify our education syllabus 10 year behind present technology.

Something to Think:Every year government spends 53,000 crs on education,Around 2,00,000 crs private Institution earn every year,but still around 25% of the people in India are illiterate. 

Reasons For Failure:No proper teachers in government school.Private school push student towards mark not for knowledge.So there is big divided between rural and urban school(rural student cant equal with urban.)Private school receive high amount fees mostly settle it to account 2 black money.Due to private schools such activity for mark oriented approach government school forced to follow same approach.Private school  mafias find new methods to extract money from people through various boards of education.Private school act as a factory to produce demand and supply students,who fall into same pit as everyone fall.Education has become money oriented so no one out of Indian school has real knowledge or capability to think.

Solution:Free compulsory education till 18 has to be maintained without any discrimination of public and private school.Common standard creative advanced simple syllabus across the nation with consideration of various states.Core level creative and innovation has to provoked.Until 8 standard examination as to be removed instead creative and I.Q approach test can be conducted(not for promotion just for test). Teachers every 6 month should be trained and counseled about method of teaching to student.Compulsory education law and reservation has to be implemented without interference.Introduce a common board of education with provision for mother tongue mode for learning and state based certain subject.Infrastructure in rural Indian school has to be upgraded if we want them to compete with urban standard student.   

Something to Think:Indian constitution defines every one equal before law,but government provides various standard of education for various people.Why this discrimination?


These unfit student form school without the passion for life and future step into next stage of education merely because of repeating in books.Currently in India more than 60% of the student dropout of education after school completion.Among remaining 40% of the student most enter professional course without basic knowledge of the course.The person entering professional engineering course are from lower middle and upper middle class.The persons entering medical are mostly from upper class of the society.Diploma and technical education are only in reach for poor student.

Something to Think:School has to be stage for only basics and concept,but college has to be place for creativity and innovation.This activity never takes places in India,Why so?

Every year India produce about 5 lakh engineers in which tamil nadu alone produce about 1.5 lakh engineers.Since 95% of the engineering college are private no limitation to control there activity.Merely if you have money you will get AICTE license for technical course.No college produces skilled engineers,according to recent NASSCOM survey with 19 graduates in which only 1 satisfied for job in MNC.Private Medical college earn about a Rs 5 million for a medical seat.Most of the students when they step out of medical college they are not qualified to be doctors to serve people.More than that for studying medicine itself a student spent 50 lakhs,when they became doctor they try to earn back that 50 lakhs only then how can we expect serves from these doctors.Even polytechnic student have such capability to think,so they are capable only for government jobs. Business schools has least awarness about business across the globe,but produce unqualified management students.

Reason For Failure:Enormous private institute who look only for capital benefits never look for better society.Private institute go for paid placement to get better capitation for next academic year.Parents want sudden growth in there children life so they encourage such education which don't provide knowledge but merely a job.No planning and proper implementation of education scheme.No common fees structure across India.No trained facilities and proper monitor system to look after standard of education in educational institute.UGC,AICTE and Medical council are under heavy corruption.Method of education various for different levels of institution in India(Where IIT & IIM students get greater exposure but least concerned for low level college.)          

Solution:Bring common entrance examination for engineering and medical colleges across India.Entrance exam should be in such a way that basic concepts be tested,which gives good chance for rural students also.Fix common fees structure which has to be paid through only banks(to avoid excess fees). Fill every seat in private institution through single window system(remove management seat). Technical education institution in India must be restructured and screened completely.AICTE and UGC activity has to be made publicly.Medical council must increase medical institution and reduc.e fees.A end certification exam has to be conducted to rate the quality of the student passing out of college.      

Source:Government report,Newspaper,Bablu thought's

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"Problem's Of Indian Women:From Ovary to Death Pit"

Every Indian Proudly says India is My Mother Land,but it can't be seen in reality across India.More women goddess spread across every corner of India,than number of schools.Women occupy equal half of Indian Society but share worst standard of life.Women is a symbol of "creation of humanity".If we look into evolution of humanity it was Eve first evolved than only Adam originated.300000 years ago it was women first evolved from a species of monkey.Over 3000 years Indian's worshiped women has goddess but in reality everyday women in India faces thousands of problem in Male chauvinist society.My article about Problem's faced by Indian women from Ovary to Death and finding solution for it.

Sex-Selective Abortion:-

Its sin to be born has a girl in India.Even though Sex based abortion is banned across India long time back,but still this gendercide takes place in large scale.Doctors across India made it has a demand supply market,hospital mafia's without following any rules they are ready for sex based abortion.It has become a large business for many doctors and hospitals.No one has concern about this society level problem.Everyday Thousands of girl babies before there heart starts to beat itself,a gravy yard are built within the ovary itself.If we have to blame someone then it would each and everyone of us.It's we who created a society with a attitude of Male as Investment and female as burden.Second person to be charged would be our most educated Doctors"Even bloody terrorist have motto to kill someone,but doctors kill future of India even before they born i dont how to name them."Solution:Strict Law has to be enforced so that guilty doctors disqualified from medical council and cease there properties.Education has to be given about sex ratio and importance of girl children.

Female Infanticide:

Even after born on earth they become easy victim for social pressure.According to UN report,Among Infanticide in India 75% of them are female.Every year around 12 million girls are born in India,but among which 1 million girl children die every year.The Infanticide can be seen in educated class also,since girl baby are consider as sin.The major other reason for the problem would be poverty,social pressure,economic inability etc.Solution:Government can start female child care center,where can people come and donate there girl baby instead of killing the baby.

Girl Child Labor:

The maximum number of school dropouts at primary,elementary and higher secondary are girls.Girls moved out of school may be pushed into domestic and cottage industry in India.Even though free education is provided for children,but family condition push them into labor worker.Cottage Industries use girl children in huge volume since they are available for cheap daily labor.Girl child are linked in domestic work in homes and hotel.Solution:Already Child labor is banned in India,but no strict intention to monitor child labor across Industries.Even citizen must take personnel intention to not employee girl child for labor.

Child Prostitution:

Around 1 million child are forced into Prostitution  in India.Children between 10 to 16 age are sold for least amount around Rs60,000 to Prostitute brokers.Children are forced to satisfy even 70 years old age man in bed.Child prostitution are controlled by mafias and dons. Child prostitutes after some age they are pushed to hard core labor or killed for organ.Thousands of children are exported to other countries.Indian children lead in the industry of sex trafficking and organ trafficking across the globe.When child prostitute attain around 25 years age they are killed for organ and fresh child are forced into prostitution.Solution:A common law has to  be made across India to ban Prostitution.Child prostitution,sex and organ trafficking  has to be considered equal for murder case,even punishment must be equal to it.A special cell of autonomous body can be formed to monitor and punish guilty.

Child Marriage:

When small budding child attend puberty many Indian society see it has a age for marriage.No one has knowledge about child body structure and physical capability to face marriage life.Child marriage is a human right violation due to which death,health problem,poverty,domestic violence etc.Child marriage is due to lack education within the society.Child marriage may result in improper maturity.Child marriage have more chance for maternal death.Since 15age child gives birth to child can have 5 times chances for maternal death.Solution:Rural society must be educated about ill-effect of child marriage.Every police station across India must monitor every marriage happening within the jurisdiction circle.Government should not provide any benefits for child marriage society.

Eve Teasing or Molestation:

Every day female in every walk of life has to face sexual abusing from male dominated society.Sexual abusing are in form touch,words and physical contact.Its symbol of uneducated and uncivilized society.More than 60% of women face sex abusing in day to day life.Eve teasing has lead to violence against women,rape,acid throwing etc.This skinny crime takes place against even children.Molestation may degraded value of women in society and increase suicide of women.Solution:Women police monitor eve teasing case with serious concern to stop the eve teasing and child molestation in future.Children in school must be educated about child sex abusing to avoid them following victim.

Dowry Violence:

Traditional India high class has a habit to provide dowry for marriage.The custom tradition has affected society and women in India.Dowry in India vary according to varies class.Its natural for male family to demand higher dowry demand from female family,but most of the times female family fail to does it.So women are tortured for higher dowry requirement by husband and in-law family members.Women who face this problem in family among which mere a section of them compliant about dowry violence,but most of them ended there life in suicide.Solution:Only male can stop this violence against women,during school days itself male should be educated about ill effect of dowry.

Something to Think:Law ans policy cant change status of Women.Until women liberate them self from male chauvinist society.

Domestic Violence:

Male consider female has a pre paid slave to work for them through out the life.Male harsh women lot within the house.Since house wife within home cant face this humiliation,they end up there life in suicide.Domestic violence has a large impact across house wife of India.It's been considered has a human right violence against women.Solution:When housewife spent ideal life by doing useful works it will reduce stress of family problem and remove thought's about suicide.         

Social Isolation:

In 21st century,women has stepped out of house for education and job.Even though women's started to occupy about half the position of education and job.Still social importance for women is not provided even though local bodies in India provide reserved seats for women.Women can get social importance only if they come forward to talk about politics and women right's.

Source:Bablu thought's and Internet source.                 
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