"A Dream People's Democarcy of India"

Every one must feel pride of being an Indian.Since we are the worlds largest democracy and have most detailed constitution in the world.Once Abraham Lincoln stated about democracy"for the people,of the people,by the people".Yes its true as stated democracy meant for people only.So we like see some changes in democracy of India,it doesn't mean i against Indian constitution.I like to see Indian Democracy has true and direct People's democracy.

Some Salient Features for People's Democracy:

  • Every citizen in India must not have only right to vote and elect a leader,but also recall its leaders when they fail to deliver there duty.
  • Every Indian language has to be treated equally by providing administrative language power for all language.         
  • Person who hold black money there account details must be released,Every Indians Earnings and Income accounts has to be made public.
  • All corruption and bride charge case has to be made public.Strict law must empowered to eradicate corruption.
  • Right to work has to be constitutional article.There must be no discrimination based on sex,caste,religion etc.Equal opportunities,equal work and equal wages has to confirmed.
  • Caste free equality society has to be formed with out any discrimination and untouchability. 
  • Same Education and health should reach every people for free of cost.
  • Land Redistribution has to be made,because we have to free our hands from land lord.Empty land has to be distribute among poor agriculture labors.
  • Nationalized and central economy has to be our economic policy of the nation.
  • Nationalize all rivers,lakes and dams in India for centralized water supply based on the demand.
  • Anyone born has a Indian must be provide with a right to question anyone on power.
  • Government policy has to be formed after consideration every section of the people.
  • No of term to occupy a government position has to be introduced,after which they should not eligible to occupy any government position.
  • No candidate should have criminal record,caste & religious background who contest for        representation of people. 
Source:Bablu Thought's 


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