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Education Mafia In India:Kill's Future Of India

Education system under went a major transaction after 1991's economic liberalization in India.When economic and Industry developed in India the demand for technical employee increased.Since enormous job availability total education system became demand supply chain.Education is method to remove ignorance and develop better society.As of present situation education and education system producing pre programed machine who can do routine work without any objection.No educate youth has capability to think about society and think behind money.Over 1.21 billion people in India in which  not even a single Edison or Einstein has been produced.Then there is some fundamental structural problem in India.During 1991 liberalization period Indian government made to much privatized education system.

Education Fact:over 2.5 Million Schools,3393 Engineering College,Around 350 medical college,Over 3,000 polytechnic college,2500 business college,41 central universities,285 state universities,129 deemed universities,112 private universities in India.(Produce over 4.74 lakh engineers,around 41,000 doctors and around a million arts & polytechnic graduates every year.)


Government of India has introduced Right to Education,act to provide compulsory education till 14 years of age.Government has provided reservation up to 25% for poor students in the private School.Still over 8.5million  of children out side school in India.Majority of the school in rural India are run under government,even though free meals and books are provided no one to ready to enroll for school.Its about only 55% of the children in India gets education.Still schools are taken under tree in rural India

Still million don't get education,but even among the person who get education also quality of it is very low.Our education system fundamentally wrong,its not thought provoking and creative.Instead its producing robotic machines who can do programmed job.For Example:still in physics we learn CRT but in reality CRT was outdated 5 years back.Just to simplify our education syllabus 10 year behind present technology.

Something to Think:Every year government spends 53,000 crs on education,Around 2,00,000 crs private Institution earn every year,but still around 25% of the people in India are illiterate. 

Reasons For Failure:No proper teachers in government school.Private school push student towards mark not for knowledge.So there is big divided between rural and urban school(rural student cant equal with urban.)Private school receive high amount fees mostly settle it to account 2 black money.Due to private schools such activity for mark oriented approach government school forced to follow same approach.Private school  mafias find new methods to extract money from people through various boards of education.Private school act as a factory to produce demand and supply students,who fall into same pit as everyone fall.Education has become money oriented so no one out of Indian school has real knowledge or capability to think.

Solution:Free compulsory education till 18 has to be maintained without any discrimination of public and private school.Common standard creative advanced simple syllabus across the nation with consideration of various states.Core level creative and innovation has to provoked.Until 8 standard examination as to be removed instead creative and I.Q approach test can be conducted(not for promotion just for test). Teachers every 6 month should be trained and counseled about method of teaching to student.Compulsory education law and reservation has to be implemented without interference.Introduce a common board of education with provision for mother tongue mode for learning and state based certain subject.Infrastructure in rural Indian school has to be upgraded if we want them to compete with urban standard student.   

Something to Think:Indian constitution defines every one equal before law,but government provides various standard of education for various people.Why this discrimination?


These unfit student form school without the passion for life and future step into next stage of education merely because of repeating in books.Currently in India more than 60% of the student dropout of education after school completion.Among remaining 40% of the student most enter professional course without basic knowledge of the course.The person entering professional engineering course are from lower middle and upper middle class.The persons entering medical are mostly from upper class of the society.Diploma and technical education are only in reach for poor student.

Something to Think:School has to be stage for only basics and concept,but college has to be place for creativity and innovation.This activity never takes places in India,Why so?

Every year India produce about 5 lakh engineers in which tamil nadu alone produce about 1.5 lakh engineers.Since 95% of the engineering college are private no limitation to control there activity.Merely if you have money you will get AICTE license for technical course.No college produces skilled engineers,according to recent NASSCOM survey with 19 graduates in which only 1 satisfied for job in MNC.Private Medical college earn about a Rs 5 million for a medical seat.Most of the students when they step out of medical college they are not qualified to be doctors to serve people.More than that for studying medicine itself a student spent 50 lakhs,when they became doctor they try to earn back that 50 lakhs only then how can we expect serves from these doctors.Even polytechnic student have such capability to think,so they are capable only for government jobs. Business schools has least awarness about business across the globe,but produce unqualified management students.

Reason For Failure:Enormous private institute who look only for capital benefits never look for better society.Private institute go for paid placement to get better capitation for next academic year.Parents want sudden growth in there children life so they encourage such education which don't provide knowledge but merely a job.No planning and proper implementation of education scheme.No common fees structure across India.No trained facilities and proper monitor system to look after standard of education in educational institute.UGC,AICTE and Medical council are under heavy corruption.Method of education various for different levels of institution in India(Where IIT & IIM students get greater exposure but least concerned for low level college.)          

Solution:Bring common entrance examination for engineering and medical colleges across India.Entrance exam should be in such a way that basic concepts be tested,which gives good chance for rural students also.Fix common fees structure which has to be paid through only banks(to avoid excess fees). Fill every seat in private institution through single window system(remove management seat). Technical education institution in India must be restructured and screened completely.AICTE and UGC activity has to be made publicly.Medical council must increase medical institution and reduc.e fees.A end certification exam has to be conducted to rate the quality of the student passing out of college.      

Source:Government report,Newspaper,Bablu thought's


  1. I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

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    1. thanks a lots its my intention only to make people think ........................

  2. True intellects have evolved the ways and means to kill the education sytem.
    Kindly view http://knowledgeserver.wordpress.com/ The knowledge server presents the system which will bypass the present day educational system. Let us wait and see.

  3. I am interested in several points in this article. I have had to put on my thinking cap to take in and consider some of this original thinking. Thank you for sharing this useful information.

    1. thanks for your response keep following our blog...............

  4. Nice read... But are you sure about your solutions?! Consider the one suggested for admission to colleges. If we have a common entrance test or abolish it, it might trigger a heavy competition where you may have 10,000 people with the top marks. A similar situation now prevails in Tamil Nadu, where the entrance exams were removed a couple of years ago. We have 300+ students that got 200/200 in the cut-off. I personally think the societal mentality has to change completely. People have to realize that engineering and Medicine are just not the only way of life. Thanks to the GOI that we have now got several IISERs that patronize science. Also our education system at college level, barring the IITs, NITs and few other colleges, are more oriented towards theoretical knowledge rather than aiming for practical approach and problem solving capacity. This is to be changed too. Good read anyway.

    1. your rite mentality of people has to change but in same time government as to change education system................

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  7. Education Mafia In India : Kill's Future Of India with support of Local Leaders and Govt. Officers. Why Indian Govt. silent in this matter ?

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