"Problem's Of Indian Women:From Ovary to Death Pit"

Every Indian Proudly says India is My Mother Land,but it can't be seen in reality across India.More women goddess spread across every corner of India,than number of schools.Women occupy equal half of Indian Society but share worst standard of life.Women is a symbol of "creation of humanity".If we look into evolution of humanity it was Eve first evolved than only Adam originated.300000 years ago it was women first evolved from a species of monkey.Over 3000 years Indian's worshiped women has goddess but in reality everyday women in India faces thousands of problem in Male chauvinist society.My article about Problem's faced by Indian women from Ovary to Death and finding solution for it.

Sex-Selective Abortion:-

Its sin to be born has a girl in India.Even though Sex based abortion is banned across India long time back,but still this gendercide takes place in large scale.Doctors across India made it has a demand supply market,hospital mafia's without following any rules they are ready for sex based abortion.It has become a large business for many doctors and hospitals.No one has concern about this society level problem.Everyday Thousands of girl babies before there heart starts to beat itself,a gravy yard are built within the ovary itself.If we have to blame someone then it would each and everyone of us.It's we who created a society with a attitude of Male as Investment and female as burden.Second person to be charged would be our most educated Doctors"Even bloody terrorist have motto to kill someone,but doctors kill future of India even before they born i dont how to name them."Solution:Strict Law has to be enforced so that guilty doctors disqualified from medical council and cease there properties.Education has to be given about sex ratio and importance of girl children.

Female Infanticide:

Even after born on earth they become easy victim for social pressure.According to UN report,Among Infanticide in India 75% of them are female.Every year around 12 million girls are born in India,but among which 1 million girl children die every year.The Infanticide can be seen in educated class also,since girl baby are consider as sin.The major other reason for the problem would be poverty,social pressure,economic inability etc.Solution:Government can start female child care center,where can people come and donate there girl baby instead of killing the baby.

Girl Child Labor:

The maximum number of school dropouts at primary,elementary and higher secondary are girls.Girls moved out of school may be pushed into domestic and cottage industry in India.Even though free education is provided for children,but family condition push them into labor worker.Cottage Industries use girl children in huge volume since they are available for cheap daily labor.Girl child are linked in domestic work in homes and hotel.Solution:Already Child labor is banned in India,but no strict intention to monitor child labor across Industries.Even citizen must take personnel intention to not employee girl child for labor.

Child Prostitution:

Around 1 million child are forced into Prostitution  in India.Children between 10 to 16 age are sold for least amount around Rs60,000 to Prostitute brokers.Children are forced to satisfy even 70 years old age man in bed.Child prostitution are controlled by mafias and dons. Child prostitutes after some age they are pushed to hard core labor or killed for organ.Thousands of children are exported to other countries.Indian children lead in the industry of sex trafficking and organ trafficking across the globe.When child prostitute attain around 25 years age they are killed for organ and fresh child are forced into prostitution.Solution:A common law has to  be made across India to ban Prostitution.Child prostitution,sex and organ trafficking  has to be considered equal for murder case,even punishment must be equal to it.A special cell of autonomous body can be formed to monitor and punish guilty.

Child Marriage:

When small budding child attend puberty many Indian society see it has a age for marriage.No one has knowledge about child body structure and physical capability to face marriage life.Child marriage is a human right violation due to which death,health problem,poverty,domestic violence etc.Child marriage is due to lack education within the society.Child marriage may result in improper maturity.Child marriage have more chance for maternal death.Since 15age child gives birth to child can have 5 times chances for maternal death.Solution:Rural society must be educated about ill-effect of child marriage.Every police station across India must monitor every marriage happening within the jurisdiction circle.Government should not provide any benefits for child marriage society.

Eve Teasing or Molestation:

Every day female in every walk of life has to face sexual abusing from male dominated society.Sexual abusing are in form touch,words and physical contact.Its symbol of uneducated and uncivilized society.More than 60% of women face sex abusing in day to day life.Eve teasing has lead to violence against women,rape,acid throwing etc.This skinny crime takes place against even children.Molestation may degraded value of women in society and increase suicide of women.Solution:Women police monitor eve teasing case with serious concern to stop the eve teasing and child molestation in future.Children in school must be educated about child sex abusing to avoid them following victim.

Dowry Violence:

Traditional India high class has a habit to provide dowry for marriage.The custom tradition has affected society and women in India.Dowry in India vary according to varies class.Its natural for male family to demand higher dowry demand from female family,but most of the times female family fail to does it.So women are tortured for higher dowry requirement by husband and in-law family members.Women who face this problem in family among which mere a section of them compliant about dowry violence,but most of them ended there life in suicide.Solution:Only male can stop this violence against women,during school days itself male should be educated about ill effect of dowry.

Something to Think:Law ans policy cant change status of Women.Until women liberate them self from male chauvinist society.

Domestic Violence:

Male consider female has a pre paid slave to work for them through out the life.Male harsh women lot within the house.Since house wife within home cant face this humiliation,they end up there life in suicide.Domestic violence has a large impact across house wife of India.It's been considered has a human right violence against women.Solution:When housewife spent ideal life by doing useful works it will reduce stress of family problem and remove thought's about suicide.         

Social Isolation:

In 21st century,women has stepped out of house for education and job.Even though women's started to occupy about half the position of education and job.Still social importance for women is not provided even though local bodies in India provide reserved seats for women.Women can get social importance only if they come forward to talk about politics and women right's.

Source:Bablu thought's and Internet source.                 


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