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One Sided Accumulation of Wealth In India?

India after 1991 Liberalism policy number of corporate company increased thrice the number. Top 1000 companies in India each grows 5 times combined growth of India. There are approx. 50 billionaires and 1.75 lakh millionaires in India there combined wealth is 9 times than yearly budget of India. There combined legal wealth alone touches around $1,500 billion dollars (75 lakh crores rs) and illegal wealth accounts Unknown. The list doesn't included Mafia's, Smugglers, Don's, politicians and gamblers. The combined wealth of such illegal actives accounts equal to around $100 billion dollar (5 lakh crores rs).      

India started to develop one sided more oriented to negligible portion of the population.The complete details about  various Legal wealth accumulation. ClassRange(in $)Range(in Rs)No of PersonCombined Wealth(in $)Combined Wealth(in RS)% of Nations wealthBillionaires1Billion+ r 1000 million5000 Crore+48200 Billion10 lakh Crore6%Multi-Millionaires100 Million+500 Cr…

5 Myth's of Liberalism/Privatization/Globalization In India!!!

5 Myth about Privatization in India:

Myth 1-private ownership creates Enormous job opportunity: Yes, it creates huge job opportunity but a in stable job market. They promote only temporary jobs not permanent jobs. There is always a different between temporary and permanent job, permanent job provides job guarantee and security. where as in temporary job you can be sent out of job without any notice at any time. 

Myth 2-golbalization leads to Economic growth: yes, Economic will grow but when market falls American recession situation only in India. So its myth that private company develop nation, since without state owned company if Market falls then economic will drop. Economic growth of nation will be unstable and depended on private company.

Myth 3-Liberalism Reduces Corruption: Yes, it reduces corruption but increase scam (we reduce 100rs corruption but lead to 1000 cr scam.)Liberalism may reduce corruption but get involve in huge scams. Its too dangerous for economy if huge scams tak…

"King Maker"Kamaraj-Is An Atheist?

Kamaraj during his visit to Tanjore district he saw antique temple,which has been left without proper maintenance.Kamaraj questioned the Priest about the temple administration but priest was not in the position to reply for the question. When Kamaraj left the temple he said that "some people had put god under a dark room than eating in its name,at least give temple Prasatham to poor people..... " When he returned to his it was the detailed conversation between Sirkalai.Po.Ethiraj(former upper house member) and K.Kamaraj(former C.M of Tamilnadu and King maker of India.)

Ethiraj:Does you believe someone known has god?
Kamaraj:God is there or not,its not at all a matter.What ever we do it must be good for others.More than being a theist first be a ethical man.Does doing thousand crime and asking for forgiveness to god will make everything correct?
Ethiraj:Then your saying that someone known has god doesn't exist?If so god has been there he wont allowed place for bad thoughts …

"Unsung Indian Freedom Fighters:Armed Revolutionaries"

India has a long history of freedom struggle.In 100 years of freedom struggle only Gandhi and its associated congress members are considered has a freedom fighters and national heroes. There are many unsung heroes whose sacrifice for country has not been taken for consideration. We need not portray them like Gandhi, but at least respect their sacrifice for nation. Most of the Revolutionary Leaders were betrayed and left without support by Congress leaders and Gandhi.This article to show some real heroes of Indian freedom struggle.

Shaheed Bhagat Singh:(1907-1931)

Bhagat singh was born on 28th September 1907 in Jaranwala Tehsil,Punjab. His family members were activity involved in freedom struggle. Bhagat singh from his early year got involved in revolutionary movement. He was greatly influenced by Marx,Lenin and Engels. Bhagat become a one of the nations first communist leader. He was one the the prominent members of Hindustan Socialist republic association.He was got involved in assas…

End Of The World:Predictions or Chances?

Human activity is severely disrupting almost all life on the planet, which surely doesn't help matters. The current rate of extinctions is, by some estimates, 10,000 times the average in the fossil record. At present, we may worry about snail darters and red squirrels in abstract terms. But the next statistic on the list could be us
Natural Disasters
Asteroid impact: once a disaster scenario gets the cheesy Hollywood treatment, it's hard to take it seriously. But there is no question that a cosmic interloper will hit Earth, and we won't have to wait millions of years for it to happen. In 1908 a 200-foot-wide comet fragment slammed into the atmosphere and exploded over the Tunguska region in Siberia, Russia, with nearly 1,000 times the energy of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Astronomers estimate similar-sized events occur every one to three centuries. Benny Peiser, an anthropologist-cum-pessimist at Liverpool John Moores University in England, claims that impacts have…

"FDI in Retail: Will destroy second largest sector in India!"

India has a long history of traders and retailers. Retail trade in India contribute around 10-12% of the GDP. Retail trade in India employes around 4 crore people. In India unorganized retail sector accounts for 96%of the industry. Overall organized sector in India accounts about 8%. so million of people find job in unorganized sector and informal way of earning. So retail sector provides enormous option for large section of people. It employes second largest section of people after agriculture.
At initial stage retail giant's provide enormous gain for consumer and producers. In later part of MNC retailers they would force producers for there demand and price.Consumer get lower price products, retail sector becomes organized sector, but there would be enormous job loss. We have lots of examples around the globe after MNC retail giants occupied the local market.  
WalMart (around 9,000 outlets,revenue $ 500 billion,2.2 million employees),Carrefour (around 2,000 outlets,revenue $ 125 …

Dream Socialist India: Agriculture has to Change!

India's most detailed Constitution has stated "India is a Secular Socialist Democratic Republic of India." It's Matter of Question weather India provides such think to its people. we are going to discuss  the matter in series of article. Does Constitution declared Socialist can be seen in Reality? Socialist mean equality to all people without caste,race,sex,language etc discrimination. Today India doesn't provide equal economic,health and education opportunity for all people.

Indian Governments latest statistical release say's about 10% of rural people live in less than Rs17. India's poverty index touches about 50% of the people based on International poverty index.Income Inequality in India is very large. Socio- economic problem in India was largely extended to Majority section people. India is largely in equal across various Life service sectors. There is no need to find reason for constitutional failure of socialism in India. The reason's are thou…

Salary and Allowance for India's Politician's!!!

What President in India get? What prime minister in India get? What central minister in India get? What 790 Member of Parliament in India get?

President Of India:

Salary: Rs 1.5Lakh /Month
Allowance: Household:Based on the allocation in Union Budget( Last year around Rs.20 crore)
                  Travel:All International and national travel fare free with all family members.
                  Communication:All telephone call are free and no restriction for any telephone connection.
                  Entitled For pension and car allowances.
                  Luxuries Imported Car during term. 

Prime Minister Of India:

Salary: Rs 50000/Month
Allowance:Daily Allowance:Rs 2000
                 Constitution Allowance: Rs45000
                 Sumptuary Allowance: Rs 3000
                 All travel and communication are free.
                 Entitled for pension and car allowances.
                 Luxuries Imported Car during term.

M.P Of India:

Salary: Rs 50000/Month
Allowance:Daily Allowan…

Living Legendary Comrade Of Communism:Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro is a revolutionary figure and former Prime Minister of Cuba who served the country from 1959 to 1976 and gained a reputation of an anti- capitalist who openly refuted the American dominance in Asian countries. He was also the 22nd president of the country, a position he took in 1976 and held until 2008, when he resigned and formally transferred all his duties and powers to his brother, vice -president Raul Castro. As a major political, Fidel drew attention for his highly critical views on Capitalists countries including the United States, whose political and corporate influence in Cuba had increased with time. In 1965, he became the first secretary of the communist party of Cuba and embarked on a mission of transforming Cuba into a one-party socialist republic. As a head of Cuba, Castro led the country for nearly five decades and still remains active till this day. Childhood
Fidel Castro was born on August 13, 1926 in Biran, near Mayari, Cuba. His father Angel Castro y Argi…