Friday, August 10, 2012

Dream Socialist India: Agriculture has to Change!

India's most detailed Constitution has stated "India is a Secular Socialist Democratic Republic of India." It's Matter of Question weather India provides such think to its people. we are going to discuss  the matter in series of article. Does Constitution declared Socialist can be seen in Reality? Socialist mean equality to all people without caste,race,sex,language etc discrimination. Today India doesn't provide equal economic,health and education opportunity for all people.

Indian Governments latest statistical release say's about 10% of rural people live in less than Rs17. India's poverty index touches about 50% of the people based on International poverty index.Income Inequality in India is very large. Socio- economic problem in India was largely extended to Majority section people. India is largely in equal across various Life service sectors. There is no need to find reason for constitutional failure of socialism in India. The reason's are thousand,but we need to find a solution.  

India is the largest Agriculture country in the world.Agriculture sector contribute about 17% of GDP and 50% of Work force. So if we find a solution for sustainable agriculture change then India will be back on Socialist path.Agriculture has to change its farming methodology for converting it into a profitable sector. Indian Agriculture after green revolution has failed to earn profit and produce Increased we need to change agriculture practice in India.we need to learn from Communist Nation-Cuba.

Cuba's major fertilizer and food providers are Soviet Union before its Fragmentation. After 1989,Cuba faced a large crisis in agriculture,since 80% of agro products are imported. Fidel Castro took up major change in agriculture, where different crops are cultivated in different parts of Cuba. After 1989 situation Cuba become major organic farming country in the world. Cuba became major exporter of sugar and tobacco. Soviet union fall changed agriculture structure in Cuba, now they became largest organic farm exporters.

India contains about 159.7 million hectares arable land is the second largest in the world. About only 50% of the land is irrigated nearly 82.7 million hectares. We need to built our agriculture such way that less fertilizer and more production. If substation-able agriculture change has to be brought then we need to shift towards organic farming. The main reason for failure of agriculture in India was increase in cost farming and failure of irrigation system.

As of 2012 survey India holds about 304 million cattle. Which produces about several million tons of dong every day, which can be used in organic forming, alternative fuel, organic fertilizer etc. which can increase arable land to large extent and reduce co2 emission with use of alternative fuel. Instead of such activity today we use more chemical fertilizers and fossil fueled mechanized tool. Rain water harvesting,check dam,reservoirs can increase irrigation facility for agriculture. Rural employment guarantee scheme as to be monitored for building better irrigation system.PDS and FCI has to be made stronger for increase in profit of farmers. 

Such activity reduces cost of agriculture and increase revenue of the farmers. If government provides enough attention to agriculture then we can stop urbanization and increase rural economy. Strong agriculture better future for India. Lets hope constitution declared socialist can be seen in future India.          


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