Thursday, August 23, 2012

"King Maker"Kamaraj-Is An Atheist?

Kamaraj during his visit to Tanjore district he saw antique temple,which has been left without proper maintenance.Kamaraj questioned the Priest about the temple administration but priest was not in the position to reply for the question. When Kamaraj left the temple he said that "some people had put god under a dark room than eating in its name,at least give temple Prasatham to poor people..... " When he returned to his it was the detailed conversation between Sirkalai.Po.Ethiraj(former upper house member) and K.Kamaraj(former C.M of Tamilnadu and King maker of India.)

Ethiraj:Does you believe someone known has god?
Kamaraj:God is there or not,its not at all a matter.What ever we do it must be good for others.More than being a theist first be a ethical man.Does doing thousand crime and asking for forgiveness to god will make everything correct?
Ethiraj:Then your saying that someone known has god doesn't exist?If so god has been there he wont allowed place for bad thoughts in society?he must never created upper and lower caste? 
Kamaraj:Upper caste and lower caste are concept of historic society thief,who want to extract wealth without work.everyone born from ovary after then what for upper and lower caste.Its historic blunder.
Ethiraj:Why don't you identify yourself has an atheist?
Kamaraj:I am a politician and a social worker.So i have to work for atheist and theist,i wont see people come to me has a upper caste or lower caste.I am seeing everyone has a human, if someone comes in caste name they cant even come near me.Atheism is a principle of a person,but politician is a common person for all.I have a responsibility to maintain all temples in state,because i am atheist i cant destroy all temples.Even in communist society worship place are there.
Ethiraj:Your not doing any prayer or worship for god.
Kamaraj:Its all work of lazy and work-less people.Which god has expressed  that he would express anger over the one who doesn't met or pray him.Some people do greedy think for god instead of which if they do it for people it would be nice.
Ethiraj:That means you don't believe in many god ideology or you hate god itself?
Kamaraj:People in Arab say allah, In Jerusalem they say Jesus even some christian worship mother Mary so there are thousand of dimension in religion. There are thousand religion and methods of worship. In India, those people who came from middle east spread Hinduism. whereas native Dravidian worship natural goddess and fore fathers. Religion is like believing in political ideology it can vary anytime. people without this basic commonsense fight each other in the name of Religion. Which god has stated to fight like this?
Ethiraj:That means you don't believe in religious epics and sacred books?
Kamaraj:We must accept good things from sacred books rather than superstitious believes.
Ethiraj: From your Speech is clear that you believe in Ram and Krishna character in epic books as god?
Kamaraj: Ram and Krishna are not god they are character in that epics. They became god after certain section of people make up survival in there name. Its herohood worship of film stars. Thousands of superstitious story made million of people to bind together with a Religion. Festival are due to those superstitious stories within the society.
Ethiraj: That means you favor Religion is opium of people?
Kamaraj: Religion is useless for people. Religion preaches fear to people rather than giving confidence to people. Religion creates superstitious believes, so if we respect fellow human being and do some good for society & people that enough. Its more than praying hours before god. 


  1. I am saving your article in my favorite’s folder to visit again You made valid points within this content that I feel need further exploration. I agree with most all of this info. Great work.

  2. Hi, my name is Mike and I am currently working on a book called, 'How to Debate Atheists.' I have completed the first three chapters and would appreciate any feedback.

  3. How do you know this? Is there any proof that kamarajar said this?


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