Salary and Allowance for India's Politician's!!!

What President in India get? What prime minister in India get? What central minister in India get? What 790 Member of Parliament in India get?

President Of India:

Salary: Rs 1.5Lakh / Month
Allowance: Household:Based on the allocation in Union Budget( Last year around Rs.20 crore)
                  Travel:All International and national travel fare free with all family members.
                  Communication:All telephone call are free and no restriction for any telephone connection.
                  Entitled For pension and car allowances.
                  Luxuries Imported Car during term. 

Prime Minister Of  India:

Salary: Rs 50000/Month
Allowance:Daily Allowance:Rs 2000
                 Constitution Allowance: Rs45000
                 Sumptuary Allowance: Rs 3000
                 All travel and communication are free.
                 Entitled for pension and car allowances.
                 Luxuries Imported Car during term.

M.P Of India:

Salary: Rs 50000/Month
Allowance: Daily Allowance:Rs 2000
                  34 time air fare free and all time train fare free (a.c first class)
                  3 telephone line free  
                  500rs Medical allowance every month 
                  Constitution allowance: Rs 45000
                  Pension:Rs 21,000 (Rs 1,500 more for every year more than 5 years)  

Today, Service gets more rewards than any other sector. So why cant Youth select serving nation has a profession since it gives personal satisfaction. Youth In India must consider Politics to for betterment of nation.


  1. Is this data is true. I think they get more.
    want to share this. any link?

    1. its upto date news as per recent announcement...............

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