Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Soviet Union/Socialist Shadow on India"

After 1991 liberalism policy India's political polarity changed from Soviet Union Socialism to U.S Capitalism. Over 5 decades of Soviet's shadow on India had a great impact in overall development. If we have to discuss Soviet relation with India then we have start our history back from per-Independence period. Russian Revolution and socialist government in Soviet union inspired many politician's and freedom fighters back in India.

Key Personality of such influence was Nehru and Gandhi both advocated for socialist administration in India. The extra ordinary influence of riches within congress forced to elect Mixed economy. India always had good relation with Soviet Union and other socialist countries. India has still lots of impact of Soviet and socialist principles. We need to look back some of the shadows in India.

5-Year Plan: Joesph Stalin's major economy plan in Soviet Union was 5-years Plan. Nehru took up that 5-year for Indian economy its one of the few socialist policy remaining till now. 5 year plan was to develop an undeveloped sector over a period of 5 years.

Nationalization: Its major strategic of socialist country to convert private property to public property. Indian government has nationalized Tata airlines, 17 private banks, mines etc.Indira Gandhi used it has weapon of government towards Private players.

Co-operative Society/Farming: Stalin's successful New economic policy aggregated co-operative farming for farmers. Co-operative societies/bank/Farming are present in larger section among rural areas. In co-operative societies farmers or producers join together sell their product without brokers or traders. They equally share income and revenue without discrimination.

Housing Board: Housing board system in some states of India were Soviet Union commune type. Housing board constructs flats and provides in low price for poor and others. Tamil Nadu "smathuvapuram" are replica of Commune.

State Enterprise: Government and government undertaken company & enterprise are socialist model of economy. All profit and earnings goes to government rather than to private one. It increases nations wealth and economic stability.

State Planning Committee: Planning commission are key for planned economy in socialist countries. India using such replica with only difference would be members of the committee. They determine future development and planning for country.

Ration/PDS: In Soviet Union food and commodities are supplied through common mood of distribution. Ration helped in control price rise and inflation. Tamil Nadu is forefront runner state in implementing ration and PDS.

Agro Market: A socialist model for farmers were they directly sell there agro product to consumer. Which eliminate unwanted traders and brokers in between producer and consumer. Ullavar Santhai was a argo Market in Tamil Nadu .

Soviet Friendship: 70% of Indian Arms from Soviet Union (later Russia), Supported India in all major war, Launched India's First Satellite, Supported India's Nuclear program and India's strategic partner.                 

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