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"Determining Direction: Watch Method "


"Determining Directions and Time:Shadow Method"

When you are out in the Field their are tried and true methods for determining your direction when a compass is not available. Any of these techniques may be used to determine the four cardinal directions. Determining Directions and Time by shadow

Step 1. Place a stick or branch into the ground at a level spot where a distinctive shadow will be cast. Mark the shadow tip with a stone, twig, or other means. This first shadow mark is always the west direction.

Step 2. Wait 10 to 15 minutes until the shadow tip moves a few inches. Mark the new position of the shadow tip in the same way as the first.

Step 3. Draw a straight line through the two marks to obtain an approximate eastwest line.

Step 4. Standing with the first mark (west) to your left, the other directions are simple; north is to the front, east is to the right, and south is behind you.

(1) A line drawn perpendicular to the east-west line at any point is the approximate north-south line. If you are uncertain which direction…

"Histroy of Navigation & Navigation Method"

Astrology,Zodiac & Jyotihsastra: A Reality Science & Failure Concept!

Astrology have deep and long history associated with rise of humanity. The appearance of stars and alignment of planets were key area of research during ancient period. Today's Astronomy science developed to greater extent that Ancient Astrology belief and concepts were broken. 3000 years before understanding of Universe are different compared today's scientific discovery. Even after lots of development of Astronomic science many believe in ancient astrology.There are lots of superstitious belief based on the ancient astrological beliefs.

Astrology and Jyothisastra Myth Buster: 

Ancient Astrologers & people believed that every planet revolved around earth (Incl. Sun, Moon (as planet)). They were based on Geocentric Theory (Every space objects revolve with earth as center). The advancement of Science proved that Heliocentric theory was correct (Every space object revolve with sun as center).According to Ancient belief that Sun and Moon were considered planet, but science disp…

Even Death Bring's money for Some!: Say No to It

Today, Business has became more selling of unwanted product for huge ransom of money. Anything or everything can be sold in world on corporate world. We don't have clear view what we want? and how it going to help us? This situation prevails both in family & nation. Today more than necessity and need it has become luxury & style. The extent up to it reached was today developed nation sells unwanted product to large amount to developing nation. some of such product destroys humanity to large extent. We see some in that list of product exported from developed countries on commercial aspect. Its just awareness if you have solution for it share your views with us. Spread it with u friends.

Fertilizer: After end of World War II developed nation don't know what to do with excess of explosives produced during course of war. Science found efficient way to resolve these problem with pouring back all explosive back to earth for doing farming. These was real history of Fertilize…

Say 'NO' to Nuke: If Your Human?

Nuke bomb if you want complete details about visit Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki.). American Barbarian's most massive human right's violation in the history of man kind. To take away name of Stalin and Soviet Union in victory of World War II, bloody American dropped two anti-humanity bomb over Japan. Even today we pose around 20,000 nuclear arsenal enough to destroy entire human race from earth. We wan't that bloody think to happen in world, if not then say NO to Nuke to your countries which pose such bomb. I am rising this voice as one of the nation posing nuke.     
The first Nuclear weapon In the 1930s there was enormous progress in nuclear research, and when scientists solved the mystery of uranium fission, concern grew in the United States that Hitler’s Germany would create the first nuclear weapon. In US laboratories, scientists worked around the clock to be the first to finish a fissile weapon.

After Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, the US Congre…