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Astrology,Zodiac & Jyotihsastra: Real Science & Failure Concept!

Astrology has a deep and long history associated with the rise of humanity. The appearance of stars and alignment of planets were key areas of research during the ancient period. Today's Astronomy science developed to a greater extent that Ancient Astrology belief and concepts were broken. 3000 years before the understanding of the Universe is different compared to today's scientific discovery. Even after lots of development of Astronomical science many believe in ancient astrology.There are lots of superstitious beliefs based on the ancient astrological beliefs.

Astrology and Jyothisastra Myth Buster: 

  • Ancient Astrologers & people believed that every planet revolve around earth (Incl. Sun, Moon (as planet)). They were based on Geocentric Theory (Every space objects revolve with earth as center). The advancement of Science proved that Heliocentric theory was correct (Every space object revolve with sun as center).

  • According to Ancient belief, the Sun and Moon were considered planets, but science disproved that they are planets.

  • As for Zodiac concern it has 12 constellations (Rashi) but IAU upto present they had discovered around 88 Constellations. 

  • Many Astronomy scientists disbelieve the concept of constellations (an alignment of stars) that what we see as an alignment of stars was like a 2D image but actually distance between various stars are several million light years.

  • Ancient Zodiacs, the transition of the planet, Full & Half moon etc were considered sacred in those days but today science proved Equinox, Solicits, eclipse, rotation & revolution etc.

  • Naksatra in Zodiac and Jyothisastra were based on the brightest star in Sky. Science has found that there are an infinite number of stars and some star alignment comes in different periods based on Universal activity.

  • Zodiac has 8 planets( Karagam) within the zodiac band but 8 planets as per science. Only 5 planets in the Zodiac remaining three were wrong planets (Sun, Moon, Ragu, Ketu).

  • Astrology was followed in various ancient civilizations, all Zodiac practices have similarity and most extracted from Greek zodiac.

  • There is no planetary object that has Ragu and Ketu but Joythisastra believes in it.

  • Indian Astrology & Zodiac is an extraction of Western Greek Zodiac and astrology analysis. 

  • During the ancient period every universal transition was considered sacred and so many believed their transition will have impact on earth & humanity but science proves that there would be force of attraction between heavy objects.

  • There is belief that a child born on a particular Zodiac sign will have an influence of it but it is impossible for such radiation since it is filtered by earth magnetic flux.

  • Even after the development of science, many people still believe in the falsehood of ancient astrology & zodiac. Try to change ignorance and bring enlightened knowledge.


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