Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Even Death Bring's money for Some!: Say No to It

Today, Business has became more selling of unwanted product for huge ransom of money. Anything or everything can be sold in world on corporate world. We don't have clear view what we want? and how it going to help us? This situation prevails both in family & nation. Today more than necessity and need it has become luxury & style. The extent up to it reached was today developed nation sells unwanted product to large amount to developing nation. some of such product destroys humanity to large extent. We see some in that list of product exported from developed countries on commercial aspect. Its just awareness if you have solution for it share your views with us. Spread it with u friends.

Fertilizer: After end of World War II developed nation don't know what to do with excess of explosives produced during course of war. Science found efficient way to resolve these problem with pouring back all explosive back to earth for doing farming. These was real history of Fertilizers which we use today. The crops gave high yield after pouring explosive for farming. This triggered to become a huge business in agro industry more than farming product. Fertilizer companies gets turn over around Rs.1000 crs on every Financial quarter but billion of farmers across the world starve. Fertilizer gave maximum yield for sometime but later on it poisoned soils immunity. All fertilizer companies produces tons of chemical everyday and sell it to innocent farmers. In the list of fertilizers some life danger chemicals include they are DDT, Orange agent etc. Impact of such chemical can be seen Vietnam, where America poured it over field. Million's died due to impact of such chemical and many still die due to indirect impact of chemical. Developed countries Multi-National Fertilizer companies in order to earn profit they make developing countries victim of such of chemicals.

Nuclear: Nuclear technology power was known after first nuclear bomb test in early 30's by America. World saw that power in naked eye after 2 Nuclear bomb drop on Japan by American. Nuclear arm race raised between super power nations and developed nation. After signing Non-Proliferation treaty many developed nation has no place to sell there nuclear bomb, nuclear technology and Nuclear fuel to other countries. To compensate such lose developed countries found huge innovation know has nuclear power. Now again radio active minerals got huge commercial value. Developed countries shared nuclear technology with developing countries with huge ransom of money. Nuclear fuel rich nation used it opportunity to earn from signing agreement with developing nation. No developed nation has ever excepted liability for any untoward incidents. Enriched nuclear fuel takes millions of years to decay and it destroy ecosystem ever. Million died due to nuclear impact and million's were affected by its impact. This deadly technology was sold without much care about humanity and environment.

Arms: Once it was found to protect people from dangerous and untoward incidents but today purpose & need has changed. In order to earn profit arm companies produces enormous weapon and dump in to undeveloped countries. To continuously does it many MNC's, Corporates and developed motivate civil war and armed struggle in many undeveloped countries. They dump weapon into such countries earn billions of money as profit. In the time of Crises within Arm Industries, Developed countries, Nato etc launches massive war against any independent country. Million had died for profit of these MNC arms corporates. No one looks for world peace but everyone wants wealth even if it comes at death of others-It's ok.


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