Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Americanization" of Indian Youth's

Today we lost our identity before corporate and American well far-ism. Our modern Indian youths are ready to track American politics and American President election but not interested to track Indian socio- economic- political condition.India's 21th century youth's view about society was completely null. Its article to show case Americanization impact on Indian youths. What young Indian wants? what real young India must know? What young India can change? Across all class from upper , middle to lower the attitude of youths are same but approach different.

Young India Wants:

Stable & Less corrupt government: They want stable & corruption less government but they are ready to break law with bride. If they pay bride for there unlawful activity its rite but, When it takes place in large scale they hate the system.

Better colleges & Universities: Every one wants world class Infrastructure colleges and universities more liked to control-less environment. Better quality wanted but every institute must admit them with under table fees. They are not ready to rise there standard but only environment as to developed.

More Job Opportunities: All have common attitude that more luxurious and high wages jobs wanted. How money come no problem they want only ample amount to spent. They never care for its temporary job r not everything they want only high fetching jobs.

Freedom To Enjoy Life: 24*7 complete meaning of there life but no one ready to care for even one on next door. They want there life alone to be more fun and enjoyable its completely a western culture. No long term view about society or surrounding.

Freedom To Love: Today basic understanding of love changed ,American love culture today influencing entire our Indian youth. Everyone likes to catch the hand of lover but not ready to break caste, religion & discrimination.

Everyone want there life to be as they wish but never come forward to break such social obstacle. Americanization of Indian society were responsible for social isolation of Indian gen x. We cant take in American culture into closed conservative  Indian society will never break social backwardness with in the people. So we need to understand social root and  be within our society if we need to change our society. Its easy to speak radical views but difficult to bring in conservative society like India.    


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