Corruption In India: "An In-depth view"

In Present time understanding of corruption was just a overlook about a multi-level crime involved in such activity. We will take indepth view about corruption and analysis root cause of such crime. In analysis of corruption we divided Indian history pre and post liberalism period. Everyone would know what's corruption? and What happening around you in corrupted government?. Let these article be first of such kind to look up into grass root reason for corruption. More over the article is not pin point a scam and explain, since all such scams comes under same category.

Pre & Post 1991-Liberalism Period:

In pre 1991 period many people used to criticize about license raj for its weakness in Bureaucratic corruption. Instead of changing or monitoring license raj, they abolished it. Today even without license raj bureaucratic corruption takes place with a subsidiary attachment of large scams. If we some up pre 1991 period scams amount it would around 50,000 - 60,000 crs (it would around 30 scams approx.) but in post 1991 period the no of scams and scam amount reached over 20 times more than in pre liberalism period. In nut shell there is huge difference between pre and post 1991 period, then there would be a special reason for such a mighty change. Its none other than change of economic policy from planned, socialist economy to market, new liberalism economy. In simple words problem arises due to switch over to capitalism.

Nexus Mantra:

After opening up market to liberalism & market economy, the competition between Indian and MNC companies increased to multiple level. So big corporate companies and MNC tried to extend there sectors to large extent, so they need political power and bureaucratic support. Majority of scam and huge amount spindle scam are openly a product of nexus. There are two type nexus which laid by Richie & company. First type nexus between richie or company and political parties r leaders r members. the second major nexus would between richie or company and Government official or bureaucracy.

Majority of parties get huge ransom of money from every corporate offices for election expenditure. When the government comes to power, they makes policy, tenders, law and rules in favor of money providers. Tertiary requirement of richie or company are satisfied by government officials. These type of crony capitalism gave rise to larger scams. we big list of crony capitalist matters in Indian post liberalism period.

Reason For Nexus:

All way after liberalism the rise in competition between company's made them too fight for acquiring control over resource. They want low investment cost and earn huge profit, so companies put government in to there pocket to act in favor of them. the government in return favor them with low interest loans, free lands, tax exemption etc. Ultimate of all major corruption was that profit that huge corporate earn, to make it happen same percentage paid to Ministers, parties and official as bride. Many organization and people openly speak about corruption, which so called parties, ministers and officials got as bride. No one in India ready to speak about the profit earned by capitalist, company & richie due to such scams & corruption. Only way such huge corporate companies were protected by government  are with generating employment & investment. They are hiding a huge matter behind simple reason employment.

Scheme's Ample Nation:

India always has ample amount of scheme in every sector, but no one to monitor r implement. If  a scheme failures there is no analysis r rectifying the scheme, just introduce a new scheme in its place. Since new schemes give them a percentage of share from top level to lower level political administration. Another major looters from such scheme's are bureaucrat's and government officials. When benefits of such schemes reach grass root people it reduces to peanut size from apple size while introducing.

No End to Corruption? 

Until market oriented economy and capitalism remains no end to corruption, it may take new forms rather reducing. As nation getting more capitalist oriented no of scams & corruptions will increase and amount to will rise. Until transparency in government policy making even control would be impossible. My fellow citizen corruption takes place in background of wrong economic policy, first try to uproot it rather than merely wiping out small sparks of dust.     

An Eye Opener: Mixer of corporate & business was major responsible for political and government becoming more corrupt. It is must that business kept out of political and government influence spheres.          


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