Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Indian working class youths::"Eye opener About Liberalism"

21st century working class youth has lost consciousnesses about there rights and duties. Change in Indian economy after 1991, led to change in attitude change of youth born in New liberalism period. If of all no under standing of basic economies and power of working class. Its a article to be eye opener for 21 century youth and working class people.

What is today's Impact of New Liberalism?

Floating Market: Change in economic structure at post 1991 period created enormous floating market were youth from village moved to city in search of job. Instead of building village economy new liberalism policy concentrated more on urban sector. Only 10 out of 100 moving out of village gets into organized job remaining everyone enter into unorganized job.

Temporary Job: If we take lost 15 years all sector moving into temporary job market rather than permanent job. There is a different Permanent job and temporary job. Permanent job provides more security fr employees but temporary are safe only for capitalist.in temporary job a mercy of ur job at hands of ur superior. Today u make be inside the company but tomorrow u may be out.all IT sector people float in these category.

 Unorganized sector: Large section of migration people moving from rural India to urban India were employed in the unorganized sector. This migrant people were the major target in unorganized sector, they were cheaply exploited for cheap labor. New liberalism policy emphasis more on unorganized sector working class youth than other forms.

Cultural Depletion: Working class youth today as more ways to spent rather than to save money. Post Liberalism period brought in a huge cultural change in the society. Majority of the youths get victimized to consumerization and capitalist mode. Its major activity in which working class youth of 21th centaury were isolated from society and concern for social cause.

Low Wages: Everyone in private sector to public sector phase this challenge. Some miscalculate that there earnings are better than others (especially Software eng.) but its nominal pay which they get compared with all other sector class people. If we put rough calculation about per hour salary based on how many hours you work it will be equal for both mason and IT professional.

Demolishing Trade Union Movement: Trade union movement was a major reason for change in working class people condition throughout the world. In post liberalism period its has became key agenda of private firms that no Trade union in factories. 21th centaury youth were totally unaware about power of trade union movement. IT sector must be first major sector which has to be brought under trade union; its the place were billionS of profit at present spindle with low wage labor.

Unemployment: Capitalism and Liberalism can never bring 100% employment opportunity. It produces more unguaranteed jobs than permanent jobs. It will keep even vacancy in company but never allow 100% employment. Its indirect process to keep wages at lower rate. Situation will force unemployed people to get involved in low wage work.

Bonded & Contraction: new forms of slavery were a youth forced to work for the company against his will, since he signed a bond during the period of joining. Most unemployed people fall victimized to such circumstances, since there is no other go than this. Company exploit such people with day and night, after bond through them out like waste paper.

No Working Hours: In pre liberalism period there is strong law  to enforce strict working hours, but in post liberalism there is no defined working hours for any employees. In many circumstances Workers and employees work like a machine without proper work time.

EX: A EMPLOYEE WORKS IN BPO FOR 10hrs A DAY AND EARNS ONLY 7000rs. That to temporary job all above matter can be seen here.....it's spread in all sector.....try to plough it with raise of trade unions

Eye Opener: you're not paid for What you have done?, but you are paid for What you need? �.  Friends and my fellow working class people calculate what youre doing for company and what return in you e'arn. If you summarizes all ur working hours, salary, allowance etc. surely you would find that your exploited for low wage. There is difference between your need and you have done. What you done earns company profit and also by paying you what you need also brings profit to company. It doesnt mean that if you wear a tie and boot you have became richer, still your one among working class only difference it would be white collar r blue collar. Think If I am correct spread it with your fellow friends. Our young generation lost our taught about past and future,we live at present happiness.try to change system.........."WORKERS OF ALL LAND UNIT!"


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