Misleading 2G Auction and 2G Scam!!!!

After supreme court cancelling 122 telecom license, government went for re-auction. Policy and rules changed in auction as par as present situation 22 license sold at around 10,000 crs. Immediately ministry, government and UPA started to jump that CAG report was fault, its impossible to get 1 lak crore, its failed auction, Telecom industry damaged by false propaganda. all etc etc matters can be reviewed from comparing past and present 2G allocation.  

Key Point to Note:

2008 Indian tele density 30 crs, now its 75 crs.
In 2008 telecom industry on a boom but now its on stabling pace.
2008 Indian GDP growth was 9% now its around 6%.
2008 first come first serve basics but now auction.
2008 2G was the technology advancement but now 3G on boom moving towards 4G.
CDMA was a outdated technology.
2008 UPA was strong but now there is a political instability.
More over court has charge sheeted on license issuing only but not about money.
Only 22 license issued if all sells at same price also it comes around 50,000 crs. its the lowest amount CAG quoted.

Many speaks about customer were one affected by auction method, but its government who left control of call price determination to company. There is huge difference between 2008 license issuing and present auction. some malicious people spread false propaganda that 2G scam is a false. 

When there is huge contradiction between past and present....how can you except same amount quoted by CAG. Its rubbishes to compare with past and present situation. Please be aware friends dnt get wiped out by false propaganda.


  1. The blog post Misleading 2G Auction and 2G Scam!!!! was completely unbelievable! Lot of great knowledge which can be useful in some or the other way,

  2. The author missed some. He focused on the growth but failed to analyse the reasons behind them.

    The tele-density has increased from 30 crs to 75 crs, just because the call rates were low and affordable for people even in the poverty line. The service providers were able to afford it, just because they got the spectrum at cheaper prices. If it were at the CAG's prices, the service providers would not be able to provide the services with pay-per-second and pay-per-call schemes. The rates would need to be higher, else the SPs would not be able to sustain.

    This is not a false propaganda. The 1.76Lac crore loss is the false propaganda.


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