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Male Chauvinism

Where ever you go? what ever you do?R u in pinnacle r dust? finally your going to be my product. Always under my foot life long a clean attitude of male chauvinist society over thousands of years. Women always been oppressed part of society through out the human history. 


Literally chauvinism shows that one community is better than other. But betterment how it is shown?? Expressed as dominance and act of ruling power of men over women.From ancient times it is enhanced. When they are in a deprived stage men in a stage to tackle the needs. Women power is greater and they used the super power in needed condition and the women community is saved. Slowly decades passed the women power is governed by men. Women is taught to be in a way of family relationship which learned from their fore parents. Women started thinking themselves as inferior grade.Slowly male chauvinism widely perpetuate women to be in a circle.home became her prison and the f…

Indian Cinema:Most Powerful Social Weapon Against Women!

Things you can learn from the movies about women:

1) If a woman is not interested in talking to you, you have to harass her for a while, sing a romantic song and when the song ends, she will fall in love with you.

2) Rape is a popular tool for marriage and revenge in the movies of 1990's. After a woman is raped, she cries 'Oh! I have lost my honour and now I have to marry my rapist.'

3) After marriage, a modern woman wearing skirts and jeans suddenly become traditional and family-type, by wearing sarees.

4) To marry a woman who doesnt like you, it is enough if you forcibly tie the mangal sutra around her neck. Then she is your wife, irrespective of whether she likes it or not.

5) Men drink and smoke for fun and in varied styles while a woman who drinks and smokes is of a loose character and not fit for marriage to the hero. The hero usually has some dialogues for her 'stop drinking, smoking and learn to be a proper woman'

6) The rape scenes are shown ela…

Voice against Sexual Harassment of Women in India!

After several centuries many women had stepped out of there kitchen and house to work place & public life. Sexual violence against women has risen to a great deal in Indian 21st century social environment. Innocent women were victimized for sexual harassment in work place, public places and even in houses. Some women come forward to take action against the harassers but in most of the case it becomes unnoticed to world. Which makes harassers to roam freely without unnoticed r booked under law.Every year rape cases increase in India and domestic violence against women also at a rise. Everyone must take inside look into this social matter concerned inside such activity.

Reason behind Such atrocities?

Major reason was always the male chauvinist attitude makes women victim of such social terrorism. The rise of social alcohol culture making roads unsafe for women on night times. Cinema was also a major reason for rise of violence against women in society. Various cultural and religious…

India & Indian Market going on too single hand (Monopoly)!!!

Monopoly an economic term can be know for management student but common man never knows about it and impact of such extreme certainty of economy. Monopoly were a company in a sector controls majority section of the customer r market. Monopoly are too dangerous on long run of economy. After 1991 liberalism, in India there was stuff competition between Indian big companies and foreign companies. All big Indian companies has became multi national corporate company. Mutual co-operation and sharing between big companies led to monopoly on larger scale putting an end to market competition.The article can be eye opener on monopoly and corporate companies nexus.

How monopoly takes place?

Huge barrier for big companies to occupy majority market was always state owned companies.To destabilize such state companies and local company mighty big companies comes with low price commodity, huge endorsement, technology, investment etc. State and local companies can never provide customer with low price…