Monday, December 31, 2012

Male Chauvinism

Where ever you go? what ever you do?R u in pinnacle r dust? finally your going to be my product. Always under my foot life long a clean attitude of male chauvinist society over thousands of years. Women always been oppressed part of society through out the human history. 


Literally chauvinism shows that one community is better than other. But betterment how it is shown?? Expressed as dominance and act of ruling power of men over women.From ancient times it is enhanced. When they are in a deprived stage men in a stage to tackle the needs. Women power is greater and they used the super power in needed condition and the women community is saved. Slowly decades passed the women power is governed by men. Women is taught to be in a way of family relationship which learned from their fore parents. Women started thinking themselves as inferior grade.Slowly male chauvinism widely perpetuate women to be in a circle.home became her prison and the family became her life. Women is completely stuck up with her family that became her nest. She put into the imaginary world and she depended on her father upto several stage and her husband after certain stage they raised their voices and she was controlled by the norms which was taught.


the men from his childhood was weeded with full of dominance over women.when they grew up the men was taught to rule over and women was made to sacrifice and adjustable with everyone in her life. the routine life of women was such in a way from serving basic needs to every individual in her family.she was never had time or energy to think of her self interests.she was treated as just a tool like a machinery for her whole family.girl child is just seen as a showcasing doll, its never used and restircted to show their indulging thoughts.women was blind dutiful with her belongings.


After certain protests she was raised by external forces.Her world and her interest was bought into live by certain activists.It squirts the marvelous force to the society. An viable force from women was restricted but they struggled to meet their interest and self standing.when women was induced an extraordinary development was acted boorish upon men when the initial change occurred.women were given punishment and worse treated for their upcoming.but women fought against every rude forces and gave them a self labeling.


the men started capitulate and the women with her loads of intention towards his interest and social welfare was greatly enhanced.the change raised to great women social leaders,artists,doctors as in the start of as slowly modified after passage of years and every possession was occupied by women in great deal.literacy rate of women s highly every field women shrived to give her best showing her best attitude.she spreads her blossoms of love,peace with silent excitation.


After the gradual change too the male chauvinism is men and women are given equal status?even in legislation we are having arguments to give rights to women in corporate companies are treated with her balancing interests? how women in family is treated in family till now?do we got all rights?do women can be excellent in social issues in exposing her enough ruling power is given?


Nowhere to search for solution.every one of us having the solution.women should come forward without restricting her with any should hold her all the way as a catalyst in prompting her.

Article Original Author: Saranya- thanks a lot writing for ytears.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Indian Cinema:Most Powerful Social Weapon Against Women!

Things you can learn from the movies about women:

1) If a woman is not interested in talking to you, you have to harass her for a while, sing a romantic song and when the song ends, she will fall in love with you.

2) Rape is a popular tool for marriage and revenge in the movies of 1990's. After a woman is raped, she cries 'Oh! I have lost my honour and now I have to marry my rapist.'

3) After marriage, a modern woman wearing skirts and jeans suddenly become traditional and family-type, by wearing sarees.

4) To marry a woman who doesnt like you, it is enough if you forcibly tie the mangal sutra around her neck. Then she is your wife, irrespective of whether she likes it or not.

5) Men drink and smoke for fun and in varied styles while a woman who drinks and smokes is of a loose character and not fit for marriage to the hero. The hero usually has some dialogues for her 'stop drinking, smoking and learn to be a proper woman'

6) The rape scenes are shown elaborately with all details of trauma, pain and glamour but consensual love-making scenes between couples start and end when the lamp is turned on and off. Before the year2000, Sex scenes were considered controversial more than the rape scenes.

7) When two women love the same hero, one woman would be a skirt-wearing and skin-exposing moden woman while the other women would be a saree-wearing conservative woman. The hero dances and plays with the first woman but marries the second woman.

8) After defeating the villain, the hero proudly tells him 'Go wear a woman's dress now, loser'.

9) When a woman shouts or gives a solution, she will be told not to argue like a man.

10) When the hero pinches the heroine's waist (before they know each other), she abuses him and few minutes later there will be song in which both will be dancing romantically.

So much cultural and social brain-washing has happened through the movies between 1980 and 2000. Now though some movies give dominant and meaningful roles to women, producing a huge heroine-based movie is not considered financially feasible as there is no market or fan audience to watch such stories. As long we promote the hero as a muscular body of character and action; and the heroine character as a sexy body for glamour and lust, the same mentality will also be reflected in real life.

Source:Facebook-Thanks to original writer.

Voice against Sexual Harassment of Women in India!

After several centuries many women had stepped out of there kitchen and house to work place & public life. Sexual violence against women has risen to a great deal in Indian 21st century social environment. Innocent women were victimized for sexual harassment in work place, public places and even in houses. Some women come forward to take action against the harassers but in most of the case it becomes unnoticed to world. Which makes harassers to roam freely without unnoticed r booked under law.Every year rape cases increase in India and domestic violence against women also at a rise. Everyone must take inside look into this social matter concerned inside such activity.

Reason behind Such atrocities?

Major reason was always the male chauvinist attitude makes women victim of such social terrorism. The rise of social alcohol culture making roads unsafe for women on night times. Cinema was also a major reason for rise of violence against women in society. Various cultural and religious binding around women already makes them inferior to men. Its not just problem of women in our present era alone, its a mighty problem for thousands of year. It has became hereditary social problem, at least in our generation we have to find a solution for this social terrorism against women.

Simple Way For Women to be Protected from Harassers:

When someone gives you poke of harassment,its better you take action on spot rather than delaying it for worst situation. Its always important to know local women police station and special women cell toll free numbers. Its always safe to have a self defense weapon to protect you in case of emergence. Don't indulge in any private affair party with any third person.When harassers in a group better to move away from there rather than reacting on the spot. Avoid giving numbers to a unknown persons.

Permanent solution !!!

It's millennium old problem so for no one had come forward to find a permanent solution for it.Either we used precautionary methods like keeping women within house or aftermath remedial methods like punishing harassers. No one to find a solution for this social terrorism in between these stages. Some things which i like to suggest as a solution for such women oppression activity would be:

Sex education in must at the adolescence age for students.
Bring a door step justice system in which future of victimized girl life protected.
More brutal the punishment the lesser crime against the women.
Women as to treated equal to men bring all cultural and religious binding,Its only possible when women try to break it.
Women as to take part more in social and public life to walk equal to men.
Strict act as to be passed to protect women already out in social, public and working place.
Awareness as to reach  rural India about women law, freedom and rights.
A Lesson as to be taught to all boys from upper class in schools  about values on women and social equality.
More women based reservation as to be brought in education and work area.
Social communities as to be started to protect lonely women in society.
Most important of all ban telecasting images,video r name of a victim girl in 24*7 Corporate media houses.  
(Face of the Victim soon only to show case how harshly women been attacked-we apologies for doing it  )

No one can find a solution until women themselves break there social barricades and rise in one voice to protect themselves. Women must come forward to speak about there rights and protection because no one ready to give them so they can only take it from male chauvinist society. Until then what change happen in law r social behavior, women always remain as a social sexual slave to men. They would be kept on harassed by social terrorist.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

India & Indian Market going on too single hand (Monopoly)!!!

Monopoly an economic term can be know for management student but common man never knows about it and impact of such extreme certainty of economy. Monopoly were a company in a sector controls majority section of the customer r market. Monopoly are too dangerous on long run of economy. After 1991 liberalism, in India there was stuff competition between Indian big companies and foreign companies. All big Indian companies has became multi national corporate company. Mutual co-operation and sharing between big companies led to monopoly on larger scale putting an end to market competition.The article can be eye opener on monopoly and corporate companies nexus.

How monopoly takes place?

Huge barrier for big companies to occupy majority market was always state owned companies.To destabilize such state companies and local company mighty big companies comes with low price commodity, huge endorsement, technology, investment etc. State and local companies can never provide customer with low price product as equal to big companies. so  automatically such companies lose market share,which ultimately favors big companies in market. Big companies can keep there price low for long time until they occupy major share of market since they have huge investment to maintain it.

Aftermath effect of Monopoly!

When state and local companies lose market share ultimately leading to privatization of state owned companies. After occupying majority market only either two things can happen in a market 1. nexus between all private companies or 2. elimination of medium and small private companies by big companies. It will affect on both ends consumer and producer. Only ultimate gainers of such monopoly would be intermediates like traders,capitalist etc. They would consume raw material, labor at low cost affecting producers. They can increase product cost multiple level,since no alternative way to get product at low price affecting consumers. Such monopoly or path to monopoly can affect fare competition between companies.

Fare example of Indian monopoly:

After 1991liberalism, Coke & Pepsi entered India with low price of rs 3 but after occupying market to large extent product cost went up to rs 15. Both company occupy the market to extent of 70%.
Cadbury has a market share of over 70% in chocolate market.
Nestle a market share of 60% in energy drink sectors.
Lays with a market share of 50% in snacks & processed food.
Likewise KFC,MC Donald,dominoes,pizza hut, ITC, Cigarettes, beverage etc in all sectors a company occupying majority of market making it to determine the value of the product in the market.

This are small example were it affect both producer and consumer directly but monopoly large scale industries can affect indirectly affect producer & consumer and leave a huge impact on economy.

Airtel & Vodafone occupying over 50% of market.
Nokia 60% of basic phone market and samsnug around 70% of smart phone market.
Like wise in banking, heavy industries, automobiles, power generation etc all are moving towards monopoly. Only barrier for them would be state owned in this sector, so government and big companies in a complete nexus destabilizing state owned companies. When state owned go into hands of private company then nation will know impact of  monopoly. Ex: BSNL state owned telecom company is at edge of privatization, 17 nationalized bank's slowly becoming private etc.

There thousands of sectors were market moving towards private individual monopoly. Government was closing eyes to such monopoly and encouraging such activity on privatization of state owned companies. Now government trying for monopoly in retail sector to with introducing FDI in retail, which will lead to Walmart, tesco etc occupying majority market eliminating local retailers. Most sad part of it was even in defense sector private players are stepping in, all recent defense purchase tenders were given to all private companies. Its not matter of few penny money but its a billion dollar deals and prime importance national security.  

Something can be done by US!!!!

Always opt for product alternative to monopoly company product , which keeps competition between companies alive bring the product price low. Always fight to keep state owned companies alive and privatization of our own state companies.                   
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