Indian Cinema:Most Powerful Social Weapon Against Women!

Things you can learn from the movies about women:

1) If a woman is not interested in talking to you, you have to harass her for a while, sing a romantic song and when the song ends, she will fall in love with you.

2) Rape is a popular tool for marriage and revenge in the movies of 1990's. After a woman is raped, she cries 'Oh! I have lost my honour and now I have to marry my rapist.'

3) After marriage, a modern woman wearing skirts and jeans suddenly become traditional and family-type, by wearing sarees.

4) To marry a woman who doesnt like you, it is enough if you forcibly tie the mangal sutra around her neck. Then she is your wife, irrespective of whether she likes it or not.

5) Men drink and smoke for fun and in varied styles while a woman who drinks and smokes is of a loose character and not fit for marriage to the hero. The hero usually has some dialogues for her 'stop drinking, smoking and learn to be a proper woman'

6) The rape scenes are shown elaborately with all details of trauma, pain and glamour but consensual love-making scenes between couples start and end when the lamp is turned on and off. Before the year2000, Sex scenes were considered controversial more than the rape scenes.

7) When two women love the same hero, one woman would be a skirt-wearing and skin-exposing moden woman while the other women would be a saree-wearing conservative woman. The hero dances and plays with the first woman but marries the second woman.

8) After defeating the villain, the hero proudly tells him 'Go wear a woman's dress now, loser'.

9) When a woman shouts or gives a solution, she will be told not to argue like a man.

10) When the hero pinches the heroine's waist (before they know each other), she abuses him and few minutes later there will be song in which both will be dancing romantically.

So much cultural and social brain-washing has happened through the movies between 1980 and 2000. Now though some movies give dominant and meaningful roles to women, producing a huge heroine-based movie is not considered financially feasible as there is no market or fan audience to watch such stories. As long we promote the hero as a muscular body of character and action; and the heroine character as a sexy body for glamour and lust, the same mentality will also be reflected in real life.

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