Monday, December 31, 2012

Male Chauvinism

Where ever you go? what ever you do?R u in pinnacle r dust? finally your going to be my product. Always under my foot life long a clean attitude of male chauvinist society over thousands of years. Women always been oppressed part of society through out the human history. 


Literally chauvinism shows that one community is better than other. But betterment how it is shown?? Expressed as dominance and act of ruling power of men over women.From ancient times it is enhanced. When they are in a deprived stage men in a stage to tackle the needs. Women power is greater and they used the super power in needed condition and the women community is saved. Slowly decades passed the women power is governed by men. Women is taught to be in a way of family relationship which learned from their fore parents. Women started thinking themselves as inferior grade.Slowly male chauvinism widely perpetuate women to be in a circle.home became her prison and the family became her life. Women is completely stuck up with her family that became her nest. She put into the imaginary world and she depended on her father upto several stage and her husband after certain stage they raised their voices and she was controlled by the norms which was taught.


the men from his childhood was weeded with full of dominance over women.when they grew up the men was taught to rule over and women was made to sacrifice and adjustable with everyone in her life. the routine life of women was such in a way from serving basic needs to every individual in her family.she was never had time or energy to think of her self interests.she was treated as just a tool like a machinery for her whole family.girl child is just seen as a showcasing doll, its never used and restircted to show their indulging thoughts.women was blind dutiful with her belongings.


After certain protests she was raised by external forces.Her world and her interest was bought into live by certain activists.It squirts the marvelous force to the society. An viable force from women was restricted but they struggled to meet their interest and self standing.when women was induced an extraordinary development was acted boorish upon men when the initial change occurred.women were given punishment and worse treated for their upcoming.but women fought against every rude forces and gave them a self labeling.


the men started capitulate and the women with her loads of intention towards his interest and social welfare was greatly enhanced.the change raised to great women social leaders,artists,doctors as in the start of as slowly modified after passage of years and every possession was occupied by women in great deal.literacy rate of women s highly every field women shrived to give her best showing her best attitude.she spreads her blossoms of love,peace with silent excitation.


After the gradual change too the male chauvinism is men and women are given equal status?even in legislation we are having arguments to give rights to women in corporate companies are treated with her balancing interests? how women in family is treated in family till now?do we got all rights?do women can be excellent in social issues in exposing her enough ruling power is given?


Nowhere to search for solution.every one of us having the solution.women should come forward without restricting her with any should hold her all the way as a catalyst in prompting her.

Article Original Author: Saranya- thanks a lot writing for ytears.


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