Sunday, December 23, 2012

Voice against Sexual Harassment of Women in India!

After several centuries many women had stepped out of there kitchen and house to work place & public life. Sexual violence against women has risen to a great deal in Indian 21st century social environment. Innocent women were victimized for sexual harassment in work place, public places and even in houses. Some women come forward to take action against the harassers but in most of the case it becomes unnoticed to world. Which makes harassers to roam freely without unnoticed r booked under law.Every year rape cases increase in India and domestic violence against women also at a rise. Everyone must take inside look into this social matter concerned inside such activity.

Reason behind Such atrocities?

Major reason was always the male chauvinist attitude makes women victim of such social terrorism. The rise of social alcohol culture making roads unsafe for women on night times. Cinema was also a major reason for rise of violence against women in society. Various cultural and religious binding around women already makes them inferior to men. Its not just problem of women in our present era alone, its a mighty problem for thousands of year. It has became hereditary social problem, at least in our generation we have to find a solution for this social terrorism against women.

Simple Way For Women to be Protected from Harassers:

When someone gives you poke of harassment,its better you take action on spot rather than delaying it for worst situation. Its always important to know local women police station and special women cell toll free numbers. Its always safe to have a self defense weapon to protect you in case of emergence. Don't indulge in any private affair party with any third person.When harassers in a group better to move away from there rather than reacting on the spot. Avoid giving numbers to a unknown persons.

Permanent solution !!!

It's millennium old problem so for no one had come forward to find a permanent solution for it.Either we used precautionary methods like keeping women within house or aftermath remedial methods like punishing harassers. No one to find a solution for this social terrorism in between these stages. Some things which i like to suggest as a solution for such women oppression activity would be:

Sex education in must at the adolescence age for students.
Bring a door step justice system in which future of victimized girl life protected.
More brutal the punishment the lesser crime against the women.
Women as to treated equal to men bring all cultural and religious binding,Its only possible when women try to break it.
Women as to take part more in social and public life to walk equal to men.
Strict act as to be passed to protect women already out in social, public and working place.
Awareness as to reach  rural India about women law, freedom and rights.
A Lesson as to be taught to all boys from upper class in schools  about values on women and social equality.
More women based reservation as to be brought in education and work area.
Social communities as to be started to protect lonely women in society.
Most important of all ban telecasting images,video r name of a victim girl in 24*7 Corporate media houses.  
(Face of the Victim soon only to show case how harshly women been attacked-we apologies for doing it  )

No one can find a solution until women themselves break there social barricades and rise in one voice to protect themselves. Women must come forward to speak about there rights and protection because no one ready to give them so they can only take it from male chauvinist society. Until then what change happen in law r social behavior, women always remain as a social sexual slave to men. They would be kept on harassed by social terrorist.


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