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Nostalgia of Soviet Union:Ripens Future Revolution!!!

Today world map may miss a first mighty people nation with a hammer of workers and sickle of peasantry on the background blood red of toiling mass. Soviet Union  means council union in English, a council of workers administrated. Soviet union curved out after victory of October revolution in 1917. Comrade Lenin led Bolsheviks army along with workers 10 days Russian revolution created mighty changes across globe. Soviet union victory in constructing strong economy helped many ways underprivileged nation across the globe to fight for there liberation. 80 years of Soviet Union history in many ways became world history. Many historian and economist portrayed wrong way about soviet union and fall of many communist state almost at the end of 1991.

Soviet Union a man made "Heaven" on Earth

A Utopian heaven may not be found on the backdrop of  dark black sky,but back here in earth workers and toiling mass created a heaven. Russian revolution on winter of 1917 created a mighty storm across the globe. A inspiration for many socialist revolution across the globe. Some salient features of Soviet Union administration:
  • No unemployment-It means employment for everyone a right by constitution.
  • Working hours was 7 hours a day,hardcore works 6 hours a day.
  • Banned over time work under any circumstance.
  • Profit,rent,black market,gambling totally a unlawful activity.
  • Complete one month leave with full month salary.
  • Retirement age:Men-60years Women-55years,after retirement workers was provided with full salary pension based on the employment.
  • Women s get 4 months full maternity leave with complete salary.After child birth one year complete leave with half salary.
  • Free and equal education to everyone upto higher education was a right by constitution.
  • Free and equal medical facility to everyone.
  • Housing for everyone with 3-4% of a individual salary.
  • Housing rent includes electricity,water,gas etc.
  • Low fare public transport well connected across Soviet.
Footprint left out by Soviet Union has huge impact on globe! 

Soviet Union workers socialist rule in many ways forced western and developed countries to implement welfare state polices to avoid communist revolution in there states. Most welfare polices by developed nation focus towards toiling mass was just a reflection of Soviet Union victory. Soviet Union rapid growth within 15-20 years many ways overall developed humanity. Soviet was first to launch satellite, first man mission, technology advancement etc. Some salient features of Soviet Union as a super power on globe:
  • Soviet Union lost around 10% of its population around 25 million to defeat fascism(Hitler) from capturing world.
  • Over 2 billion people from weak nation got liberated from colony rule with help of Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union funded poor nation to rapidly industrialize and protect under developed nation from exploitation of American super power.
  • Rapid development of Soviet Union Red army as a super power protected poor African nation from being exploited.   
  • Soviet Union Mentors many communist revolution across the globe starting from Chinese revolution to Vietnam War.
  • Marshall plan a direct impact of Soviet Union's impact on World War II.According to Marshall Plan US provided funds for major war affected European Countries to avoid Communism.
Soviet Union planned economic policy became as a benchmark for all socialist economy of future. Victory of people first time registered in the history of mankind. The fall of Soviet has many internal and external factor attached along with it,but never ever fall of Soviet Union marks end of communism.Soviet and other communist states fall may not end be of communist ideology. It may be a few administrative defect gave a chances for rise of counter revolutionary forces. Never ever fall of states can be considered as failure of ideology but lesson to be learned for adapting changes.

Falling star from people's crown of Soviet Union

Many reason  surrounds the fall of Soviet Union as economical,political,administrative,ideology etc.Some salient point which never pointed out rather than its stated only fall of red flag across globe and killing of class enemies let us register it:

"Accepting the Failure openly,Is only way to move forward" -Comrade.Lenin

  • After Stalin's death in 1953,Soviet communist party stands got liberated, revision started to infiltrate Marxist-Leninist ideology. Khrushchev started to change path of Soviet towards social imperialist and social capitalism.
  • Khrushchev secret speech elaborates his stand on Stalin regime shows his keen desire to have closer relation with US.
  • Improper management of economy by bureaucratic and misjudgment of administration led to economic stagnation.
  • Prolonged period of economic stagnation from 1964-1991 period.
  • Failure in raise of powerful dictatorship of proletariat after Stalin's death.
  • Invasion of Czechoslovakia & Afghanistan was a blunder putting communist ideology at back seat.
  • Sino-Russia split in 1961 after Stalin's death  between China and Soviet Union based on border issue and revision of communist ideology stand of Soviet.
  • Poor Governance of Brezhnev period and Post-Brezhnev period's repeated change in leadership due to death's.
  • Due to Economic reforms introduced in final stages of Soviet Union initiated again raise of new class enemies.

Exactly on  Dec 26,1991 Soviet Union dissolved into 15 independent states. The Lowering of Soviet Union flag on Dec 25,7:32 PM was never end of communism,just went on with freedom given for each people of Soviet Union. Comrade.Lenin formed Soviet with complete freedom for each nationality to separate from Union at anytime. No State in complete history of mankind provided such a rights for people. Even Com.Lenin expressed that Soviet Union can with stand united upto only it can fight with capitalist state economically.

A true meaning of freedom was only in Soviet Union,when class enemies across USSR revolted against the communist state in name of nationalism,ethnicity and linguistics. Soviet came forward for common referendum across Soviet republic's weather Soviet Union must be united or dismantled.Comrade Lenin created Soviet Union with every right's for different nationality people to get separated from Soviet Union. No state would provide such a democratic right for its people.At 1991 Soviet Referendum,77.8% of the people opted for Soviet to be united even after that Soviet Union dissolved.It's black day in the history of mankind.

Today's Situation changed across the globe people were crushed in between American Imperialism and effects of Globalization,privatization & liberalization. Former Soviet Republics even today is not developed as expected more over class enemies started to infiltrate,Worker standard went down,Drug mafia,inequality etc.Even Recent survey in Soviet Union proves that majority of the people even today believe that dissolution of Soviet Union most harmful.

As a Communist everyone would accept that armed revolution is part of ideology and as a act of it class enemies ploughed across Soviet Republics. These class enemies stood as a obstacle for building a strong socialist future.Soviet Union may be dissolved but our fight for a socialist world will continue. The situation started to change again that left movement in former communist state due to worst impact of capitalism. Soviet Union will always be guiding light for all future revolution and socialist state. Communist would learn lessons from fall of Soviet Union same way how Karl Marx learned after faliure of Paris Commune,1871.Long live Soviet Union impact,Long Live Russian Revolution,Long Live Communism,Long live Revolution!!!

"Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!"-Karl Marx.


Do you Accept change to Democracy?

Do You Accept Change to Capitalism?

How Is your life under capitalism compared with communism?

What is the problem concerned with your country?

Does Nostalgia of Soviet Union Prevail?

What Are Influence changes after 1991?

Who Benefited out of 1991 Soviet Union fall?

Is Soviet Union Break up harmful or benefit ?,,Wikipedia,Com.Bharani's thought's

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Food Security Bill-2013: A Flaw and Indirect Capitalism!

Food Security Bill 2013, a dream bill of  UPA-II government to secure food for two-third of Indian population. A Bill drafted with direct pro's and indirect con's. Bill placed in parliament without proper analysis or considering extreme cases. A Bill doesn’t have feature to adapt to long run, since bill confined . Let’s point out few unanswered points in the bill, which needs to be answered before implementing it. The scheme is most required for betterment of India, but certain changes has to be fine tuned to reach the correct person at the correct time. 

Central Pool:
  • Central pool a storage facility for collecting and preserving foods for distribution under food security.
  • In the present situation, Food corporation of India has storage facility to handle around 29 million tons, but actually we have storage requirement of over 61.9 million tons. If we implement the bill we require additional storage facility. (Already over 44,000 crs of food gets wasted without usage in India.)
  • Government will in position to spent more on storage facility than actual amount on the scheme implementation.(Approx 2,00,000 crs required.)
  • Government indirectly may open bids for MNC's retailers for storage facilitate across the country. The situation may lead to corporate inflating price index.
  • Government as concern on end users of the scheme, but there is no proper explanation about the method of procurement, quality and rate of procurement.
  • The government never gave any open or closed subsidy for the bill, so government lack definite road map for the plan. (Sometimes may cut funds for the scheme based on the political system.)  
  • Since bill don't have any provision for direct procurement of food grains from framers, only private intermediates will exploit from the scheme. 

  • Scheme targeted to reach around 67% of Indian Population that's around 2/3rd of Indian population. The selections of the beneficiary were left to state government.
  • The problem in Distribution of benefits was it covers around 75% of rural people and 50 % of urban people in India.
  • States like Tamil Nadu etc were highly urbanized, so there is a requirement of more distribution to urban people along with rural people.
  • In states like Bihar, etc.,  rural and urban people require more share of distribution than specified in scheme.
  • Implementation of targeted public distribution system without proper framework for identification of people may spoil the existing common public distribution system. 
  • A 5 member family can avail at a maximum of 25 kg of food. The quantity of food supply for family must be raised.
  • The scheme as only provision for basic grains like wheat, rice, millet, etc. The bill must include provision for supply of Pulses, Dhal, food amenities, etc.

  • The draft bill speaks volumes about transparency in governance using target public distributed system on customer side.
  • The bill doesn’t have any provision of transparency on the supplier side. Generally, some large loopholes were found on procurement rather than at end point customer distribution.

Its a welcome sign that bill got passed in parliament, but still refinement has to be done. The bill should not be a mere election sop, but a long term enhancing plan for people. Government must find a new way of income to run the scheme on long run.

Source:-Com.Bharanidharan thought's, NewsPaper, Draft Bill.

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Irrational, Barbaric, Superstitious, Male Chauvinist, Discriminative, Inequality Religion: Hinduism!

Hinduism, a religion that had its origin in Indian sub-continent around 2000 years ago. A religion too irrational and derived bits & piece from European religion. A Religion making million of people as Dalits and "Sutras" across India. A Religion portrayed women's as sexual object, a man's property and unleashed a major violence against them (Sati, Devadasi, Widow marriage, etc.). A religion created and protected only by Brahmins. A religion with lots of irrational things lets us open that truth out of a closed shell and leaves the truth to your knowledge (Whether to accept or not ). This article is completely written with an intention to make people Rational. I would like to tell that I do not follow any religion, I AM AN ATHEIST.
A Barbaric act done by Hindu Sadus in Ganges

Reality Of  Your God?

Birth Of Vinayaga: Siva puranam and Kanda Puranam states that one day Parvathi went for bath living a mass of dirt of her physique made as male child as sentry. Siva tried to sneak in to see Parvathi, but sentry stopped him from sneaking inside. Shiva got furious and behead him.  On seeing this, Parvathi asked Shiva to give back her male child. Shiva beheaded an elephant's head with its trunk and laid. 

 Vinayaga puranam give a complete another different story that a demon entered Parvathi embaryo and destroyed it.So Parvathi gave Birth to a child with elephant head. Who is Vinayaga?What's his source of Birth?Still lots of erotic story about his birth there but we censored it.

Birth Of Subramanya: A debatable god between south Indian and north Indians & Shivaties & Vishnavaties. A narration explained by saint Viswamitra to Rama in Valmiki's Ramayana says that Shiva got infatuated with Parvathi so he went co-inhabiting for millenniums of year. Unfortunately Parvathi dint get conceived. So other gods asked Shiva not go on letting his semen since world cant bare its virility. So Shiva emptied semen on earth without able to bare impact of it agni unleashed Ganges over it. Finally a small male child found on foot hills of Mount Kailas. Indra requested Kartiga Devis to take care of the Child.

In another story say that Subramanya born out of Shiva third eye falling rivers gangs. What the real Source of  Subramanya(a six face god)?

Highly Erotic Religion!!!

".......a world of voluptuousness and of a world of woes, is anticipated in the ancient traditions of the religion of Hindostan(India). That religion is at once a religion of sensualist exuberance, and a religion of self-torturing asceticism; a religion of the Lingam and of the juggernaut; the religion of the Monk, and of the Bayadere" -Karl Marx,1858.

Once upon a time a  saint Narada approached anusuya,a women of immaculate virtue simply roasted the iron rods and alas!They became groundnuts.Exhilatrated Narada went back and reported the matter individually to the wives of the three gods. On inquiry the saint said that she , a human being chaste as she was,could do what the goddesses were not able to. A silent rebuke indeed! Unable to brook this tacit insult,the goddess as a revenge requested their consorts to render the chaste to render chaste Anusuya into a women of Unchasity. The three gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma accordingly went in disguise and begged for alms. Innocent Anusuya arranged for their dinner but alas! Just before sitting for dinner the gods said they would eat, if onlu she stood before them naked. She did it and thus became an unchaste women.

Brahma and Saraswathi  are spoken primarily of father and daughter later became husband and wife. Brahma created Saraswathi at first and got infatuated by her. She escaped from his clutches reached Shiva for asylum. Shiva asked them  to become a divine consort.

Vishnu fell love with Brinda, the wife of Jalantharasuran. Vishnu metamorphosed into the figure of her husband. Brinda understood that the one who sexually co-habited with her was not not her Husband.So she cursed Vishnu wife to be infidel and lose her Chasity.      

Lakshmi a wife of Vishnufell in love with a horse, assumed the shape of She-horse and quenced her lust.

A Western-Central Import:

A majority of gods which we worship today are ultimate imported from the central European religion. Name and appearance changed but still there characteristics remained same.

A Point To Note:

 Most Notable women whom we portrayed in vedic script were outright prostitutes.  Some points we pointed here are some of the examples how religion in India full fledged totally irrational. In India every three minute a women was raped, if we look into the matter a culture brought by Hinduism.A religion portrays male dominate over sexual activity on female. Majority of Goddess as relationship with more than two women. Only religion in the world as a book written completely on sexual pleasure men(Kama Sutra). A religion used its power in the name of holy to suppress women using Sati,child Marriage, devadasi etc.

A Vedic script "Manusmriti" banned inter-caste marriage,No education other than Brahmin etc around 100BC. Major of social discrimination had its origin from varna system introduced way back 2000 years ago. Wealth inequality between people even due to caste discriminative were upper caste people to exploit from lower caste people.

We cant explain 2000 years history in simple one article we will meet you in next article with more proof and expressive rational thought's about Hinduism. A article to make you think  not to stimulate a hated feeling between people. I am Atheist and My family Hindu.

Source:-Is there a God?-Periyar,author views.    

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Lost Pages Of Indian History: Ghadar Party!!!

Over 60 years of Indian Independence adored and cherished Gandhi & Congress men's as veteran of Freedom struggle. We never took intention to respect the fellow persons who lost life in freedom struggle. Our history books even forget to print a line about this movements contribution to Independence. Lets take a moment to honor such person on hundred year of their movement. A movement started outside India even decades before Netaji to revolt against the British Imperial rule.

Ghadar Movement started on early 1913 by the migrated Punjabi Indians in U.S & Canada. During pre-World War I many common wealth nation accepted Punjabi's due to their loyalty for British empire. Ghadar party was formerly pacific ocean Hindustan association formed by Har Dayal. The situation in Canada And U.S were reverse a restriction imposed for South Asian Migration. Ghadar means revolt or rebellion. A Ghadar movement was started with an intention of revolutionary socialism and Indian nationalism to defeat British Imperialism. Ghadar party issued its first newspaper 'The Ghadar' on Nov 1,1913. News paper carried a caption stating  Angrezi Raj Ka Dushman (enemy of English rule) The members of party strongly believed in Ghadar ideology of "to stir up rebellion in India. Pay-death; Price-martyrdom; Pension-liberty; Field of battle-India"

After break of World War I many Ghadar left North America and landed in Punjab to join the revolt along with Babbar Akkali Movement. Meanwhile, restriction in Canada and U.S increased to such an extent that Punjabi migrants (Komagata Maru) were not allowed to land on Canadian Soil in 1914. Which further sparked in Indian nationalist movement in Canada and U.S. A section Ghadarities left from San Fransisco to Canton in a Ship Korea under leadership of Jawala Singh (along with 60 members.) At Canton, 150 more Indians joined the force along with arms that were supplied to them. Everyone were arrested on arrival at Calcutta.

A second set of members lead by Karatar Singh, Pingle, Bushen Sen started their journey in SS salmini Ship on mid Oct 1914. On the way to India, Ghadar's met Dr.Sun Yat Sen in China and asked his help for Indian Revolution. Dr.Sun Yat Sen refused to fight against British. They reached India and met Jatin Mukherjee. They started establishing contact with all underground Indian revolutionary groups in India. They met Rash Behari Bose in Benares, a effective revolutionary front to lead the rebellion force against the British imperialism. By mid November 1914 more than 4000 ghadar's landed in Calcutta. Pingle and Sachin met Mula Singh in Amritsar, who organized ghadar's in Shanghai.

Pingle returned from Amritsar to Benares on invitation of Rash Behari Bose to Jugantar leaders meeting for making final action plan. Bose proclaimed that "Die for Nation" inviting 12th Rifle regiment of Fort William through Havalidar Mansha Singh. They planed for a army mutiny for 2 months so that arms supplied from Germany reach India.Due to urgency of action from Ghadars, the bombs (self prepared) were transported to Lahore. A date was fixed for a co-ordinate combined revolt on Feb 21,1915. A plan was sketched on Feb 21 that 23rd Calvary of Punjab would kill its senior official on roll call and seize all its weapon. The mutiny would be passed on to 26th Punjab regiment. It would mark start of Indian Mutiny and revolution against the British

Many revolution arm robbers took place in Bengal and Punjab during 1914's to seize weapons for revolt. After strong underground activity on Feb 15,1915 Kirpal Singh a CID spy infiltrated into the mutiny planned              and reveled to British force.So conspiracy was thwarted before it came to force itself in 23rd,26th,24th & 7th Rajput regiment. Planned revolt muted across Agra,Lahore etc. Thousands of Ghadarites were arrested in Central India & Punjab only Rash Behari Bose escaped to Japan. More 42 members of the movement were death sentenced sent Cellular Jail,Andaman.

At same time 1915, Indian Sepoy's in 5th Infantry regiment Singapore rebelled. It lasted only for 7 days killing over 42 British officers around 200 Sepoy's court Marshaled around 42 executed on open road in Outram Road,Singapore. Over 15,000 crowds gathered to watch execution of Indian Revolutionary over link with Ghadars. Similar mutiny planned similar to Ghadar revolt planned other related events like Annie lasrsen arms plot,Christmas day plot,Black tom Explosion etc. After America and British got involved in World War I British spy cracked that Germans have close link with the Ghadar in U.S.A.

Hindu-German Conspiracy case filled against the Ghadars in U.S. After World War Ghadar Movement faction Into different section some key members got involved different movement like one of founder of Ghadar Party Baba Sohan Singh Bhakna moved to Communist party and Rash Behri Bose joined Indian National Army became prominent face of the movement. By end of 1919 Ghadar Part ceased its political activity.  Its greatest movement of Indian history which uncovered due to shadow of Gandhi and congress. Lets salute this hero of India who last there life to liberate India from British Imperialism. Long Live there Name Long Live Revolution.......Good think too Know about them on 100th year of there movement.

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"Religion a Mastermind of Human:To Make Inhuman!!!"

"Religious suffering is, at the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the Opium of the people"-Karl Marx.
Majority of religion's today as a origin under 5000 years.Its not a question of god exits or not but happening in and around religion makes totally human civilization hang on a pendulum. Religious institution build on the belief of the human beings. Every religion as a hidden side and drawback attached to it that the reason why people keep switching there belief from one to another. Caste in Hinduism,Baptism in Christianity,Jihad-ism in Islam and many more in other religion makes people barbarian .No religious makes people more civilized or ready to move society on forward aspect.

Too much belief on something imaginary makes people lose there common sense. God and Religion was just a support to a person under times of difficulty but religious preachers makes life out it. Religion survive only under the criminal brains of some thousand people if such religious people were not there then surely religion would died at its birth place itself. Every religion takes some core principle gene from other religion of locality to make the religion spread even outside its epicenter.

Every religion and religious holy book's were to conservative not even able to adapt new scientific evolution's. How much they are conservative it seems that they are still not ready to accept evolutionary process.Gailleo, Darwin ...etc genius were just like that neglected  since there invention destroyed religious basic conviction. Religion want its people never victimized  of science and lose its faith. No holy books gives space for gender equality. Every religion a master mind of male chauvinism society present. Every religion gives enormous benefits to male and unlimited restriction to females.

Some religion preaches people against the basic human nature not to marry. Religion makes human totally inhuman and superstitious. No religion ready to accept the change and alternative in society. Every religion wants to to built a empire under name of its own god, but its a reflection of mere greedy of some people. If we count number lost there life in the name of were  millions. Holy war,Ayodhya incident etc were merely a coincidence how efficiently a religion can utilized for power and wealth.

Every religion can preach something good but its always followed by fools and nuts. No rationalization thoughts within religious people. Every religion constructed around the ancient society structure present during origin. We cant take such religious principles for present day society because it will pull people backwards only. As science a society or a principle or a ideology can put its ideas hence only. No force can pull a society backwards and construct a fundamentalist society.

Every religion was born and rise to a maximum at a point,ultimately it will finds its end when people lost its faith. History proves it how a religion rose and went under various evolutionary process based on the changes in society. At instance some religion changes there basic conviction to survive under age of science and technology. Monotheist or polytheist religion everything makes people totally irrational. No religion so far established or going to rise can create world peace or equality.

No god aroused on planet earth to portray himself as the creator, its all just a mere imaginary brainy work of few humans. If humans have birth than surely it would face death too, same way if your god as birth then extinction of god definite. God a false matter hides behind the mystery of the world. Science and technology can only unite people under one umbrella of humanity.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"International Workers Day/May Day:History and Significance!!!"

May 1 or May day many would identify it just as a predetermined holiday. Even many would planned their vacation and fun time, It's not the mistake of u and me. Our history never gave us the real taste of workers movement and significance of May day. A Historic day in every working class movement but lost its significance over the years due to improper awareness about the day.  Let’s look into the history for importance of may day.

May day is celebrated as International workers day in remembrance with Haymarket Affair, Chicago 1986. May 1 declared as international workers day by second International on 1890. Chicago workers were first to organize 8 hours worker movement during Haymarket affair.


The first of May was originally celebrated by pagans throughout Europe as the beginning of summer, which was recognized as a day of fertility (both for the first spring planting and sexual intercourse). A maypole was oftentimes erected for young women and men to dance around and entwine the ribbons they carried with one another to find a mate... at least for the night. The ancient Celts and Saxons celebrated the day as Beltane, the day of fire, in honor of the god of the sun; beginning their celebrations at midnight; soon acquiring the label Walpurgisnacht, or night of the witches.

Persecution of May Day began as early as the 1600s; in 1644 the British Parliament banned its practice as immoral, with the Church bringing its full force to bear across the spectrum. Governments throughout Europe were largely ineffective in outlawing these celebrations, and thus the Church took a different approach – it attempted to assimilate the festivities by naming Saints days on the first of May. These efforts led to the destruction of May Day in some places, but the traditions and customs of May Day continued to remain strong throughout much of the peasantry of Europe, whose ties to one another and nature were far stronger than their ties to the ruling class and its religion. Celebrations became increasingly festive, especially at night when huge feasts, song, dance and free love were practiced throughout the night.

After the revolutions of capitalism, the roots and principles of the tradition survived to various extents, with workers across Europe celebrating the first of May as the coming of spring and a day of sexual fertility. Most mythical and religious sentiments faded away, but the spirit of the festival in expressing the love of nature and one another gained strength.

Haymarket massacre:

In 1884, the U.S. Federation of Organized Trade and Labor Unions had passed a law declaring that, as of May 1, 1886, an eight hour workday would be the full and legal workday for all U.S. workers – the ruling class had that much time to recognize this new law and put it into effect. The owners refused.

On May 1, 1886, workers took to the streets in a general strike throughout the entire country to force the ruling class to recognize the eight-hour working day. Over 350,000 workers across the country directly participated in the general strike, with hundreds of thousands of workers joining the marches as best they could.

In what they would later call the Haymarket riots, during the continuing strike action on May third in Chicago, the heart of the U.S. labor movement, the Chicago police opened fire on the unarmed striking workers at the McCormick Reaper Works, killing six workers and wounding untold numbers. An uproar across the nation resounded against the government and its police brutality, with workers' protest rallies and demonstrations throughout the nation set to assemble on the following day.

On May 4, Chicago members of the anarchist IWPA (International Working Peoples' Association) organized a rally of several thousand workers at Haymarket Square to protest the continuing police brutality against striking workers on the South Side. As the last speaker finished his remarks that rainy evening, with only 200 of the most dedicated workers remaining at the rally, 180 armed police marched forward and demanded the workers to disperse. Then, deep within the police ranks, a bomb exploded, killing seven cops. The police opened fire on the unarmed workers – the number of workers wounded and killed by the cops is unknown to this day. Eight anarchists were arrested on charges of "inciting riot" and murder. The retaliation of the government was enormous in the days to follow, filling every newspaper with accusations, completely drowning the government murders and brutality of days past.

Eight workers were convicted as anarchists, were convicted of murder, and were convicted of inciting a riot. Only one of the eight men accused was present at the protest, and he was attempting to address the crowd when the bomb went off. In one of the greatest show trials in the history of the working-class movement no evidence was ever produced to uphold the accusations, though all eight were convicted as guilty. Four of the prisoners – Albert Parsons, August Spies, George Engel and Adolph Fisher – were executed, Louis Lingg committed suicide (His face was blasted with dynamite), and the three remaining were pardoned due to immense working class upheaval in 1893.

Most painful would be were statue of Haymarket hero's were demolished and police statue resurrected (even after two demolished). Too make May day loose significance America simply altered its workers day to September first Monday that to as labor day.   

Second International:

On May 1, 1890, in accordance with the decision of the Paris Congress (July 1889) of the Second International to commemorate the Haymarket red flag was here created as the symbol that would always remind us of the blood that the working-class has bleed, and continues to bleed, under the oppressive reign of capitalism.

Martyrs, mass demonstrations and strikes were held throughout Europe and America. The workers put forward the demands for an 8 hour working day, better health conditions, and further demands set forth by the International Association of Workers. The
From that day forward (starting in 1891 in Russia, by 1920 including China, and 1927 India) workers throughout the world began to celebrate the first of May as a day of international proletarian solidarity, fighting for the right of freedom to celebrate their past and build their future without the oppression and exploitation of the capitalist state.


It's a international important day to take forward 8 working hours demand. Even after 200 years we are still cant attain 8 hours working day passed.Capital and capitalist projected wrongly about the history of workers movement, So today May day as became a day of fun and frolic. It's  the day to gain class consciousness unit workers in one voice against capitalist. We need to take forward our fight for 8 hours working day,better wages,better working condition,lower of inflation,building public property,strengthen labor law etc.Our ultimate aim of May day would be to build a stateless,classless,casteless,religiousless, society with permanent  love and peace.

My dear comrades never forget what Spies shouted during execution in Chicago.Spies shouted, "The time will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you strangle today!"
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Thursday, April 11, 2013

American "Elite" & Global Elite Class-Determine's Coup's/Riot's/ Rebel's!!!

After Fall of Soviet Union-1991, Revolution and liberation struggle of many went into shadow. Even Anti-Communism autumn across Soviet and Socialist state were indirect infiltration of American elite class. Raise of globalization-a new form capitalism were elite class started to determine ever happening across the globe. Sometime history we believe is true was just portrayed by elite class how they want with America and NATO as agent. It has become historic time to realize the truth from falsehood. Elite class we describe her is straight forward pointing capitalist class.(Who live luxuries just with others fate....) 

Modern war is waged by powerful nations on five different overlapping, holistic levels of aggression against weaker, appetizing countries, ranging from stark naked aggression to subtle subversion:

1. Military Invasion – Allows direct control by fully overthrowing and overpowering the target nation. Today, this applies to Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Saudi, Middle East etc. Tomorrow Iran, North Korea, Venezuela .....etc. All praise for MNC oil companies and Arms company let there lord bless them....

2. Military Coup – Identifies and supports domestic military/civilian allies and traitors willing to support a foreign power against their own people. Latin America saw US-backed coups in the 60′s and 70′s in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina… Now we seem to be seeing this in Egypt, Syria, China, Russia etc....Financial corporatism want world divided so that profit can be ploughed.

3. Financial Coup – Banking cartels corner any government they please to do “the Global Power Elite’s bidding or else..!” Examples: Argentina’s 2001/2 collapse, preceded by Mexico (1997), Russia (1998), Brazil (1999). Today: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland… Instead of tanks, they use the IMF, World Bank, US Treasury, ECB etc to cheat people as recession or depression… Just a gambling for elite class to pull back huge profit out of it but matter of survival for common man....

4. Political Coup – Flexibly uses combinations of “crises” to impose unelected governments such as Trilateralists Mario Monti in Italy, and Lucas Papademos in Greece…

5. Social Coup – Today’s PsyWar (psychological warfare). First you map out internal social grievances and woes, strife and ancestral hatreds, then you pin the fault on a suitable scapegoat/patsy, then you support and arm domestic and foreign agitators and “freedom fighters”, ensuring that the Western Media clearly tell the world who are the “good guys” and who the “bad guys”. No one can forget history what Elite class has done psychological against communism across the globe, which led to fall many communist nation from Satellite states to Mighty Soviet Union. Today, the “Arab Spring”. Tomorrow, maybe we’ll see “Latin American Springs” or “South East Asian Springs…” .New form of war without weapon just to create destabilized environment so that MNC elite class enter the local market for profit.............

Macro-management by the Global Power Elite is governed by their specific goals and interests in each country, because they still need a strong US, a nuclear Israel and a stable Germany, but they definitely do not want a strong Russia and China, a nuclear Iran and a stable Latin America… Like Hurricane Watches in the Caribbean, maybe we should start mapping out Political Regime Change Watches on a regional, even global, basis. It would certainly help in tracking the dark clouds of war, death and destruction that are gathering in the name of democracy and freedom.

One Line:"At Capitalist Society, Never ever trust any change in these world until you guarantee its profit free for Imperialist, MNC's............"  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sri Lankan Tamil Issue-"A Planned Tactical Rebel Genocide": Black History, Unknown Truth, Missed Chance and Hidden Agenda!?!

Sri Lankan Tamil issue was never a matter today r yesterday. It’s a six decade long issue still without a proper solution for the problem. Sri Lankan Tamil problem is a mixture of linguistics chavunism,Imperialism,Geo politics etc. Tamil's in Sri Lanka took all forms of struggle from non-violence path to armed struggle etc for liberation. Some history hidden from people and truth closed from general world's overview. We need to throw away all linguistics glass to find the solution for Tamil civil right issues.
Black History:
  • Tamil issue mainly cornered around colonial rule of British that Tamil and Sinhalese area were ruled under single administration.
  • After Independence from British Rule without proper power sharing with Tamil people, Chauvinist Sinhalese government went on to propose for full pledge Sinhalese taking upper hand in power.
  • Sri Lankan government was not ready to accept Indian Tamils living in central Lanka as tea plantation workers. They were denied all basic political rights (Citizenship).
  • On 1956, Parliament of Ceylon passed Sinhala only act, which created wide criticism across the Tamil community. Aftermath impacts of act were Tamil youth organization and politicians jumped into satyagraha.
  • Struggle from Tamils for self respect triggered the anger of hardliners in Buddhists and Sinhalese launched a massive riot against the minority Tamils on June, 1958. Around 300 people were killed and thousands of property belong to Tamils were damaged.
  • Federal party (Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi) along its prominent leader S.J.V Chelvanayakam fought for equal rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Even though there non-violence fight at high sprit Sri Lankan government in all means started to discriminate Tamils from education to survival (Ultimate of it Ceylon changed into Sri Lanka.)
  • After losing faith in Single nation equal power concept Thanthi Chelva went on with a pledge "A separate socialist state of Tamil ellam" to Sri Lanka general election on 1977. Tamil united liberation front along with left parties swept complete north and east region. The support for separate state within Tamils created a panic among Sinhalese hardliners and Buddhist monks. This victory of Tamils triggered a major riot on 1977 killing hundreds of them along with a surprise left also attacked in riot. (Sinhalese left.)(Same year Thanthi Chelva died.)
  • After Chelva's death Non-Violence movement in Sri Lanka came to an end. Many rebel groups raised during the period with single motto separate Tamil Ellam.On 1981 one of the rebel group attacked Lankan police in Jaffna during a political rally killing 2 people. On same Sinhalese mob carried a major cultural genocide against the Tamils by burning thousands ancient Tamil classic books in Jaffna library.
  • LTTE became the Major force among the Tamils after its first strike on Lankan army on 1983 killing 13 army men’s. Major civil war broke after that incident because that attack sparked one of the worst riots in the history of mankind fondly known as "Black July."(Tamils were killed in thousands, properties burned, rape etc...).Thousands of Tamils left Sri Lanka on political asylum across western countries.
  • Over 25 years armed struggle for liberation continued but Sri Lankan learnt from past history then implemented one the brutal attack on Tamil in the name terrorism. Which I like to quote as "Tactical Rebel Genocide." rather than full pledge genocide.(Killing a ethnic people that to against them.....More Information on Later part of the article)
Missed Chance :( Mistake Done)
I am a centrist in my view even though I am pure Tamil and Pure Communist. This part speaks how a needed liberation destroyed by wrong footings of rebel groups.
  • Removing all other Tamil rebel groups from struggle was making LTTE to move out revolutionary path.
  • Converting Guerrilla troop into a conventional troop was a major blunder LTTE done during course of the Civil war.
  • Since Tamil Muslims started to have relation with Sinhalese, they were moved out north and east of Lanka making them a Fascist group. Attack on Muslims and Sinhalese on Tamil territory LTTE loosed its label as liberation organization.
  • Killing of presidents of both Nation (Sri Lanka and India) made the work of Sri Lankan government simple to make international community declare LTTE terrorist organization.
  • Never ever played Geo Politics,ultimatly Sri Lanka played it tactically for a major victory. After fall of Soviet Union all liberation struggles across globe fate went into the hands of America. LTTE missed a mighty chance during Soviet Union period.
  • No powerful Political front for Tamils so called pro-Separatist TNA (Tamil National Alliance.) dropped Tamil Ellam stand after LTTE defeat. No Leaders to manage the current situation in Lanka and take forward liberation struggle.
Hidden Agenda:
After end of final war in Lanka, Tamils across the globe erupted in one against War Crimes, Genocide, UN referendum etc. We have to look into each issue in-depth throwing away all personal view and come to common conclusion.
No government in the World would accept Sri Lanka's final activity in war as "Genocide". Sri Lankan government neglected so called Sri Lankan Tamils and Indian Tamils within its limits from final assault during the war. It's purposely done to avoid a Image of Genocide but I like to quote it as "Tactical Rebel Genocide". Where Tamils on the side of separatist were target and massacred brutally. It took place in a step by step procedure starting with killing of Tamil Men’s, raping women, militarized zone, relocate Sinhalese into North and South etc. The ultimate aim of this activity to wipe out generation of rebels from Sri Lankan Soil. It can be seen as a partial genocide as per the UN Law, but that to looks distant since only a section Tamil people targeted whom were with the separatist stated as terrorist organization across the majority of countries.
UN Referendum also looks to distant since majority of Tamil Politician in Sri Lanka taking a 360* opposite decision from Tamil Nadu Politician. No powerful leadership to generate common thought across all Tamils from north to south of Sri Lanka. Since if even tomorrow a voice from inside Sri Lanka rise for UN referendum either Region based referendum or Ethnic based referendum can be passed only with unity of Tamil people in Lanka.
Latest UNHRC resolution brought by US was totally a geo political and Imperialist move to hold position over Sri Lanka. America funded Sri Lankan government throughout the history of civil war. Civil war is always target of American's since they can flood the war zone with weapons of their MNC defence companies. So US move in UNHRC was fake just to play Geo-Politics with China.
India's position is clear that NO separate Nation and will support all American resolution, what so ever it may be. Since India became a satellite state of America. Indian wont riseup its voice over certain limits because its as to protect the investments of INDIAN MNC's in Sri Lanka. India wants to play a safer hand to protect himself from Sri Lanka totally shifting towards China. No chance for India moving any resolution in any forum since as per constitution everything as to pass through Indian parliament. No expect that other parts of Indian too will share same feelings like Tamils in Tamil Nadu.
Every LTTE supports blamed Indian government for funding final phase of war but No Question how LTTE can snap billion dollar weapon over complete history of civil war. Arm Companies and dealers fuelled LTTE with weapons through arm smuggling. After 1991, Soviet Union fall every country started to look up all liberation issues from companies and Geo-Politics alliance aspect. So we can never ever consider any nation as friend to Lankan Tamils.
Solution :(My View)
No chance for immediate UN referendum or Genocide so better we need to start voice against War Crime and demilitarize north & east region . Then International community must pressurize Lankan government for power sharing with Tamils. Tamil's across the globe at the maximum can do these only from outside Lanka to protect Tamil. Everything else left to Tamils within Lanka until them stand-up in one voice it’s impossible for any separate state or rights. If Tamil Politician’s in Lanka itself shift their stand overnight after LTTE, What would be position of Lankan Tamil people? People in Lankan first need to settle themselves from wounds of final phase of war, after that only they can raise somehow for there rights and liberation.
No Nation or No Leader would interfere in Lankan problem until some benefits can be extracted from it. MNC,Corparates,Companies etc were deceive factor for any move of developed and developing countries. So called Capitalism was one of the factor fuelled the bloody civil war for 30 years. Indira Gandhi find something useful for India so supported LTTE, but Rajiv found Lankan government important so shifted the stand. Capitalism and Geo-Politics play fair amount of shadow on it but we are failing to realize it.
"Until someone finds profit in Separate Tamil Ellam, it will remain ever a burning desire of Tamils."
What Sinhalese done for Tamils surely barbarian activity but its unethical to attack back on them. We are Humans believe in human ethics try to be friendly with fellow human whom so it may be even if Sinhalese.(All Sinhalese may not hold same stand like Hardliner Buddhist Monk.). Demand for removing Consulate from Chennai will make Tamil in Lanka isolated from us. Every attack on Sinhalese Buddhist monk in India may badly reflect on Tamils in Lanka. Student rose up against chauvinism great but politicians playing cheap third degree politics out of it. We never mess up with hype created by media or situation around; we must be clear in our view and realistic in it. Worst think would be comparing Lankan Tamil issue with all other issue in India and stating Indian betraying Tamils. If we close one eye and state all are bad it won’t leads in right path. May from one view it may look like that but from overview entire people were betrayed only a section enjoy benefits of Indian Nationality.(Politicians, Capitalists, MNC etc...).Trust something after investigating. 
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