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Nostalgia of Soviet Union:Ripens Future Revolution!!!

Today world map may miss a first mighty people nation with a hammer of workers and sickle of peasantry on the background blood red of toiling mass. Soviet Union  means council union in English, a council of workers administrated. Soviet union curved out after victory of October revolution in 1917. Comrade Lenin led Bolsheviks army along with workers 10 days Russian revolution created mighty changes across globe. Soviet union victory in constructing strong economy helped many ways underprivileged nation across the globe to fight for there liberation. 80 years of Soviet Union history in many ways became world history. Many historian and economist portrayed wrong way about soviet union and fall of many communist state almost at the end of 1991.

Soviet Union a man made "Heaven" on Earth
A Utopian heaven may not be found on the backdrop of  dark black sky,but back here in earth workers and toiling mass created a heaven. Russian revolution on winter of 1917 created a mighty storm …

Food Security Bill-2013: A Flaw and Indirect Capitalism!

Food Security Bill 2013, a dream bill of  UPA-II government to secure food for two-third of Indian population. A Bill drafted with direct pro's and indirect con's. Bill placed in parliament without proper analysis or considering extreme cases. A Bill doesn’t have feature to adapt to long run, since bill confined . Let’s point out few unanswered points in the bill, which needs to be answered before implementing it. The scheme is most required for betterment of India, but certain changes has to be fine tuned to reach the correct person at the correct time. 
Central Pool: Central pool a storage facility for collecting and preserving foods for distribution under food security.In the present situation, Food corporation of India has storage facility to handle around 29 million tons, but actually we have storage requirement of over 61.9 million tons. If we implement the bill we require additional storage facility. (Already over 44,000 crs of food gets wasted witho…

Irrational, Barbaric, Superstitious, Male Chauvinist, Discriminative, Inequality Religion: Hinduism!

Hinduism, a religion that had its origin in Indian sub-continent around 2000 years ago. A religion too irrational and derived bits & piece from European religion. A Religion making million of people as Dalits and "Sutras" across India. A Religion portrayed women's as sexual object, a man's property and unleashed a major violence against them (Sati, Devadasi, Widow marriage, etc.). A religion created and protected only by Brahmins. A religion with lots of irrational things lets us open that truth out of a closed shell and leaves the truth to your knowledge (Whether to accept or not ). This article is completely written with an intention to make people Rational. I would like to tell that I do not follow any religion, I AM AN ATHEIST.
Reality Of  Your God?Birth Of Vinayaga: Siva puranam and Kanda Puranam states that one day Parvathi went for bath living a mass of dirt of her physique made as male child as sentry. Siva tried to sneak in to see Parvathi, but sentry s…

Lost Pages Of Indian History: Ghadar Party!!!

Over 60 years of Indian Independence adored and cherished Gandhi & Congress men's as veteran of Freedom struggle. We never took intention to respect the fellow persons who lost life in freedom struggle. Our history books even forget to print a line about this movements contribution to Independence. Lets take a moment to honor such person on hundred year of their movement. A movement started outside India even decades before Netaji to revolt against the British Imperial rule.

Ghadar Movement started on early 1913 by the migrated Punjabi Indians in U.S & Canada. During pre-World War I many common wealth nation accepted Punjabi's due to their loyalty for British empire. Ghadar party was formerly pacific ocean Hindustan association formed by Har Dayal. The situation in Canada And U.S were reverse a restriction imposed for South Asian Migration. Ghadar means revolt or rebellion. A Ghadar movement was started with an intention of revolutionary socialism and Indian nationali…

"Religion a Mastermind of Human:To Make Inhuman!!!"

"Religious suffering is, at the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the Opium of the people"-Karl Marx. Majority of religion's today as a origin under 5000 years.Its not a question of god exits or not but happening in and around religion makes totally human civilization hang on a pendulum. Religious institution build on the belief of the human beings. Every religion as a hidden side and drawback attached to it that the reason why people keep switching there belief from one to another. Caste in Hinduism,Baptism in Christianity,Jihad-ism in Islam and many more in other religion makes people barbarian .No religious makes people more civilized or ready to move society on forward aspect.

Too much belief on something imaginary makes people lose there common sense. God and Religion was just a support to a pe…

"International Workers Day/May Day:History and Significance!!!"

May 1 or May day many would identify it just as a predetermined holiday. Even many would planned their vacation and fun time, It's not the mistake of u and me. Our history never gave us the real taste of workers movement and significance of May day. A Historic day in every working class movement but lost its significance over the years due to improper awareness about the day.  Let’s look into the history for importance of may day.

May day is celebrated as International workers day in remembrance with Haymarket Affair, Chicago 1986. May 1 declared as international workers day by second International on 1890. Chicago workers were first to organize 8 hours worker movement during Haymarket affair.
History: The first of May was originally celebrated by pagans throughout Europe as the beginning of summer, which was recognized as a day of fertility (both for the first spring planting and sexual intercourse). A maypole was oftentimes erected for young women and men to dance around and en…

American "Elite" & Global Elite Class-Determine's Coup's/Riot's/ Rebel's!!!

After Fall of Soviet Union-1991, Revolution and liberation struggle of many went into shadow. Even Anti-Communism autumn across Soviet and Socialist state were indirect infiltration of American elite class. Raise of globalization-a new form capitalism were elite class started to determine ever happening across the globe. Sometime history we believe is true was just portrayed by elite class how they want with America and NATO as agent. It has become historic time to realize the truth from falsehood. Elite class we describe her is straight forward pointing capitalist class.(Who live luxuries just with others fate....) 

Modern war is waged by powerful nations on five different overlapping, holistic levels of aggression against weaker, appetizing countries, ranging from stark naked aggression to subtle subversion:

1. Military Invasion – Allows direct control by fully overthrowing and overpowering the target nation. Today, this applies to Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Saudi, Middle E…

Sri Lankan Tamil Issue-"A Planned Tactical Rebel Genocide": Black History, Unknown Truth, Missed Chance and Hidden Agenda!?!

Sri Lankan Tamil issue was never a matter today r yesterday. It’s a six decade long issue still without a proper solution for the problem. Sri Lankan Tamil problem is a mixture of linguistics chavunism,Imperialism,Geo politics etc. Tamil's in Sri Lanka took all forms of struggle from non-violence path to armed struggle etc for liberation. Some history hidden from people and truth closed from general world's overview. We need to throw away all linguistics glass to find the solution for Tamil civil right issues. Black History: Tamil issue mainly cornered around colonial rule of British that Tamil and Sinhalese area were ruled under single administration. After Independence from British Rule without proper power sharing with Tamil people, Chauvinist Sinhalese government went on to propose for full pledge Sinhalese taking upper hand in power. Sri Lankan government was not ready to accept Indian Tamils living in central Lanka as tea plantation workers. They were denied all basic politi…