Imperialism and Holy War::Hidden Truth and Reality!!!

Every morning when you open a newspaper you find a section of news speaking of terrorism, holy war and imperialism. Some may find difficult to understand what all about? And what all fighting for?. Even some informative people may find mismatching to speak about imperialism on 21st century. Every war as a real hidden root cause, which we forget to realise for in-depth understanding of such global issues. Let this article be eye opener in many aspects to you.

Holy War:
"Holy war"-a real new face of Imperialism.On reality holy war a thousand year old topic started long back on 11th century. During 11th century both Christian and mulism emperors lined up on either side for their greediness to conquest each other’s land (Especially Jerusalem dominated the war.). They shaded such war under the color of religion expressing it as god wills it. Crusaders on Christian side and Muslim rulers on other side fought against each other for wealth. Religion came as a curtain to hide selfishness of some rulers on either side.


"Imperialism"-a mighty word dominates entire world. Industrial revolution was responsible for rise of Imperialism across the globe. In search of new market and raw materials, industrialization spread across the world through imperialism and invasion of mighty countries on dwarf one. In pre-20th century British along with European countries dominated entier world in post-20th century America developed as a mighty country ever to be raised on earth. The face of imperialism changed on mid-20th century was America formed alliance along with developed countries to invaded undeveloped countries.

1991-Change Of Imperialism and Holy War:

Post world war-II the explorations of oil wells across the Middle East countries raised. Which ultimately reflected in economic development of Middle East countries and Muslim world. In early 70's some religious fundamentalist raised some inhuman law to keep people within a shell and make them not to think. In between 40 years of cold war period Middle East and African countries saw a huge raise in communist movement. In order to prevent the expansion of communism and soviet, American's funded Muslim fundamentalist against Soviet and communist forces. Especially Osama,Mujahideens etc from Afghanistan against red army.

After collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, Osama and Muslim fundamentalist were not ready to accept American terms. More over America started to attack Muslim world in the name of terrorism for oil. American supported puppet government were established within the start of 21st century in most of Middle East government. In order to maintain its dominance over oil fields Muslim fundamentalist to raised the issue as a attack against the religion. It’s all for oil and wealth both side fighting for in the name of terrorism and holy war.

Israel and Palestine was direct way of triggering conflict in the region to acquire oil field across the region. As far as current report America present control majority of oil fields and Muslim countries. They established around 500 military base across the Muslim world to control the regions wealth. To re-establish all power over entire muslim world,islamic fundamentalist launched a massive attack on America and its supportive NATO forces. These leads to rise of terrorism across the globe innocent people were victimized due to selfishness of some people.

How this terrorist get weapons,money,funds etc? Weapon dealer,drug mafia,oil comapnies,Corporates etc for their business to run they are stimulating war,terror and civil war across the globe. In Order to make profit out of business they keep fuelling anti-Muslim sentiment so that terror keeps on profaning. Ultimately for selfishness of some people many innocent people die every day. Only wealth matters a lot rather than anything else to keep people aroused they paint it with religion, holy war and anti-terror movement.

In order to hide the reality from people even Muslim fundamentalist tightened there unethical human law against the people. To make stop Muslim from being westernized, so that they remain in Islam strict fundamental laws established.(Taliban’s etc). On reality wealth matters a lot not religion, it just makes easy for some to loot profit out of problem.


After 1991 Soviet Union collapse, Imperialism took new forms across the globe. America and NATO used new weapon of anti-terror movement to re-establish imperialism across the globe. Muslim fundamentalist to keep their wealth intact agitate Muslims in the name of religion and holy war. We must stop seeing through respective side’s eyes such problem, it’s better to look from overview. It proves that for selfishness some we are been made fools. To make people not to think some people keep on projecting the problem one-sided and fuel the emotion.Untill we break our shell of religion and think in-depth knowledge of the problem can never be known. It's to awake if not now than never. Since America and NATO ready with next of countries to be conquered list with Iran,North Korea,Venuzulea etc occupying top position. Muslim fundamentalist are ready to capture nuclear weapon all for selfishness of some capitalist behind them. War, Terror and civil war all is product of capitalism and imperialism. It can never be for religion or any other discrimination ...Only enemy attitude between various sections of people making capitalist to make profit... So extract the truth from hidden reality and BE a Human.
NOTE:-Author of this Article a Atheist.So it’s a neutral article to show case truth for all people.


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