Thursday, April 11, 2013

American "Elite" & Global Elite Class-Determine's Coup's/Riot's/ Rebel's!!!

After Fall of Soviet Union-1991, Revolution and liberation struggle of many went into shadow. Even Anti-Communism autumn across Soviet and Socialist state were indirect infiltration of American elite class. Raise of globalization-a new form capitalism were elite class started to determine ever happening across the globe. Sometime history we believe is true was just portrayed by elite class how they want with America and NATO as agent. It has become historic time to realize the truth from falsehood. Elite class we describe her is straight forward pointing capitalist class.(Who live luxuries just with others fate....) 

Modern war is waged by powerful nations on five different overlapping, holistic levels of aggression against weaker, appetizing countries, ranging from stark naked aggression to subtle subversion:

1. Military Invasion – Allows direct control by fully overthrowing and overpowering the target nation. Today, this applies to Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Libya, Saudi, Middle East etc. Tomorrow Iran, North Korea, Venezuela .....etc. All praise for MNC oil companies and Arms company let there lord bless them....

2. Military Coup – Identifies and supports domestic military/civilian allies and traitors willing to support a foreign power against their own people. Latin America saw US-backed coups in the 60′s and 70′s in Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina… Now we seem to be seeing this in Egypt, Syria, China, Russia etc....Financial corporatism want world divided so that profit can be ploughed.

3. Financial Coup – Banking cartels corner any government they please to do “the Global Power Elite’s bidding or else..!” Examples: Argentina’s 2001/2 collapse, preceded by Mexico (1997), Russia (1998), Brazil (1999). Today: Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Iceland… Instead of tanks, they use the IMF, World Bank, US Treasury, ECB etc to cheat people as recession or depression… Just a gambling for elite class to pull back huge profit out of it but matter of survival for common man....

4. Political Coup – Flexibly uses combinations of “crises” to impose unelected governments such as Trilateralists Mario Monti in Italy, and Lucas Papademos in Greece…

5. Social Coup – Today’s PsyWar (psychological warfare). First you map out internal social grievances and woes, strife and ancestral hatreds, then you pin the fault on a suitable scapegoat/patsy, then you support and arm domestic and foreign agitators and “freedom fighters”, ensuring that the Western Media clearly tell the world who are the “good guys” and who the “bad guys”. No one can forget history what Elite class has done psychological against communism across the globe, which led to fall many communist nation from Satellite states to Mighty Soviet Union. Today, the “Arab Spring”. Tomorrow, maybe we’ll see “Latin American Springs” or “South East Asian Springs…” .New form of war without weapon just to create destabilized environment so that MNC elite class enter the local market for profit.............

Macro-management by the Global Power Elite is governed by their specific goals and interests in each country, because they still need a strong US, a nuclear Israel and a stable Germany, but they definitely do not want a strong Russia and China, a nuclear Iran and a stable Latin America… Like Hurricane Watches in the Caribbean, maybe we should start mapping out Political Regime Change Watches on a regional, even global, basis. It would certainly help in tracking the dark clouds of war, death and destruction that are gathering in the name of democracy and freedom.

One Line:"At Capitalist Society, Never ever trust any change in these world until you guarantee its profit free for Imperialist, MNC's............"  

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sri Lankan Tamil Issue-"A Planned Tactical Rebel Genocide": Black History, Unknown Truth, Missed Chance and Hidden Agenda!?!

Sri Lankan Tamil issue was never a matter today r yesterday. It’s a six decade long issue still without a proper solution for the problem. Sri Lankan Tamil problem is a mixture of linguistics chavunism,Imperialism,Geo politics etc. Tamil's in Sri Lanka took all forms of struggle from non-violence path to armed struggle etc for liberation. Some history hidden from people and truth closed from general world's overview. We need to throw away all linguistics glass to find the solution for Tamil civil right issues.
Black History:
  • Tamil issue mainly cornered around colonial rule of British that Tamil and Sinhalese area were ruled under single administration.
  • After Independence from British Rule without proper power sharing with Tamil people, Chauvinist Sinhalese government went on to propose for full pledge Sinhalese taking upper hand in power.
  • Sri Lankan government was not ready to accept Indian Tamils living in central Lanka as tea plantation workers. They were denied all basic political rights (Citizenship).
  • On 1956, Parliament of Ceylon passed Sinhala only act, which created wide criticism across the Tamil community. Aftermath impacts of act were Tamil youth organization and politicians jumped into satyagraha.
  • Struggle from Tamils for self respect triggered the anger of hardliners in Buddhists and Sinhalese launched a massive riot against the minority Tamils on June, 1958. Around 300 people were killed and thousands of property belong to Tamils were damaged.
  • Federal party (Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi) along its prominent leader S.J.V Chelvanayakam fought for equal rights of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Even though there non-violence fight at high sprit Sri Lankan government in all means started to discriminate Tamils from education to survival (Ultimate of it Ceylon changed into Sri Lanka.)
  • After losing faith in Single nation equal power concept Thanthi Chelva went on with a pledge "A separate socialist state of Tamil ellam" to Sri Lanka general election on 1977. Tamil united liberation front along with left parties swept complete north and east region. The support for separate state within Tamils created a panic among Sinhalese hardliners and Buddhist monks. This victory of Tamils triggered a major riot on 1977 killing hundreds of them along with a surprise left also attacked in riot. (Sinhalese left.)(Same year Thanthi Chelva died.)
  • After Chelva's death Non-Violence movement in Sri Lanka came to an end. Many rebel groups raised during the period with single motto separate Tamil Ellam.On 1981 one of the rebel group attacked Lankan police in Jaffna during a political rally killing 2 people. On same Sinhalese mob carried a major cultural genocide against the Tamils by burning thousands ancient Tamil classic books in Jaffna library.
  • LTTE became the Major force among the Tamils after its first strike on Lankan army on 1983 killing 13 army men’s. Major civil war broke after that incident because that attack sparked one of the worst riots in the history of mankind fondly known as "Black July."(Tamils were killed in thousands, properties burned, rape etc...).Thousands of Tamils left Sri Lanka on political asylum across western countries.
  • Over 25 years armed struggle for liberation continued but Sri Lankan learnt from past history then implemented one the brutal attack on Tamil in the name terrorism. Which I like to quote as "Tactical Rebel Genocide." rather than full pledge genocide.(Killing a ethnic people that to against them.....More Information on Later part of the article)
Missed Chance :( Mistake Done)
I am a centrist in my view even though I am pure Tamil and Pure Communist. This part speaks how a needed liberation destroyed by wrong footings of rebel groups.
  • Removing all other Tamil rebel groups from struggle was making LTTE to move out revolutionary path.
  • Converting Guerrilla troop into a conventional troop was a major blunder LTTE done during course of the Civil war.
  • Since Tamil Muslims started to have relation with Sinhalese, they were moved out north and east of Lanka making them a Fascist group. Attack on Muslims and Sinhalese on Tamil territory LTTE loosed its label as liberation organization.
  • Killing of presidents of both Nation (Sri Lanka and India) made the work of Sri Lankan government simple to make international community declare LTTE terrorist organization.
  • Never ever played Geo Politics,ultimatly Sri Lanka played it tactically for a major victory. After fall of Soviet Union all liberation struggles across globe fate went into the hands of America. LTTE missed a mighty chance during Soviet Union period.
  • No powerful Political front for Tamils so called pro-Separatist TNA (Tamil National Alliance.) dropped Tamil Ellam stand after LTTE defeat. No Leaders to manage the current situation in Lanka and take forward liberation struggle.
Hidden Agenda:
After end of final war in Lanka, Tamils across the globe erupted in one against War Crimes, Genocide, UN referendum etc. We have to look into each issue in-depth throwing away all personal view and come to common conclusion.
No government in the World would accept Sri Lanka's final activity in war as "Genocide". Sri Lankan government neglected so called Sri Lankan Tamils and Indian Tamils within its limits from final assault during the war. It's purposely done to avoid a Image of Genocide but I like to quote it as "Tactical Rebel Genocide". Where Tamils on the side of separatist were target and massacred brutally. It took place in a step by step procedure starting with killing of Tamil Men’s, raping women, militarized zone, relocate Sinhalese into North and South etc. The ultimate aim of this activity to wipe out generation of rebels from Sri Lankan Soil. It can be seen as a partial genocide as per the UN Law, but that to looks distant since only a section Tamil people targeted whom were with the separatist stated as terrorist organization across the majority of countries.
UN Referendum also looks to distant since majority of Tamil Politician in Sri Lanka taking a 360* opposite decision from Tamil Nadu Politician. No powerful leadership to generate common thought across all Tamils from north to south of Sri Lanka. Since if even tomorrow a voice from inside Sri Lanka rise for UN referendum either Region based referendum or Ethnic based referendum can be passed only with unity of Tamil people in Lanka.
Latest UNHRC resolution brought by US was totally a geo political and Imperialist move to hold position over Sri Lanka. America funded Sri Lankan government throughout the history of civil war. Civil war is always target of American's since they can flood the war zone with weapons of their MNC defence companies. So US move in UNHRC was fake just to play Geo-Politics with China.
India's position is clear that NO separate Nation and will support all American resolution, what so ever it may be. Since India became a satellite state of America. Indian wont riseup its voice over certain limits because its as to protect the investments of INDIAN MNC's in Sri Lanka. India wants to play a safer hand to protect himself from Sri Lanka totally shifting towards China. No chance for India moving any resolution in any forum since as per constitution everything as to pass through Indian parliament. No expect that other parts of Indian too will share same feelings like Tamils in Tamil Nadu.
Every LTTE supports blamed Indian government for funding final phase of war but No Question how LTTE can snap billion dollar weapon over complete history of civil war. Arm Companies and dealers fuelled LTTE with weapons through arm smuggling. After 1991, Soviet Union fall every country started to look up all liberation issues from companies and Geo-Politics alliance aspect. So we can never ever consider any nation as friend to Lankan Tamils.
Solution :(My View)
No chance for immediate UN referendum or Genocide so better we need to start voice against War Crime and demilitarize north & east region . Then International community must pressurize Lankan government for power sharing with Tamils. Tamil's across the globe at the maximum can do these only from outside Lanka to protect Tamil. Everything else left to Tamils within Lanka until them stand-up in one voice it’s impossible for any separate state or rights. If Tamil Politician’s in Lanka itself shift their stand overnight after LTTE, What would be position of Lankan Tamil people? People in Lankan first need to settle themselves from wounds of final phase of war, after that only they can raise somehow for there rights and liberation.
No Nation or No Leader would interfere in Lankan problem until some benefits can be extracted from it. MNC,Corparates,Companies etc were deceive factor for any move of developed and developing countries. So called Capitalism was one of the factor fuelled the bloody civil war for 30 years. Indira Gandhi find something useful for India so supported LTTE, but Rajiv found Lankan government important so shifted the stand. Capitalism and Geo-Politics play fair amount of shadow on it but we are failing to realize it.
"Until someone finds profit in Separate Tamil Ellam, it will remain ever a burning desire of Tamils."
What Sinhalese done for Tamils surely barbarian activity but its unethical to attack back on them. We are Humans believe in human ethics try to be friendly with fellow human whom so it may be even if Sinhalese.(All Sinhalese may not hold same stand like Hardliner Buddhist Monk.). Demand for removing Consulate from Chennai will make Tamil in Lanka isolated from us. Every attack on Sinhalese Buddhist monk in India may badly reflect on Tamils in Lanka. Student rose up against chauvinism great but politicians playing cheap third degree politics out of it. We never mess up with hype created by media or situation around; we must be clear in our view and realistic in it. Worst think would be comparing Lankan Tamil issue with all other issue in India and stating Indian betraying Tamils. If we close one eye and state all are bad it won’t leads in right path. May from one view it may look like that but from overview entire people were betrayed only a section enjoy benefits of Indian Nationality.(Politicians, Capitalists, MNC etc...).Trust something after investigating. 
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