Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Religion a Mastermind of Human:To Make Inhuman!!!"

"Religious suffering is, at the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the Opium of the people"-Karl Marx.
Majority of religion's today as a origin under 5000 years.Its not a question of god exits or not but happening in and around religion makes totally human civilization hang on a pendulum. Religious institution build on the belief of the human beings. Every religion as a hidden side and drawback attached to it that the reason why people keep switching there belief from one to another. Caste in Hinduism,Baptism in Christianity,Jihad-ism in Islam and many more in other religion makes people barbarian .No religious makes people more civilized or ready to move society on forward aspect.

Too much belief on something imaginary makes people lose there common sense. God and Religion was just a support to a person under times of difficulty but religious preachers makes life out it. Religion survive only under the criminal brains of some thousand people if such religious people were not there then surely religion would died at its birth place itself. Every religion takes some core principle gene from other religion of locality to make the religion spread even outside its epicenter.

Every religion and religious holy book's were to conservative not even able to adapt new scientific evolution's. How much they are conservative it seems that they are still not ready to accept evolutionary process.Gailleo, Darwin ...etc genius were just like that neglected  since there invention destroyed religious basic conviction. Religion want its people never victimized  of science and lose its faith. No holy books gives space for gender equality. Every religion a master mind of male chauvinism society present. Every religion gives enormous benefits to male and unlimited restriction to females.

Some religion preaches people against the basic human nature not to marry. Religion makes human totally inhuman and superstitious. No religion ready to accept the change and alternative in society. Every religion wants to to built a empire under name of its own god, but its a reflection of mere greedy of some people. If we count number lost there life in the name of were  millions. Holy war,Ayodhya incident etc were merely a coincidence how efficiently a religion can utilized for power and wealth.

Every religion can preach something good but its always followed by fools and nuts. No rationalization thoughts within religious people. Every religion constructed around the ancient society structure present during origin. We cant take such religious principles for present day society because it will pull people backwards only. As science a society or a principle or a ideology can put its ideas hence only. No force can pull a society backwards and construct a fundamentalist society.

Every religion was born and rise to a maximum at a point,ultimately it will finds its end when people lost its faith. History proves it how a religion rose and went under various evolutionary process based on the changes in society. At instance some religion changes there basic conviction to survive under age of science and technology. Monotheist or polytheist religion everything makes people totally irrational. No religion so far established or going to rise can create world peace or equality.

No god aroused on planet earth to portray himself as the creator, its all just a mere imaginary brainy work of few humans. If humans have birth than surely it would face death too, same way if your god as birth then extinction of god definite. God a false matter hides behind the mystery of the world. Science and technology can only unite people under one umbrella of humanity.


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