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Food Security Bill-2013: A Flaw and Indirect Capitalism!

Food Security Bill 2013, a dream bill of  UPA-II government to secure food for two-third of Indian population. A Bill drafted with direct pro's and indirect con's. Bill placed in parliament without proper analysis or considering extreme cases. A Bill doesn’t have feature to adapt to long run, since bill confined . Let’s point out few unanswered points in the bill, which needs to be answered before implementing it. The scheme is most required for betterment of India, but certain changes has to be fine tuned to reach the correct person at the correct time. 

Central Pool:
  • Central pool a storage facility for collecting and preserving foods for distribution under food security.
  • In the present situation, Food corporation of India has storage facility to handle around 29 million tons, but actually we have storage requirement of over 61.9 million tons. If we implement the bill we require additional storage facility. (Already over 44,000 crs of food gets wasted without usage in India.)
  • Government will in position to spent more on storage facility than actual amount on the scheme implementation.(Approx 2,00,000 crs required.)
  • Government indirectly may open bids for MNC's retailers for storage facilitate across the country. The situation may lead to corporate inflating price index.
  • Government as concern on end users of the scheme, but there is no proper explanation about the method of procurement, quality and rate of procurement.
  • The government never gave any open or closed subsidy for the bill, so government lack definite road map for the plan. (Sometimes may cut funds for the scheme based on the political system.)  
  • Since bill don't have any provision for direct procurement of food grains from framers, only private intermediates will exploit from the scheme. 

  • Scheme targeted to reach around 67% of Indian Population that's around 2/3rd of Indian population. The selections of the beneficiary were left to state government.
  • The problem in Distribution of benefits was it covers around 75% of rural people and 50 % of urban people in India.
  • States like Tamil Nadu etc were highly urbanized, so there is a requirement of more distribution to urban people along with rural people.
  • In states like Bihar, etc.,  rural and urban people require more share of distribution than specified in scheme.
  • Implementation of targeted public distribution system without proper framework for identification of people may spoil the existing common public distribution system. 
  • A 5 member family can avail at a maximum of 25 kg of food. The quantity of food supply for family must be raised.
  • The scheme as only provision for basic grains like wheat, rice, millet, etc. The bill must include provision for supply of Pulses, Dhal, food amenities, etc.

  • The draft bill speaks volumes about transparency in governance using target public distributed system on customer side.
  • The bill doesn’t have any provision of transparency on the supplier side. Generally, some large loopholes were found on procurement rather than at end point customer distribution.

Its a welcome sign that bill got passed in parliament, but still refinement has to be done. The bill should not be a mere election sop, but a long term enhancing plan for people. Government must find a new way of income to run the scheme on long run.

Source:-Com.Bharanidharan thought's, NewsPaper, Draft Bill.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Irrational, Barbaric, Superstitious, Male Chauvinist, Discriminative, Inequality Religion: Hinduism!

Hinduism, a religion that had its origin in Indian sub-continent around 2000 years ago. A religion too irrational and derived bits & piece from European religion. A Religion making million of people as Dalits and "Sutras" across India. A Religion portrayed women's as sexual object, a man's property and unleashed a major violence against them (Sati, Devadasi, Widow marriage, etc.). A religion created and protected only by Brahmins. A religion with lots of irrational things lets us open that truth out of a closed shell and leaves the truth to your knowledge (Whether to accept or not ). This article is completely written with an intention to make people Rational. I would like to tell that I do not follow any religion, I AM AN ATHEIST.
A Barbaric act done by Hindu Sadus in Ganges

Reality Of  Your God?

Birth Of Vinayaga: Siva puranam and Kanda Puranam states that one day Parvathi went for bath living a mass of dirt of her physique made as male child as sentry. Siva tried to sneak in to see Parvathi, but sentry stopped him from sneaking inside. Shiva got furious and behead him.  On seeing this, Parvathi asked Shiva to give back her male child. Shiva beheaded an elephant's head with its trunk and laid. 

 Vinayaga puranam give a complete another different story that a demon entered Parvathi embaryo and destroyed it.So Parvathi gave Birth to a child with elephant head. Who is Vinayaga?What's his source of Birth?Still lots of erotic story about his birth there but we censored it.

Birth Of Subramanya: A debatable god between south Indian and north Indians & Shivaties & Vishnavaties. A narration explained by saint Viswamitra to Rama in Valmiki's Ramayana says that Shiva got infatuated with Parvathi so he went co-inhabiting for millenniums of year. Unfortunately Parvathi dint get conceived. So other gods asked Shiva not go on letting his semen since world cant bare its virility. So Shiva emptied semen on earth without able to bare impact of it agni unleashed Ganges over it. Finally a small male child found on foot hills of Mount Kailas. Indra requested Kartiga Devis to take care of the Child.

In another story say that Subramanya born out of Shiva third eye falling rivers gangs. What the real Source of  Subramanya(a six face god)?

Highly Erotic Religion!!!

".......a world of voluptuousness and of a world of woes, is anticipated in the ancient traditions of the religion of Hindostan(India). That religion is at once a religion of sensualist exuberance, and a religion of self-torturing asceticism; a religion of the Lingam and of the juggernaut; the religion of the Monk, and of the Bayadere" -Karl Marx,1858.

Once upon a time a  saint Narada approached anusuya,a women of immaculate virtue simply roasted the iron rods and alas!They became groundnuts.Exhilatrated Narada went back and reported the matter individually to the wives of the three gods. On inquiry the saint said that she , a human being chaste as she was,could do what the goddesses were not able to. A silent rebuke indeed! Unable to brook this tacit insult,the goddess as a revenge requested their consorts to render the chaste to render chaste Anusuya into a women of Unchasity. The three gods Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma accordingly went in disguise and begged for alms. Innocent Anusuya arranged for their dinner but alas! Just before sitting for dinner the gods said they would eat, if onlu she stood before them naked. She did it and thus became an unchaste women.

Brahma and Saraswathi  are spoken primarily of father and daughter later became husband and wife. Brahma created Saraswathi at first and got infatuated by her. She escaped from his clutches reached Shiva for asylum. Shiva asked them  to become a divine consort.

Vishnu fell love with Brinda, the wife of Jalantharasuran. Vishnu metamorphosed into the figure of her husband. Brinda understood that the one who sexually co-habited with her was not not her Husband.So she cursed Vishnu wife to be infidel and lose her Chasity.      

Lakshmi a wife of Vishnufell in love with a horse, assumed the shape of She-horse and quenced her lust.

A Western-Central Import:

A majority of gods which we worship today are ultimate imported from the central European religion. Name and appearance changed but still there characteristics remained same.

A Point To Note:

 Most Notable women whom we portrayed in vedic script were outright prostitutes.  Some points we pointed here are some of the examples how religion in India full fledged totally irrational. In India every three minute a women was raped, if we look into the matter a culture brought by Hinduism.A religion portrays male dominate over sexual activity on female. Majority of Goddess as relationship with more than two women. Only religion in the world as a book written completely on sexual pleasure men(Kama Sutra). A religion used its power in the name of holy to suppress women using Sati,child Marriage, devadasi etc.

A Vedic script "Manusmriti" banned inter-caste marriage,No education other than Brahmin etc around 100BC. Major of social discrimination had its origin from varna system introduced way back 2000 years ago. Wealth inequality between people even due to caste discriminative were upper caste people to exploit from lower caste people.

We cant explain 2000 years history in simple one article we will meet you in next article with more proof and expressive rational thought's about Hinduism. A article to make you think  not to stimulate a hated feeling between people. I am Atheist and My family Hindu.

Source:-Is there a God?-Periyar,author views.    
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