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Nostalgia of Soviet Union:Ripens Future Revolution!!!

Today world map may miss a first mighty people nation with a hammer of workers and sickle of peasantry on the background blood red of toiling mass. Soviet Union  means council union in English, a council of workers administrated. Soviet union curved out after victory of October revolution in 1917. Comrade Lenin led Bolsheviks army along with workers 10 days Russian revolution created mighty changes across globe. Soviet union victory in constructing strong economy helped many ways underprivileged nation across the globe to fight for there liberation. 80 years of Soviet Union history in many ways became world history. Many historian and economist portrayed wrong way about soviet union and fall of many communist state almost at the end of 1991.

Soviet Union a man made "Heaven" on Earth
A Utopian heaven may not be found on the backdrop of  dark black sky,but back here in earth workers and toiling mass created a heaven. Russian revolution on winter of 1917 created a mighty storm …