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Nostalgia of Soviet Union:Ripens Future Revolution!!!

Today world map may miss a first mighty people nation with a hammer of workers and sickle of peasantry on the background blood red of toiling mass. Soviet Union  means council union in English, a council of workers administrated. Soviet union curved out after victory of October revolution in 1917. Comrade Lenin led Bolsheviks army along with workers 10 days Russian revolution created mighty changes across globe. Soviet union victory in constructing strong economy helped many ways underprivileged nation across the globe to fight for there liberation. 80 years of Soviet Union history in many ways became world history. Many historian and economist portrayed wrong way about soviet union and fall of many communist state almost at the end of 1991.

Soviet Union a man made "Heaven" on Earth

A Utopian heaven may not be found on the backdrop of  dark black sky,but back here in earth workers and toiling mass created a heaven. Russian revolution on winter of 1917 created a mighty storm across the globe. A inspiration for many socialist revolution across the globe. Some salient features of Soviet Union administration:
  • No unemployment-It means employment for everyone a right by constitution.
  • Working hours was 7 hours a day,hardcore works 6 hours a day.
  • Banned over time work under any circumstance.
  • Profit,rent,black market,gambling totally a unlawful activity.
  • Complete one month leave with full month salary.
  • Retirement age:Men-60years Women-55years,after retirement workers was provided with full salary pension based on the employment.
  • Women s get 4 months full maternity leave with complete salary.After child birth one year complete leave with half salary.
  • Free and equal education to everyone upto higher education was a right by constitution.
  • Free and equal medical facility to everyone.
  • Housing for everyone with 3-4% of a individual salary.
  • Housing rent includes electricity,water,gas etc.
  • Low fare public transport well connected across Soviet.
Footprint left out by Soviet Union has huge impact on globe! 

Soviet Union workers socialist rule in many ways forced western and developed countries to implement welfare state polices to avoid communist revolution in there states. Most welfare polices by developed nation focus towards toiling mass was just a reflection of Soviet Union victory. Soviet Union rapid growth within 15-20 years many ways overall developed humanity. Soviet was first to launch satellite, first man mission, technology advancement etc. Some salient features of Soviet Union as a super power on globe:
  • Soviet Union lost around 10% of its population around 25 million to defeat fascism(Hitler) from capturing world.
  • Over 2 billion people from weak nation got liberated from colony rule with help of Soviet Union.
  • Soviet Union funded poor nation to rapidly industrialize and protect under developed nation from exploitation of American super power.
  • Rapid development of Soviet Union Red army as a super power protected poor African nation from being exploited.   
  • Soviet Union Mentors many communist revolution across the globe starting from Chinese revolution to Vietnam War.
  • Marshall plan a direct impact of Soviet Union's impact on World War II.According to Marshall Plan US provided funds for major war affected European Countries to avoid Communism.
Soviet Union planned economic policy became as a benchmark for all socialist economy of future. Victory of people first time registered in the history of mankind. The fall of Soviet has many internal and external factor attached along with it,but never ever fall of Soviet Union marks end of communism.Soviet and other communist states fall may not end be of communist ideology. It may be a few administrative defect gave a chances for rise of counter revolutionary forces. Never ever fall of states can be considered as failure of ideology but lesson to be learned for adapting changes.

Falling star from people's crown of Soviet Union

Many reason  surrounds the fall of Soviet Union as economical,political,administrative,ideology etc.Some salient point which never pointed out rather than its stated only fall of red flag across globe and killing of class enemies let us register it:

"Accepting the Failure openly,Is only way to move forward" -Comrade.Lenin

  • After Stalin's death in 1953,Soviet communist party stands got liberated, revision started to infiltrate Marxist-Leninist ideology. Khrushchev started to change path of Soviet towards social imperialist and social capitalism.
  • Khrushchev secret speech elaborates his stand on Stalin regime shows his keen desire to have closer relation with US.
  • Improper management of economy by bureaucratic and misjudgment of administration led to economic stagnation.
  • Prolonged period of economic stagnation from 1964-1991 period.
  • Failure in raise of powerful dictatorship of proletariat after Stalin's death.
  • Invasion of Czechoslovakia & Afghanistan was a blunder putting communist ideology at back seat.
  • Sino-Russia split in 1961 after Stalin's death  between China and Soviet Union based on border issue and revision of communist ideology stand of Soviet.
  • Poor Governance of Brezhnev period and Post-Brezhnev period's repeated change in leadership due to death's.
  • Due to Economic reforms introduced in final stages of Soviet Union initiated again raise of new class enemies.

Exactly on  Dec 26,1991 Soviet Union dissolved into 15 independent states. The Lowering of Soviet Union flag on Dec 25,7:32 PM was never end of communism,just went on with freedom given for each people of Soviet Union. Comrade.Lenin formed Soviet with complete freedom for each nationality to separate from Union at anytime. No State in complete history of mankind provided such a rights for people. Even Com.Lenin expressed that Soviet Union can with stand united upto only it can fight with capitalist state economically.

A true meaning of freedom was only in Soviet Union,when class enemies across USSR revolted against the communist state in name of nationalism,ethnicity and linguistics. Soviet came forward for common referendum across Soviet republic's weather Soviet Union must be united or dismantled.Comrade Lenin created Soviet Union with every right's for different nationality people to get separated from Soviet Union. No state would provide such a democratic right for its people.At 1991 Soviet Referendum,77.8% of the people opted for Soviet to be united even after that Soviet Union dissolved.It's black day in the history of mankind.

Today's Situation changed across the globe people were crushed in between American Imperialism and effects of Globalization,privatization & liberalization. Former Soviet Republics even today is not developed as expected more over class enemies started to infiltrate,Worker standard went down,Drug mafia,inequality etc.Even Recent survey in Soviet Union proves that majority of the people even today believe that dissolution of Soviet Union most harmful.

As a Communist everyone would accept that armed revolution is part of ideology and as a act of it class enemies ploughed across Soviet Republics. These class enemies stood as a obstacle for building a strong socialist future.Soviet Union may be dissolved but our fight for a socialist world will continue. The situation started to change again that left movement in former communist state due to worst impact of capitalism. Soviet Union will always be guiding light for all future revolution and socialist state. Communist would learn lessons from fall of Soviet Union same way how Karl Marx learned after faliure of Paris Commune,1871.Long live Soviet Union impact,Long Live Russian Revolution,Long Live Communism,Long live Revolution!!!

"Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Workingmen of all countries, unite!"-Karl Marx.


Do you Accept change to Democracy?

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How Is your life under capitalism compared with communism?

What is the problem concerned with your country?

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