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International Women's Day: Lost Significance and Lost History!!!

"Women ''- a complete symbol of social oppression by caste, religion, capitalist exploiters and male chauvinism from thousands of years. Every year women celebrate International Women's day on March 8 as a symbol of joy and fun. The first "International Women's Day" was held on March 8, 1914. As the years passed, women were blacked out from knowing the true history and sacrifice of thousands of women for liberation and to celebrate the first international women's day. Actually, it's the day for working women to come together and raise their voice for women's rights. It's been more than 90 years now since the first International Women's day was celebrated. Today, women's day has lost its political and social importance. To know the value of women's day, it's necessary to know the complete history and the reason for celebrating International Women's Day.  History           International Women’s day started in the early 20