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"Think Before You Vote"

"Think Before You Vote" is a article to purely understand what has happened to India in last 23 years of Liberalism policy. Take some time to know that problem is not with political parties, but with  Economic policy. In 23 years of Liberalism, Congress ruled over 15 years and BJP ruled over 6 years, but nothing changed in India because both follow same economic policy. So these two parties can never ever be alternative to each other. The real alternative government is the one that puts the real alternative policy. Here are some facts that we put forward to claim our stand.
1 in 3 graduates between 15-29 years are unemployed.India still allows use of Endosulfan. It is barbaric.15 million rural cultivators in India have quit farming between 1991-2011Worst five states in terms of violent incidents per million population during 2005-2013: MP (14), Karnataka (10), Maharashtra (9), Gujarat (8) and Kerala (7). (Parliament Questions)X-ray technicians are short by 85 percent and lab…