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A Critique on Indian Feminist Movement-Part 1

Indians tend to project their historic past and always fail to work towards correcting those mistakes. It’s not a mistake of an Indian; it’s the politics that plays a major role in this. In India, the feminist problem is a thousand year old historic blunder that arose in the name of religion, caste, race, sex, etc., but in actual it’s all built on economic structure. Feminine issue in India was due to strong internal contradiction within the society and culture. Without the proper knowledge of historic blunders, the Indian Feminist Movement is just trying to get rid of external problems. Clarity in history is must for any movement against the male chauvinist atrocities towards women.
Feminist movement is ready to speak of sex discrimination, but not ready to demolish economic fundamentals, religious rituals & caste system. If the economic structure in the society changes, then definitely the value system of the society also changes. In Capitalist Structure, production increased due…