Sunday, August 3, 2014

A Critique on Indian Feminist Movement-Part 1

Indians tend to project their historic past and always fail to work towards correcting those mistakes. It’s not a mistake of an Indian; it’s the politics that plays a major role in this. In India, the feminist problem is a thousand year old historic blunder that arose in the name of religion, caste, race, sex, etc., but in actual it’s all built on economic structure. Feminine issue in India was due to strong internal contradiction within the society and culture. Without the proper knowledge of historic blunders, the Indian Feminist Movement is just trying to get rid of external problems. Clarity in history is must for any movement against the male chauvinist atrocities towards women.

Feminist movement is ready to speak of sex discrimination, but not ready to demolish economic fundamentals, religious rituals & caste system. If the economic structure in the society changes, then definitely the value system of the society also changes. In Capitalist Structure, production increased due to market economy, surplus production and consumerism forced women to step out of the house to industry. The excess requirement of human labour destroyed the old value system against women and built a new value system. The change of economic structure from capitalism to socialism makes value system move towards equality. The Capitalist structure liberated value system on women in Indian society, but typically women’s were used for branding. The erotic male dominated society used women for marketing their products. Starting from brush to books, everything showcased women with minimal dress. Do we question why? The answer is simple; it just gives the “Excellent Profit”. Economic is the fundamental structure, and religion, caste, sexual inequality is just built over it.

The majority species religion in India is 'Hinduism'. Hinduism is a religion that survives on its caste system, rituals and Vedas. It’s a unique religion that accepts every change in the world, but never allows its base caste to change. The reason for such ultra-contradiction in Hinduism is because it survives on caste system, not on its spiritual God or Goddess. Religion and caste system are interlinked to one another, you cannot run a movement by neglecting either of these two. Hindu religion says women’s are sinful (The word used is “Theetu”, there is no exact meaning for it, but something closer to it in English is unholy, unclean, contaminated or segregated). It is not ready to accept the women problem as natural.   Hinduism is not an exceptional religion like rest of others that treats women as sub-ordinate creatures. Temple portraits women as body and Veda speak how to enjoy & purity of women. Religion still remains holy, so feminists are not ready to talk about it. 

".......a world of voluptuousness and of a world of woes, is anticipated in the ancient traditions of the religion of Hindostan(India). That religion is at once a religion of sensualist exuberance, and a religion of self-torturing asceticism; a religion of the Lingam and of the juggernaut; the religion of the Monk, and of the Bayadere" -Karl Marx,1858.

Caste is the most dangerous system. Its main objective is to keep purity of the clan (Same Caste Marriage), and have passion or keenness towards its traditional cultural. Caste may look like male hood, but it is actually implemented on women.  Outcome of two objectives is same to keep the women under the control of men. Purity of Clan never imposed on men, but when a woman breaks it, Caste plays an ugly role to diversify it. Traditional culture is only for women not for men. Majority of rape take place against the Dalit women and Children. Feminist in India failed to identify this issue as a complete women issue, and thus helped in imposing male chauvinist society.

In today’s world, the toothpaste, soap, body sprays, deodorants, books, newspapers, etc. everything expose women in minimal dress to exploit men’s sexual feeling. The World is transformed from a nudity tribal society to a sex trafficking capitalist society. Feminist fails to realize that capitalist society fabricate most values in the society. Why does a boy of age 6 see a porn movie? A feminist will say, the family has brought up the boy wrongly, but truth is the porn industry is a 400 billion dollar empire. They attract and target people of young age to make huge profit. Children and young people become easy victim as our society never feed right sex education to children. There are millions of question that needs to be understood historically and scientifically. Until Feminist put their approach scientifically, they won’t solve the issue of rape, molestation, eve teasing, sex trafficking etc. They can only play a role of activist rather than a role of reformist or revolutionary.

Inside every feminist there is a typical characteristic of male chauvinist. The writing & speeches of such feminist was infiltrated with full of male chauvinist attitude, I don't blame them for the fault because their speech & writing is just a reflection of external world influence. External world is totally governed by male dominated society, so it’s natural that such thought process is imprinted in genes. For example, in some feminist speech and writing you can find words like women should be given equal rights like men, it may look simple statement, but it clearly says that men is a scaling scale and women needs to be given equality in that. In Soviet Russia, Stalin sent a draft of new constitution to all factories and soviets for discussion. New constitution stated that women will be given equal rights to men, suddenly one women stood up and raised her voice saying  “Men can never be scaling for women”, so change it as men and women are equal. Too Speak more scientific even female DNA also is imprinted with male chauvinist attitude and character. 

("Suggestion To Indian Feminist Movement" to be continued in next article)

Source:-Bharani's thought 
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