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Appraisal System:21st Centuries Exploitation System!!!

In the post 1991 period of the technology revolution and the raise of new liberal policies gave way to many new business management concepts. Jack Welch,a former anti-employee CEO of GE, was the one who formalized the most exploitative concept of 21th century in the appraisal system. In 1980's Welch introduced a concept to exploit employees in new way know as 'Stack Ranking' or 'Forced Ranking' or 'rank or yank' or 'Forced distribution' or 'Bell Curve' or 'Vitality Curve' etc. It's new concept that introduced to increase competitive environment, Increase production, divide workers unity, In equal distribution of wages, enable firing with poor performer, reduced overall wage rates, Changed work culture and wipe social security.      The system is implemented by all major corporate across the globe. In India, all new age corporate follow this appraisal concept. During the 20th century, across the globe there was a problem for corpor