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Religious Socialism: is this really a socialism?

The rise of global inequality causing superstructure to undergo a change on economical stand. It's not a sudden change in super structure but across the previous century we can find many such incidents of superstructure inheriting or calming principles of socialism. The main superstructure claiming the principles of socialism is religion.Our question raises after claims of Pope Francis.

Religious Socialism:

Even Thousands of religion across the globe,our point of discussion going to be only two junior most religion's Christianity and Islam. Our defense against these claims is to bring the oppressed class from the clutches of oppressors to the path of scientific socialism.

Christianity Socialism Claim:

Two Years  ago a claim for socialism came from the head of 1.2 billion people, Pope Francis. His claim was "I can only say that the communists have stolen our flag. The flag of the poor is Christian. Poverty is at the center of the Gospel,". Is it so communism or socialism is part of Christianity teaching?. The Pope's claims were based on the primitive christian society established after Christ birth, preaching of apostles and biblical contents. Even then the pope is not the first person to do so , but many anti-Marxist to claimed it over centuries.

After the death of Jesus Christ, 12 disciples or apostles went on preaching the message of Jesus Christ at the start of AD in which lots of small communities were created based on religion. They lived in a society in which all wealth generated was distributed among them based on need and equality.Then on a small society based religious activity developed into  Church based society. The Church became co-partners with the ruling class,feudal landlords and capitalists. they become the main role players in distribution of wealth. Over centuries churches themselves become oppressors of people.So Pope has nothing to blame others rather than his own clan of pope's,bishops,fathers and nuns.

If we come to religious scripts of Christianity,we may find few mention of means of distribution:

It is God's gift to humankind that everyone should eat and drink and take pleasure in all their toil

— (Ecc. 3: 13).

You shall not oppress your neighbor...but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord

— (Lev 19:13, 18)

Even though there are clear mentions about the means of distribution, we can't recognize it as socialism. Since claims speak only about means of distribution but not about means of production which generates wealth. Among them also we can't find a trace of equal means of distribution or distribution based on contribution.

Today's concern of the pope over capitalism  and favoring socialism looks strange because Francis predecessors pulled down mighty socialist blocs to rebuild roman catholic empire.

Islamic socialism claim:

Islamic claim of socialism started much with Muhammad friend Abu Dharr al Ghifare ,since he strongly opposed inequality but modern day Islamic socialism came from Islamic reformist leaders like Mustafa Kemel etc. In accordance with claim many socialist,communist and labor parties in Islamic governed states started to adapt socialism within the framework of Islam rather than anti religious Marxist view of socialism. Even today  Arab socialism and al-bhaah socialism predominate socialist principles in the Middle East and Arab nations rather than a proper scientific socialism . The claim of Islam comes from one of the five pillars of Islam(Sahahada,Salat,Zakat,swam,Haji):Zakat

Zakat means a tax. A Muslims in between two lunar calendars or two Ramadan need to donate 2.5% of wealth as charity or tax. In Islam to so called claim of socialism speaks about means of distribution rather than means of production. More over Zakat more complex way of distribution since it as 8  rules in distribution like need to be Muslim, need to be in poverty or beggar or slave or jihad or Zakat collector Etc.

In both religious claims its many means of distribution and fair amount distribution for lumpenproletariat under such scenario inequality can't be driven out of society. Since means of production like land,factory,tools etc are private which generate massive wealth need to be distributed. 

 Religion itself is an organization of exploitation, Religion's ineffectiveness to bring equality was mainly due to its exploitative nature. Religious claims of means of distribution goes invalid since religion as an organization is bounded with land l,wealth,capital etc. To maintain its wealth religion always favored the ruling class,Federals,landlords etc rather than oppressed class. Religion is also a breeding place of patriarchal society, since gender equality must abolish private property. Myth surrounding religious socialism needs to be broken for the rise of scientific socialism.So Religious socialism can never bring equality to society within the framework of religions.

Source:,Lenin on religion,Rosa Luxembourg on religion,,


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