"I am glad that you don't have a price tag
                                               If so I cant afford You."
"I am not born talented
                                 But only Love made me talented."

"A true Revolution or Revolutionary can be upraised only when there is
                              true feeling of love"-Che Guvera.

"A true Love is like a Cocoa Fruit which add flavor to our life"

"A Billion word can be spoken
                                      but its only one letter
                                                 'U' which make special meaning in my life"

"All around the universe I find millions of stars but its
Only one earth to live.
All around the world I find thousands of fruit but its
Only one coca to choclate.
All around my life I find hundreds of fruit but its
only one 'U' to me"

"Love and Life are like a ice cream
                                         which melts even when you taste it or waste it
                                                                                                           Better you taste it."

"Tons of feeling peer out of my heart when
                                              I am alone without you"

"A success of true love
    is never marriage.
It's how long you cheries
   your love.
If so its true then
   love never fails!"

"Love is not a commitment,
                                   Its like beethovan music free flow of feelings."

"A true love can be felt when the person come and ask sorry to u."

"A true heart feeling can be heard only
                                                    when there is a true feeling of love."

"Most saddest part of life is when the most hidden feeling is not expressed."

"Care,Affection,friendship,well wisher,guide if this everything can be expressed in
                                                                   one word then its 'LOVE' "

"Few words Have a life bound relation like
                                                             mom and dad
But only few words will bound life into a relation like
"For Every Sizzle of Tears You Shed
                                                  It must be for most valued person
                                                                                    of your life."
"Love takes few breath
                   of our life,
but it remain till last breath
                   0f our life."

"Silence is the most powerful medium of love "

"A true love is not how much you understand
                                                your dear while talking!
Its how much you understand Each other in

"When your friend is dear one-Life is great
When your dear one become your lover-life is fablous
When your lover become your life partner-life is complete."

"When I Stammered to Walk and fall I became a mountain,
 I became an artist only because of You,
Your lighthouse at a distance,
Attract each and everyone towards 'U',
When I Feel more and more about you
I don't Know what to do with my Heart which feels without 'U'."


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