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Jesus Christ: Birth & Science

Jesus a most followed god in the world.Jesus as the largest followers in the world.Every christian believe in Jesus.So this article is not hurt anyone feeling and belief.The article only to show the scientific relativity with birth and legacy of the Jesus Christ.We are sorry if true truth hurts your heart. Ancient people of the world believed that the sun was the savior. They worshiped the sun as the God’s. Even before the birth of Christ well behind 3000 BC Egyptian worshiped Sun(God of light) And Night(Evil darkness). Most interestingly Egyptian god Horus(3000BC) and Jesus Christ(1AD) have similar features in every aspect.Even Ancient belief Zodiac says Sun as God with center position and 12 constellations around the sun representing 12 months&4 season. Jesus Christ alone doesn’t share the same birth sequence or legacy. There are many god’s in the world that share the same birth sequence and legacy. It’s from Horus of Egypt to Krishna of India. So let’s first look into the birth