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History Of Modern Olympics:Olympics Medals

1896:   First place winners were awarded a silver medal, an olive branch and a diploma. Those in second place were given a copper medal, a branch of laurel and a diploma. The obverse side of the medal has Zeus' face along with his hand holding a globe with the winged victory on it, with the caption in Greek "Olympia". The reverse side had the Acropolis site with the caption in Greek "International Olympic Games in Athens in 1896." Fact Corner:In the first Modern Olympics 1896,Winners were awarded with silver and copper medals.   1900:    On the obverse, a winged goddess holding laurel branches in both hands, arms raised. In the background, underneath, a view of the city of Paris and the monuments of the Universal Exhibition. On the reverse, a victorious athlete standing on a podium, holding a laurel branch in his right hand, arm raised. In the background, a stadium and the Acropolis of Athens. Fact Corner:During the 1900 Olympics,Players were awarded with  pain