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Lost Pages Of Indian History: Ghadar Party!!!

Over 60 years of Indian Independence adored and cherished Gandhi & Congress men as veteran of the Freedom struggle. We never took the intention to respect the fellow persons who lost their lives in the freedom struggle. Our history books even forget to print a line about this movement's contribution to Independence. Let's take a moment to honor such a person in the hundred years of their movement. A movement started outside India even decades before Netaji to revolt against the British Imperial rule. Ghadar Movement started on early 1913 by the migrated Punjabi Indians in U.S & Canada. During pre-World War I many commonwealth nations accepted Punjabi's due to their loyalty to the British empire. Ghadar party was formerly pacific ocean Hindustan association formed by Har Dayal. The situation in Canada And U.S were reverse a restriction imposed for South Asian Migration. Ghadar means revolt or rebellion. A Ghadar movement was started with an intention of revolutionary